Letter to Abbot Kulan-dro

Released In:
Author (in-game): Bishop Valnargo-dro

Esteemed Abbot Kulan-dro,

Valnargo-dro is writing you to confirm that the Torval Curiata has received your petition for reassignment. This one must admit some surprise. The Curiata considered the Temple of Seven Riddles a perfect fit for a cat of your skills and sensibilities. Valnargo knows that the temple’s unique history presents certain challenges, but you should not consider this a demotion. No! On the contrary! The Curiata has always believed that the seals should be watched by the strongest leaders in our community. Does service in the Temple of Seven Riddles carry a stigma? Regrettably, yes. But Jone and Jode place their heaviest demands on the strongest backs, yes? Your reputation for strict discipline and rigorous study made you the perfect candidate. We will think on your petition, but as one of your oldest friends Valnargo suggests that you seek the good in your new role as Abbot. The Moons always guide our paws to their greater glory. All things happen for a reason. You will pray on that, yes?

Moons protect you,
Bishop Valnargo-dro

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