Letter to Percy Velmont

Released In:
Author (in-game): Lady Anais Velmont


Come now, my dear younger brother! Get your head out of the latest “Pirate Empress Thusa ap Lagud” novel long enough to pay attention to my words. I’m going on a trip. Yes, it is quite sudden and unexpected, and no, I didn’t have time to tell you in person. A number of business matters require my attention, along with a few social engagements that I really must attend. I left a copy of my itinerary around, in case you care. While I’m away, don’t get any ideas. Father left me in charge of the business and family holdings. Just try not to let anything go horribly wrong before I return.

See you in a few weeks, dear brother. If you do well in my absence, perhaps I’ll pick up the next “Pirate Empress” adventure for you while I’m in Anvil.

Your sister,

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