Letter to Mertis

Released In:
Author (in-game): J

Oathman Mertis Othren,

It brought me great joy to hear you accepted my contract. You come highly recommended, despite your arcane handicaps. This task requires discretion and, I fear, some measure of martial prowess. If the stories are true, you possess both in ample measure.

The recently elevated Argonian, Sun-in-Shadow, shows ambition well beyond her station. My contacts tell me she plans to purchase land outside Vos for Master Firuth—one of my witless rivals.

The task is simple: travel to Vos and keep watch for Sun-in-Shadow’s associate. Once this henchman chooses a plot, swoop in, secure the deed, and make haste to a secluded spot. Use the enclosed calling-crystal to signal me. I will travel to your location and exchange the second half of your fee for the deed. While I’d prefer a clean and bloodless acquisition, do not hesitate to use lethal force if necessary.

I hope my faith in you is not misplaced. Remember, you serve the Great House Telvanni. Bring honor to yourself and your House.


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