Respectful Greetings from Am-Shadal

Released In:
Author (in-game): General Am-Shadal

General Khamagash,

At Grand Warlord Dortene’s command, I did not respond in kind to your recent outburst. This is my considered reply.

Honor to you for your commitment to the Covenant and concern for our progress. In your enthusiasm you forget that a scouting mission does not conquer an enemy stronghold. We scout to discover enemy weaknesses. I honor those who lose their lives while scouting, but we strike our foes only where they appear most vulnerable.

Attacking impetuously will sacrifice hundreds of lives needlessly and possibly forfeit the war. The reports your scouts acquire are invaluable to our efforts in Cyrodiil; our conquests would not be possible without them. May Onsi favor our cause!

– General Am-Shadal

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