Missive from the Mages Guild

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous


The Wayrest Mages Guild Fellows,

Thank you again for accepting our patronage. We know this excavation will entail a degree of risk, but I am certain you’ll find our compensation quite generous.

Again, we are paying you to mine these caves for a very specific variety of crystal. Your foreman has samples, and your remuneration will depend on how well your specimens match those samples. You can keep anything you find that isn’t a crystal, as long as you can deliver what we need on time.

Your foreman is also responsible for hiring armed guards to protect you from anything monstrous you unearth. We assume no liability for deaths or injuries incurred, just as we trust your judgment to dig deeper without invoking the wrath of the local wildlife. That is precisely why we hired you.

In addition to crystals, we want to acquire a exotic variety of rock. It is known as a “geode.” Your foreman has one sample for your perusal. We want these “hollow stones” unbroken and unblemished.

One of our scholars, Giara, has theories about the relationship between their spherical shape and their suitability as soul gems. We believe their spherical design bestows a much greater capacity for animus storage than traditional crystalline shapes, but only if they are intact.

No doubt your diligent efforts will be mutually profitable to both of us.


The Wayrest Mages Guild

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