Dead Sword-Disciple’s Note

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

I don't understand. He came to us as a student. He made it to the last trial, and then he killed the master while the rest of us looked on, powerless to do anything.

How does he have such control over us? It is some sort of trickery. Some sort of poison, perhaps, spread throughout the school in secret, turning disciple against disciple.

With his dying words, the master told us to get word to Kasura at the Abbey of Blades. I have tried to escape, but the others have blocked my way. They will kill me before I ever make it beyond the walls.

If anyone finds this, please, turn back. Leave this place and warn the others. Get word to Kasura, if you can, that the school of blades at Rahni'Za has fallen.

As for me, death is preferable to what awaits me if I remain ….

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