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Fiction & Narrative

A Dance in Fire - This series of books retells Decumus Scotti's adventures in Valenwood during the 5 years war between it and Elsweyr
A Dubious Tale of the Crystal Tower - An eons old joke about an actor who was hired by a Zoo
A Folk Tale - A local folk tale from Valenwood
A Game at Dinner - A published letter from an anonymous spy about the game Prince Helseth cleverly played at the dinner between him and his Councilors
A Gift of Sanctuary - A boy and his animal friend build a magical palace
A Harrowing Sea Voyage - A sailor's tale about an ocean leviathan
A Life Barbaric and Brutal - A firsthand account of life among the Reachmen
A Light on the Moor - A cautionary tale about the mists of Glenumbral
A Star Walks In Craglorn - A work-in-progress tale of romance and adventure
A Tale of Kieran - Tall tales of a famous bard
A Tragedy in Black - A folk tale of a young boy who summons a Dremora
Adonato Leotelli’s Journal - Journal of a writer overhearing tales of adventure
Adventures of Carsomus Limus, Mint Surety - A tale on the reason that gold has no weight
Almalexia and the Mudcrab - A fable about accepting help
Alone - An outcast girl finds company
An unexpected defense - Nobody expects this type of defense
Ancient Tales of the Dwemer - Fables and folk tales attributed to the Dwemer
Argonian Account - An senior Imperial clerk has a troublesome adventure in Black Marsh. Sequel to A Dance in Fire
Arnoit and Lisette: The True Story - How considerate of Madam Pajaud to take every word from her exhaustive interviews regarding MY ANCESTORS and promptly throw them aside to craft her own fanciful romance! It’s abominable what she’s done to what is very clearly a cautionary tale based on a legacy of very real generational pain! I am writing this account to […]
Azarrid’s Race - One Khajiit shows nimbleness is best -or is it?
Banker’s Bet - An old joke about a person who made living off of bets
Before the Gates of Gideon - A story that takes place in Gideon
Beggar Prince - The tale of a Valenwood prince who receives unexpected powers from Namira
Bitter Travels and the Nixad - How to protect your goods against Nixiads
Bliss - A chilling tale of phantom archers
Bone - Fictional story about the invention of medium armor
Brave Little Scrib - A tale of a little Scrib wanting to play by the waterfall
Brave Little Scrib and the River Troll - Brave Little Scrib emerged from the kwama mine to greet the bright, new day. “Hello, again, Little Scrib,” sang Torchbug, flittering beneath the cap of a giant mushroom stalk. “What fun do you have planned for today?” “Oh, just sitting here and enjoying the sun on my carapace,” said Brave Little Scrib. “What about you, […]
Breathing Water - An amusing story about a smuggler and a water breathing spell
Cabin the the Woods - A creepy story about a soldier and a ghostly woman
Captured by the Dreadsails - An Account by Sailor Lerisa Bruhl The wind blew northerly when we left port. An auspicious sign I knew better than to believe. Woe upon me and my cursed fate. If this account survives, it outlives me and my sorry hide. Should it not be taken by the sea—as I will surely be—know that you […]
Chance’s Folly - The story of a thief who's just too skilled for her own good
Chronicles of Ehtelar - A caravan finds a ruin in the Alik'r
Clever Kail-Perwa and the Great Boast - An Akaviri tale of a clever woman who must beat the challenges of her ancestors, or face their wrath
Confessions of a Dunmer Skooma-Eater - A true-story about a Skooma-addicted Dunmer
Confessions of a Skooma Eater [ESO] - The personal memoirs of a Skooma addict
Crow and Raven: Three Short Fables - A parabel about shiny pins
Deathbrand - A legend about a dying pirate king's ghost
Den of Thieves, Part Two - A tale of the Red Asp
Druid Fables: Butterfly and Faun Lord - As told by Archdruid Ilyes. Once there was a great Faun Lord who ruled over a mighty forest. He was the largest and strongest of the Fauns and none dared to challenge him. He boasted about his incredible power to anyone who would listen. The rabbits were afraid of him. The foxes kept to the […]
Druid Fables: Systres Beavers - As told by Archdruid Ilyes. A tree fell in the forest, and all the animals of the Systres came to see it. It was the result of a beaver and his mate! Still dripping with seawater, they wasted no time in coming ashore and chewing down a tree next to the river. Beavers are well-known […]
Druid Fables: The Proud Faun - As told by Archdruid Ilyes. Faun was the cleverest of all the creatures in the forest. His hooves were swift and agile, letting him spring from one rock to another without ever slipping or touching the ground. His fur was sleek and glossy. His horns were delicately curved and symmetrical. All these things, the Faun […]
Dust’s Shadow - A Shadowscale uncovers a traitor
Dusty Page - Lovers must part
Dwemer Dreams - Do treasure hunters in Dwemer ruins dream of Dwemer? You bet
Eorim’s Tale - A member of the Stonefist Brigade recounts their exploits and foundation
Exiled from Exile, Volume 7 - Encounters with Daedric runes from Could Harbour
Feyfolken - The classic tale of scribe and his enchanted quill
Final Lesson - Another lesson imparted by the Great Sage (from the Feyfolken books) to his students
Fistalle’s Note - An allegory about a cat and two rats
Freedom’s Price - Star-crossed lovers in pre-emancipation Morrowind
Gift of the Lilmothiit - A book that involves the Lilmothiit
Glyndallagan’s Confession - A con-man mage makes a very bad wager
Hallgerd’s Tale - As Hallgerd's stated: "This is a story about someone who was more agile and accomplished in his armor than out of it"
How Hackwing Got Her Tail - A tale of black marsh
How The Beetle Got His Cape - A very brief draft of a story about the Beetle's cape
I was Summoned by a Mortal - A humorous tale of a Dremora summoned by a famous wizard
Ice and Chitin - How ice and chitin saved an Officer and her Lieutenant from an army
Immortal Blood - A tale about a vampire hunter who likes to surprise his enemies by striking the first blow Nothing seems to take him by surprise Well Almost
Incident in Necrom - Four adventurers set out to clear a cemetery from vampires Exults the benefits of illusion magic
Investigator Vale and the Darkmasts - Investigator Vale stood on the dock, peering intently at the blue expanse of ocean that stretched to the horizon. This was her first visit to Galen, though she had traveled to the Systres on numerous occasions, but always before to High Isle. “What say you, investigator?” asked the Knight Commander. “Was this the work of […]
Investigator Vale and the Haunted Lighthouse - An Investigator Vale Adventure. “And you say the apparition appears in this room?” Investigator Vale gestured to the heavy door in front of her. Outside, the storm dragged on. Ocean swells crashed into the rocks of the island and hurled water against the lighthouse walls. “You ask that like you don’t believe me.” Gawayne crossed […]
Investigator Vale and the Sober Nord - The flirtatious private eye solves a murder in a tavern
Investigator Vale in the Reach - The investigator goes to the Reach
Investigator Vale in Vvardenfell - The Investigator goes to Vvardenfell
Investigator Vale: A Deadly Toll - The Investigator solves a proxy murder
Investigator Vale: Fowl Play - Vale finishes both the count and the mysterious deaths of his vassals
Investigator Vale: Retinue of Shambles - The famous detective meets a Dominion spy and breaks up a Daedric plot
Investigator Vale: Shadow Fellows - The Investigator encounters a secret assassin society
Investigator Vale: The Curse of Mandrake Manor - The investigator solves a locked room mystery
Investigator Vale: The Locked Room Murder - The amorous detective solves the mystery of a banker's death
Ius, Animal God - A story about a god, that's also an easter egg
King Edward - The story of the life of a fictional king
Knightfall - The legend of Garridan Stalrous, as told by Jaren Aethelweald Required in the Miscellaneous quest "Tears Of The Savior"
Kolb & the Dragon - A choose-your-own adventure book
Lakewatch Tower - The tale of a man and a moonbeam, and the love they lost
Last Scabbard of Akrash - This book has it all -- romance, slavery, and head lopping!
Legends of the Forest - The haunted woods of the forests of Icewind Peaks have long been home to strange stories and stranger creatures. We’ve collected these stories into this volume, writing down what was previously passed on by word of mouth and around Nord campfires in the dead of night. The Voices in the Woods Broggo the Small wasn’t […]
Lost Tales of the Famed Explorer - A deadly expedition to find the mythical Golden Stair of Black Marsh
Mal Sorra’s Curse - A wicked Dunmer conjurer is banished from Nirn
Master Zoaraym’s Tale - This a story about Master Zoaraym and his students at the Temple of the Two Moons in Elsweyr
Mathoc the Immortal - Tale of a fearsome Breton warrior and the wounds that haunt him
Mean Old Torchbug - A children's story abut an occasionally clever little scrib
Mizbi and the Magic Door (Annotated) - Mizbi the Bard lived beyond the Dragon’s door for many an age. The Dragon’s lair was far more spacious than the accommodations she’d kept inside Mizbi’s head. For a laugh, the Dragon would often remind her of this, much to Mizbi’s chagrin. “Stop saying my head is so small!” said Mizbi. “My head must be […]
Mystery of Princess Talara - The classic story about political intrigue in the royal family of Camlorn
Narsis Dren and the Cursed Coffin - The "famous" explorer finds himself sealed in a sarcophagus, again
Night Falls on Sentinel - An assassin tells of how he removed the crown prince of Sentinel
Oath-Bound: An Outlander’s Rise Vol. 1 - I remember the first test of my sword arm vividly. I was eight and the blade unfamiliar. A dark, barbed thing that I pried from the ashen hand of a dying Dark Elf at my feet as he struggled to keep his eyes open and his fist closed. I did not understand the curse that […]
Oelander’s Hammer: An Instructive Tale For Children - Child's tale directly referencing "The Ebon Arm"
Of Fjori and Holgeir - The legend of two doomed lovers
Palla - The classic, relatable tale of a boy in love with his friend's mother
Picnic at Pelin (A Horror Story) - A spooky tale in a dark old tomb
Pirates of the Abecean - A (possibly) fictional account of the Crimson Ship
Prince Hew and the Haj Mota Chariot - Misadventures of the incompetent Prince Hew and his highly competent vizier
Prince Hew and the Three-Legged Race - Misadventures of the incompetent Prince Hew and his highly competent vizier
Purloined Shadows - A young girl learns a valuable skill from a master thief
Reach Bedtime Stories - Local fables from the Reach
Realizations of Acrobacy - A tale of a struggle between Telvanni councilors Neloth and Gothren
Remember Me - The tale of an Argonian seeking to understand his nightmares
Robier’s Vegetable Garden - A frightening tale about a wealthy Breton's farm
Ruins of Kemel-Ze - An archeologist's adventure in the fabled ruin
Scared Little Snow Moth - Fable about a frightened moth and a devious torchbug
Scary Tales of the Deep Folk - Reachmen folklore about the Dwemer
Scary Tales of the Druadach - Horror stories from the Druadach Mountains
Silence - A tale of an adventurer who needs to learn a Silence spell in order to defeat two very perilous foes
Singed Page - An incomplete tale
Smuggler’s Island - S'Riizh and Harithoel are stranded on an island with 5 crates of moon sugar
Solitude Bedtime Stories - Two traditional stories, and a xenophobic rhyme
Sporting Chance - A hunter lost and haunted by a beast
Surfeit of Thieves - A tale about a robbery gone horribly, horribly awry
Sweet Life - A suggestive offering to Alkosh
Sweet Shadows of the Moons - A tale about a young Bosmer who remembered the Five Year War
Tales of Black Marsh - A tale of black marsh
Tales of the Two-Moons Path, Vol. 3 - Taziako looked about her, confused. Her grandfather had been there just the moment before, and now … now she stood in the bedroom of her childhood. The rich tapestries clung to the walls, warming the wooden slats, and the sweet smell of her mother’s cooking filled the air. Tazzie ran to the door, opening her […]
Tazgol’s Vision Quest - A young Orc receives an allegorical lesson
The Adventures of Eslaf Erol - The life of Eslaf Erol, ironical and completely ludicrous
The Alik’r [ESO] - A description of the mighty desert
The Angry Alfiq: A Collection - Traditional folktales of an angry, but ambitious, Alfiq
The Armorers’ Challenge - Two armorers compete for the right to design armor for the Imperial troops
The Armorers’ Challenge [TES3] - Two armorers compete for the right to design armor for the Imperial troops
The Arrowshot Woman - An ancient blonde joke
The Asylum Ball - More about late Pelagius III Septim Might be an apocryph
The Axe Man - The story of the devlopment of a Morag Tong assassin who exclusively used the axe during business hours Raises your Axe skill
The Bastard’s Tomb - An infamous bastard gets his
The Black Arrow - A tale which shows that nobles do not always get what they want
The Blessed Dagger - A folktale from Hammerfell
The Cake and the Diamond - An amusing story about a clever alchemist and greedy thieves
The Chopping Block - An older brother teaches his younger brother how to fight with an axe
The Chronicler’s Travelogue - A member of the Mages Guild has exceptional luck in finding rare antiquities
The Count’s Boar Hunt - Albanus Caudex was injured in a boar hunt, and won't make it home for supper
The Crimson Dirks - Adventures of the Crimson Dirks bandit group
The Curse of Blackscale Island - Chapter 8: Traitor’s Blade Even as void-tainted pirates spilled out from the cursed treasure chest and a blade shaved fur from her throat, Captain Gold-Smirk was focused only on the eyes of the woman who betrayed her. The violet eyes of her first mate. Suddenly, Gold-Smirk found her mind drifting to the first time they […]
The Death of a Wanderer - The death-bed tale of an old Argonian explorer
The Elf, the Egg, and the Almost Dragon - A children's story about an elf who finds and egg and thinks it's going to hatch a dragon It doesn't
The Exodus - This is the story of a young girl named Vralla When she becomes ill, her parents are told to go to the Mages Guild at Olenveld for help Vralla gets better in the end, sort of
The Four Suitors of Benitah - The tale of how a man wins the heart of a woman
The Fruit and the Stone - The Hist produce a Zaht Stone to protect their subject
The Ghostly Stag - In my travels I came upon the land of Clickyville, a place ripe with the fruits of the earth and free from the grip of tyranny. Though the land was not fully formed, and was so underpopulated as to make me feel lonesome at all hours, I decided to settle down in the little town. […]
The Gold Ribbon of Merrit - An amusing story of two friends, one a self-centered buffoon and the other a quiet but gifted warrior, reuniting for some idle archery
The Gold Road: A Merchant’s Journey - How a caravan guard made the best of a bad situation
The Hidden Twilight - The beginning of a book about the city of Inkseed
The Hist’s Fire - An Argonian love story
The Hope of the Redoran - A tale of a child blessed by a prophesy and the interpretaion thereof
The Interment of Feremuzh - How an ancient Redguard became a vampire, and how he was defeated
The Ivory Lord: A Hero Born - The short career of a Breton hero
The Legend of Lovers Lament - A romantic legend
The Littlest Tomeshell - A True-ish Story by Cipher Mukheesh There once was a Daedric spirit, floating through the effluvium of Oblivion. It had no realm to call its own, no Prince to command it, no form to inhabit. It had nothing but a name, Torgu, and a desire to drift wherever the planar currents carried it. Eventually, as […]
The Locked Room - Yana is a locksmithing student who is interested in the theory and technique of the craft more than the practical considerations of it. Arthcamu is her impatient, pragmatic, and cruel instructor. By the end of the story, one of their deaths is imminent!
The Marksmanship Lesson - The basic argument against mistreating your Bosmer slaves, especially those with exeptional bow ability
The Masters’ Hall - A group of treasure hunters come upon a mysterious, and deadly, ruin
The Meaning of the Hidden Fawn - The story of Druid Geonard
The Menagrie - A revised retelling of A Dubious Tale from TES2: Daggerfall
The Mirror - A story about an exceptional fighter and his showdown with his greatest enemy
The Mirror Portal: A Gleaner Legend - The story of a portal that takes Vinyehil to a realm outside of Fargrave
The Monochrome Paintbrush - An altmeri folktale about a paintbrush and the artist who used it to her doom
The Monochrome Paintbrush - An altmeri folktale about a paintbrush and the artist who used it to her doom
The Never-Ending Scroll - An Altmeri folktale about a cursed scroll
The Piper - A dark Piper comes to town
The Poison Song - An epic set in the aftermath of the War with the Dwemer and House Dagoth
The Prayers of Baranat - A story about the adventure of very faithful man, in his quest to release the kidnapped lady Reading this will increases hand-to-hand skill
The Rear Guard - An amusing tale of a man trapped in a castle, and the ordeals that he must go through to eat
The Red Curse - A Breton noble becomes obsessed with resurrecting the Red Eagle
The Red Paint - Description of a ceremony of the Wood Orcs
The Refugees - A group of people hiding from the Camoran Usurper witness the unusal birth of his son
The Right Mattock for the Job - A mine is attacked by ogres
The Rotwood Enigma - A mysterious figure helps a band of mercenaries
The Ruby Necklace - An ominous portent of a famous symbol
The Sage - A story about a great mage who spent numerous years learning before becoming a teacher
The Story of Lysirius - A story about a hero who had a gift from Boethiah, a shield called Fearstruck
The Tale of Princess Anurraame - A sad tale of a princess
The Tempest and the Sunflower - A tale of two knights who fall in love
The True Balance - A valuable lesson saves a life
The Truth of the Hunter - A tale of a hunter
The Voyages of Il-Am-Hakim - The incomplete adventures of a pirate
The Water-getting Girl and the Inverse Tiger - Chidlren's bedtime story of a girl and a tiger
The Whistle - The grim tale of a youth who trains Durzogs
The Woodcutter’s Wife - A folk tale of a woodcutter's wife cursed for her deeds
The Worth of Glass - A traveling orc learns of Dunmeri glass armor
The Wraith’s Wedding Dowry - Never steal from a women on her wedding day
Thief of Virtue - A thief's most valiant theft
Three Thieves - A tale of thievery and betrayal
Tiber Septim’s Sword-Meeting with Cyrus the Restless - An unfinished collection of texts that tell of how Tiber Septim fought Cyrus on the moon
To Raise the Living - Tale of the Staff of Hasedoki
Trap - The story of someone being captured by the Berne Vampires and being kept as cattle This book raises your sneak skill
Triumph of the Sep Adder - A merchant's inspirational tale
Vampires of the Iliac Bay - One man's journey to cure himself of vampirism
Vernaccus and Bourlor - Another book of Hallgerd series, telling about the story of a lesser daedra and a great archer hero
War Call of the Mammoth Herders - An epic battle against giants and armored mammoths unfolds
Withershins - A ridiculous book about madness
Xil-Go’s Spell - How an Argonian mage defends her village from Dres raiders
Zakhin’s Many Heroes - Tale of a little Redguard boy who dreams of heroics

Guilds & Societies

A Brief History of House Telvanni - An Altmeri look at Morrowind's House Telvanni
A Call for Recollection - Creed of the Recollectionists, an Ayleid revivalist group
A Guide to Liturgical Vestments - How to put on and wear Ordinator armor
A Helpful, Steadfast Hand - Overview of the Society of the Steadfast, a humanitarian group throughout Tamriel
A History of the Daedric Sects - History of the Glenmoril Coven
A Kiss, Sweet Mother - Procedures for preforming the Black Sacrament to summon the Dark Brotherhood
A New Cult Arises - A cult dedicated to all the Daedra arises in Necrom
A Report on the Dusksabers - A report on the Dusksaber vampires from the priest of Arkay trying to eliminate them
A Werewolf’s Confession - A chilling confession of a moon stalker
Abah’s Landing Merchant Lords - A roster of the corupt mafia-nobility of Abah's Landing
Alchemy For My Apprentice - A master alchemist instructs an apprentice on the basics of potion-making
Alchemy Practicum - A frustratingly inept alchemy student frustrates the instructer
An Introduction to Circle Correspondence - Welcoming letter to the Antiquarian Circle
Articles of the Sakkr-al-Behr - Rules for the pirate organization
Ashlander Wise Women - Good advice for diplomacy with Ashlanders
Beware the Shadowscales - Warning about an elite group of cutthroats
Bloodfiends of Rivenspire - Description of the Bloodfiend menace
Brown Book of 3E 426 - This book details the business, Councilors, and activities of Great House Telvanni in 3E 426
Buoyant Armigers: Swords of Vivec - An introduction to Vivec's personal knight-bodyguards
By Order of Guildmaster Vanus Galerion - Rules and guidelines for the Mages Guild
Cases of the Divine Prosecution - Examples of the sort of cases investigated by the Divine Prosecution, and the punishments for each
Cathedral Hierarchy - An explanation of the roles within the priesthood of Akatosh in Kvatch
Ciphers of the Eye - First hand account of Hermaeus Mora's personal curators
Clan of the White Bear - A clan's guiding principles
Code of the Baandari Pedlars - The bylaws of the (in)famous pedlars
Confessions of a Thief - I guess this book was initially meant as a gameplay guide for thieves
Cradle of Shadows - Describes a ruin where Mephala's realm has penetrated Mundus
Crypt of the Heart – Draft - Book added by Spell Knight Armor from the Creation Club. When it comes to tales of bravery and valor, few have a greater claim than the Knightly Orders of High Rock. Like the Knights of the Rose in Wayrest, many serve as royal guardians and protectors of the realm. It is through their defense of […]
Dagonists Through the Ages - History of Dagonists
Dark Company: Deserters or Mercenaries? - Report about a new mercenary company in the West Weald, made up of Three Banners War deserters
Exodus of the Druids - A history of the Druids of Galen
Fall From Glory - The current state of Skyrim's Thieves' Guild
Fire and Darkness - “Brother, I still call you brother for we share our bonds of blood, tested but unbroken by hatred. Even if I am murdered, which seems inevitable now, know that, brother. You and I are not innocents, so our benedictions of mutual enmity is not tragedy, but horror. This state of silent, shadowed war, of secret […]
Followers of the Gray Fox - The rules of the Thieves Guild of Cyrodiil
For My Gods and Emperor - An essential book that need to be read before joining the Imperial Cult
Founding of the Spirit Wardens - One Orc Chieftan's pact with Azura
Grasping Fortune - The "guild book" for the Hlaalu, detailing their goals, duties, and expectations for recruits
Great House Mottos (Annotated) - Sotha Sil's copy, with his added scribblings
Great Houses of Morrowind - Just like it says: a book about Great House Culture on Morrowind, specifically Vvardenfell
Guild Memo on Soul Trapping - Dealing with the rise of soul trapping spells
Hiding with the Shadow - About thieves and their relationship with Nocturnal, the Daedric Prince
History of the Fighters Guild, First Edition - Tells of the founding of the Fighters Guild in the earl 2nd era
Honor Among Thieves - An essential book that need to be read before joining Thieves Guild
Honorable Writs of Execution - A primer on the Morag Tong
House Hlaalu Philosophy of Trade - Description of House Hlaalu's philosophy
House of Reveries - A primer for those wishing to join the House of Reveries
House Ravenwatch Proclamation - House Ravenwatch proclaims their intentions
House Redoran Registry - Records of promotions and recent events within House Redoran
Imperial Charter of the Guild of Fighters - The charter document for the Fighters Guild, which details its rules and regulations
Imperial Charter of the Guild of Mages [TES3] - The Charter document for the Mages Guild; lists their goals and membership requirements
Imperial Charter of the Guild of Mages [TES4] - The Charter document for the Mages Guild; lists their goals and membership requirements
Iron Wheel Precepts - Poetic rules of the Iron Wheel
Knights of the Dragon - Creed of the Knights of the Dragon, loyal protectors of Daggerfall's king
Lessons of the Pit - Instructions for the fighting pits of the Oathsworn
Life in the Camonna Tong - The first think that you have to know about Goval Sadryon is that I am not a smuggler, I’m a tavern brawler. No one taught me what I know. I had to teach myself through lessons of blood and bruises. Lost a fair number of my teeth before I figured out how to stop blocking […]
Life in the Scaled Court - First hand account of the people and practices of the Scaled Court
Litany of Blood - A lengthy prater to Dread Father Sithis
Manifesto Cyrodiil Vampyrum - Information about the Vampires of Cyrodiil
Merchants, Scoundrels, Thieves - A biased history of the Dragonstar Caravan Company
Mottos of the Dunmeri Great Houses - Mottos and patron saints of the Great Houses
Myth or Menace? - Does a Thieves Guild really exist in Cyrodiil?
Necromancy in Modern Tamriel - A description of increased Necromancer activity
Necromancy: The Great Debate - Angry rantings of a Necromancer
New Moon Obligations - Guidelines for this new religious order
Oath of the Keepers - Information on the monks of Necrom's Necropolis
Oath of the Shadows Watch - Opponents of the Wilderking unite
On Joining the Keepers of the Dead - Information for prospective novices of this monastic society in Necrom
On the College of Sapiarchs - Basic overview of the College and the Sepiarchs
Ordinators: A Comprehensive Guide - By Tarvus, Archcanon of Vivec Holy guards and warrior-priests, the Ordinators dedicate themselves to serving the Tribunal Temple and the Living Gods worshiped therein. Organized into four specific orders, the Ordinators extend the will of the Tribunal throughout Morrowind and are characterized by their distinctive gold armor and face masks. Used as protective covering, the […]
Ordo Legionis - Eh? Latin? "Order of the Legion" serves as an introduction to the Imperial Legions for prospective members
Origin Of The Mages Guild - How Vanus Galerion made Magic available to everyone, and outlines the structure of the guild
Our Calling, Our Pledge - An Azura devotee's beliefs
Our Curse and Our Glory - A treatist on Lycanthropy and one way to approach it
Pension of the Ancestor Moth - The basics of the Temple of the Ancestor Moth
Ranks and Titles of House Telvanni - A report created by the scholar Andunririe for the Court of Proxy-Queen Alwinare, Alinor. Greetings to the Majesty of the Court, I have been tasked by Penewen, mage and advisor to the Aldmeri Dominion, to help explain and summarize the society of our cousins the Dunmer, also known as the Dark Elves. The Dark Elves […]
Renrijra Pirates - Note on the famous Khajiiti pirate clan
Rite of the Scion - An overview of pureblood vampires and their relationship with Lamae Bal
Sacred Witness - Claims to be a true history of the Dark Brotherhood's Night Mother
Sages of the Crystal Tower - Introduction to the Sapiarchs and their place in Altmeri society, as well as the Crystal Tower
Sanctioned Murder - Thoughts on the Morag Tong from an inside source
Shad Astula Academy Handbook - Orientation book for members or an exclusive magical order
Shadowmarks - A guide to the signs used by thieves
Systres Knightly Orders - Descriptions of the Knightly Orders of the Systres archipelago
Testimonials on Mushroom Towers - Theories on why the Telvanni make towers out of mushrooms
The Affairs of Wizards - The "faction book" for the Telvanni, this book should be read before joining Great House Telvanni
The Art of Crafting - Overview of the basics principles of tradecraft
The Black Arts on Trial - The summary of a debate about necromancy
The Black Glove - The "faction book" for the Morag Tong, describing their purpose, operations, and requirements
The Black Hand - A scholarly text on the ranks of the Dark Brotherhood
The Brothers of Darkness - Tells how the religious organization called Morag Tong evolved into a business called Dark Brotherhood
The Brothers of Darkness (1st ed.) - Tells how the religious organization called Morag Tong evolved into a business called Dark Brotherhood
The Brothers of Darkness [TES2] - Tells how the religious organization called Morag Tong evolved into a business called Dark Brotherhood
The Divine Prosecution - An outsider's perspective on Summerset's state police
The Five Tenets - The five rules of the Dark Brotherhood
The Glenmoril Wyrd - A sympatheric examination of the Glenmoril covens
The Great Houses and Their Uses - A cynical Ashlander's overview of the Great Houses
The Knights of the Nine - The history of the Knights, from their founding to their decline in the mid 3rd era
The Lure of the Camonna Tong - A former thug tells of a particularly brutal assignment from the Tong, in hopes of scaring away those who thought to join
The Mystery of Artaeum - A report for Ayrenn, concerning the nature of Artaeum and the Psijic Order
The Night Mother’s Truth - A history of the Night Mother
The Nightingales - Learn about the legendary Nightingales
The Old Ways - The definitive guide to the Psijic Order and their leader, Celarus
The Old Ways: The Customs and Philosophy of Grave and Faithful Council - Looks like the mission statement of the Psijic Order
The Order of the Black Worm - A report on the rise and present dealings of the necromantic order
The Order of the Waking Flame - Discusses the Order of the Waking Flame
The Origin of The Mages Guild - How Vanus Galerion made Magic available to everyone, and outlines the structure of the guild
The Psijic Order - An introduction to the Order, from a Sapiarch's perspective
The Red Book of 3E 426 - This book details the business, Councilors, and activities of Great House Redoran in 3E 426
The Ring of Daggers - A slanderous smear of King Emeric's associates
The Ruddy Fangs - A new member's introduction to this group of murderous thieves
The Society of the Steadfast - At the request of several highly placed members of Imperial nobility, I shall wade into a subject usually foreign to me—the arena of current affairs. Specifically, the increasingly visible and political role of the Society of the Steadfast. The philanthropist Lord Bacaro Volorus started the Society of the Steadfast to provide relief to those caught […]
The True Noble’s Code - The handbook for Great House Redoran Explains their rules, requirements, and the virtues of duty, gravity, and piety
The Vashabar Threat - The bosmer of the Dawnwood appear peaceful, but may still be dangerous
The Welkynars of Eton Nir - An introduction to this illustrious order
The Werewolf’s Hide - The glorious hide of the nightstalker
The Witches of Hag Fen - Observations on the Hags of Glenumbra
Tome of the Undaunted - Signatures and purpose of the Undaunted guild
Twilight Cantors: The Exorcists of Azurah - A foreign view on the dro-m'Athra, the Bent Dance, and the exorcists who live to banish them
Undaunted – A Life of Glory - There are those who choose to fight for honor and justice, some who bloody their swords for coin, and then there are … others. Others who crave danger, like this one. When brothers and sisters still mewed and cowered under mother’s skirts, Turuk conquered the tallest shelf in the kitchen only to pounce on her […]
Understanding House Dres - Introduction to House Dres, traditional breadbasket of Morrowind
Understanding House Hlaalu - Introduction to House Hlaalu, known for trade and diplomacy
Understanding House Indoril - Introduction to House Indoril, the religious center of Morrowind
Understanding House Redoran - Introduction to House Redoran, famous for their honor and military prowess
Verdant Hand Orientation - Tips for Aldmeri tombrobbers
Welcome, Veiled Recruit - Orientation for new members
Who are the Wardens Truly? - Explores the relationship between the Wardens and the Bosmeri Spinners
Witch Cults of Northern High Rock - An accounting of the Beldama and their relation to Y'ffre
With Regards to the Ebony Blade - A tale of theft and intrigue centering around the famed Daedric artifact
Yellow Book of 3E 426 - This book details the business, important events, and Councilors of Great House Hlaalu in 426

Histories & Biographies

2920, Last Year of the First Era - A fascinating drama taking place at the very end of the First Era.
A Brief History of Ald Sotha - Insights on the relationship between Sotha Sil and Vivec, plus a bit about House Sotha and its downfall
A Child’s Play - Excerpt from an unofficial biography of the Green Lady, Gwaering
A Compilation of Redguard History - A datamined version of several Daggerfall books about Redguard history
A History of Blackrose Prison - A history of this famous prison, and a bit about the crime syndicate that currently occupies it
A History of Daggerfall - A surprisingly unbiased overview of Daggerfalll, and the Iliac Bay area in general
A History of Lilmoth - History and current state of Black Marsh's southernmost port
A History of Mor Khazgur - History of this Orcish mine and stronghold
A History of Shipbuilding, Vol. 1 of 27 - To build a ship, you must first invent wood
A Hunter’s Journey II: The Imperial Reserve - A hunter's history of the West Weald
A Legionary’s History of Fort Redmane - History of Fort Redmane in Black Marsh
A Life of Strife and Struggle - Outlines for the Last Ayleid King's memoirs
A Memory Book - Memories of various Barons Who Move Like --
A Minor Maze - The history of Labyrinthian and its creator, Shalidor
A Plea for Vengeance - Camlorn meets a dark fate
A Short History of Morrowind - A history book about Morrowind, mostly containing information about the settlements of the Vvardenfell district
A Tale of the Dauntless Bananas - History of the Dauntless Bananas
A Time of Troubles - A scrap of a journal from a would-be treethane about loyalty
A Year Among the Eagleseer Clan - Observations about the culture of the Eagleseer Clan
Against the Snakes - A very opinionated take on the Second Akaviri invasion
Agra Crun - How shield-wife Bagrar earned her moniker
Ahzidal’s Descent - The legend of a Nord mage who trained among elves so he could have his revenge on them
Aminyas’ Journal - An alternative view of King Joile and the events surrounding the 1st era Siege of Orsinium
An Abbreviated History of Skingrad - Cliffnotes on Skingrad's history from Ayleid settlement, to Rislav Larich, to the present day
Anequina and Pellitine: An Introduction - Overview of the formation of the two Khajiiti kingdoms, and the tribes that preceeded them
Annals of the Dragonguard - Yearly entries of the Dragonguard at Sky Haven Temple, outlining several important events
Antecedants of Dwemer Law - A brief overview of the relationship between Dwemer and Altmeri law
Antecedents of Dwemer Law - A brief overview of the relationship between Dwemer and Altmeri law
Arkngthamz-Phng - A history of the Dwemer city now known as Fang Lair
Armor of Myth and Legend - A brief list of legendary armors
Artaeum Lost - Galerion's autobiographical account of his early days as a Psijic and Mannimarco's descent into darkness
Arx Corinium – First Seed Report - Building a fort in a swamp is no trivial task, but my men and I have accomplished it with Arx Corinium. It was a battle the entire duration—with insect-borne disease, with the wildlife of the marshlands, but the Empire wanted a foothold in this region and we provided one. Unfortunately, as of this writing, we’ve […]
Atlas of Dragons - A list of dragons, living and dead
Audiences with the Longhouse Emperors - An Elder Council's meetings with the Longhouse Emperors
Ayleid Survivals in Valenwood - The slow decline of the Ayleids in Valenwood
Ayrenn — The Unforeseen Queen - A biography of the queen of the Aldmeri Dominion
Before the Ages of Man - Another history book, recording the Dawn Era and Merethic Era
Belaigh and the Molmor - History of an attack of Galen lead by the Sea Sload and their horrific aquatic monsters
Biography of Barenziah - The "official" biography of Queen Barenziah, produced for widespread Imperial distribution
Biography of Queen Barenziah - An "official" version of Queen Barenziah's early years Approach this book only after reading "The Real Barenziah"
Biography of the Wolf Queen - The tragic and violent life of Queen Potema
Bisnensel: Our Ancient Roots - History of the Ayleid city of Bisnensel, and the Hermaeus Mora worship within
Black Horse Courier - Collection of newpapers from the time of the Oblivion Crisis
Blasius’ Unfinished Manuscript - A quick book about the brutality of the Yokudan's conquest of Hammerfell
Blasius’s Unfinished Manuscript - Partial manuscript detailing an ancient Yokudan emperor
Bonegrinder’s Skull - A brief legend about the return of Bonegrinder, King Turog's loyal snow bear
Book of Dwarven Lore - This is an excerpt of a supposedly lengthy book of Dwemer lore Unfortunately, the text is too small to read
Brief History of the Empire - A summary of 3rd era history, as told through the lives of its rulers
Broken Diamonds - The story beyond the holiday of Broken Diamonds, which is celebrated in Glenumbria Moors
Burning Vestige, Vol. I - A brief history of an summoning of Mehrunes Dagon gone wrong
Cassipia’s Change of Heart - A loyal servant questions their Master's actions
Castles and Coffers Volume III: Hel Ra Citadel - An accounting of the ancient, mysterious fortress
Ceyran, Warlord of Rulanyil’s Fall - Brief biography of the Ayleid warlord
Champions of Dra’bul - List of Orcish champions
Changed Ones - Information about the origins of the Chimer
Chapter XII: The Graverobber of Imperial City - A grisly tale of a murderer who apparently escaped death himself
Cherim’s Heart - Interview with a Khajiiti tapestist about his work
Chimes of Silver - Describes the relationship between an argonian tribe and the Kothringi
Chronicles of Nchuleft - Recounts the events of an ancient Dwemeri meeting and assassination plot
Chronicles of the Five Companions - Background on the Five Companions, and running commentary on the main quest of Elder Scrolls Online
Cleansing of the Fane - Chronicles the destruction of the Ayleid city of Malada in the early 1st era
Confessions Of A Khajiit Fur Trader - The biography of a Khajiit who grows wealthy by selling his people's fur
Curano’s Journal - Record of the war between the Ayleid citadels of Delodiil and Abagarlas
Dame Helenie’s Quest - How the heroic knight retrieved the Jewels of Vastyr
Daughter of the Niben - The History of Bravil Includes an interesting legend about the Lucky Old Lady
Daughter of the Niben [ESO] - The History of Bravil Includes an interesting legend about the Lucky Old Lady
Daynas Valen’s Notes - Valen's notes on the history of the Gauldur Amulet
De Rerum Dirennis - A story about Asliel Direnni, an accomplished Alchemist of the Direnni clan
Deal with a Daedric Prince - A deal made with Peryite to save Tear
Divad the Singer - Tells about Divad, son of Frandar Hunding Read alongside other stories about Redguards and Sword-singers
Elven Artifacts - Another excerpt of a big lore book This part talks about the Flask of Lillandril
Eulogy for Emperor Varen - An overwrought goodbye
Eye of Zthenganaz - Overview of a Dwemeri artifact meant for spycraft
Faltonia’s Promise - History of a town founded on a false promise
Fargrave Happenings - Log of recent events in Fargrave
Father of the Niben - An ancient poem about Topal the Pilot, with modern commentary
Five Songs of King Wulfharth - Summaries of the Songs of King Wulfharth, which tell of his rise to, and fall from, power Also includes the hidden songs about his involvement at Red Mountain
Flight from the Thalmor - A Nord's account of his capture by Thalmor Justiciars
Fragment: On Artaeum - The Isle of Artaeum is the home of the Psijic Order
Fragment: On Artaeum - The Isle of Artaeum is the home of the Psijic Order
From “The Chronicles of Janisiere” - Brief text about what happened to the heroes of Battlespire
From Argonian to Saxhleel - Vicecanon Heita-Meen explains how she rose to power and helped found the Ebonheart Pact
Frontier, Conquest, and Accommodation - An essay about the early Nordic settlement of Tamriel
Galerion the Mystic - A biography of Galerion the Mystic, founder of the Mage's Guild
Ghosts in the Storm - The author's caravan is attacked by unidentified creatures in the middle of a snow storm
Great Harbingers of the Companions - Lists historically important leaders of the Companions
Green Serpent Testimonials - Interviews from inside the infamous Blackrose Prison
Groundskeeper’s Letter - Gavros Linus, All right, lad. Arentus tells me you burst into the Undertaker’s office in a tizzy because you spied a ghost outside the crematorium or some such. You’re new to the work, so I’ll spare you a tongue-lashing. The truth is you’ll see a lot of “ghosts” here in the Memorial District. The good […]
Guide to the Daggerfall Covenant - A pro Daggerfall Covenant document
Guthrag’s Mask - History of an enchanted mask, found in the House of Orsimer Glories
Hammer of Glass - A brief note on the founding of the first Orsinium, found in the House of Orsimer Glories
Harvest’s End - A description of a wily battlemage who battled Dagon
Heart of Valenwood - History of the Ayleid city of Hectahame
Heart of Zandadunoz - The story of Orcish villain Zandadunoz
Heroes of the Sanctuary - Tale of three brave Aldmeri heroes
History of House Dufort - By Kaera Metrick, House Historian and Chronicler How does a family rise from meager beginnings to become a powerful noble house among the Bretons? In this rare case, it was through loyalty, shrewd practices, and above all, patience. Records and oral traditions in the family indicate that House Dufort’s history began in Camlorn around 2E […]
History of House Mornard - A complete and factual recount of the history of House Mornard, as researched by Dorothea Errard on behalf of House Dufort and the Errard libraries. If you ask any member of House Mornard about their family and the history of the Systres Archipelago, they will happily inform you of their family’s journey across the sea, […]
History of Lock Picking - Exactly what it says: a history of lockpicking in Cyrodiil
History of Markarth: A Story in Stone - History of the city of Markarth
History of Necrom: The City of the Dead - Hopefully this primer will teach you to see beyond today, to all the things the past can teach us. THOSE WHO CAME BEFORE Did you know, no one can claim to know who founded the great city of Necrom? It’s true. Necrom was a city here at the mouth of the river thousands of years […]
History of Pellitine: An Overview - A history of southern Elsweyr, with a focus on Senchal
History of Raven Rock - Covers the history of Raven Rock, from its founding in the late 3rd era to today, in the 4E200s
History of Senchal: An Overview - Outline of the building and rebuilding of this merchant city
History of Zaan the Scalecaller - The brief life and death of an obscure dragon priestess
Horn of Beasts - The story of the mythical horn and its part in the siege of Orsinium
House Rayn of Silvenar - Brief history of the influential Bosmeri clan
House Tamrith: A Recent History - A history of notable actions and persons of this High Rock clan
House Tharn of the Nibenay - History of the Tharn family and descriptions of its modern members
How we Came to Coldharbour - History of a clan of Argonians and their Hist in Oblivion
In Defense of Prince Hubalajad - A historical analysis of the deeds of this supposedly incompetent monarch
In Praise of Regent Cassipia - Glowing praise for Regent of Upper Craglorn
Incarnate Aduri’s Scroll - Why this warmonger was nor Nerevarine
Incarnate Danaat’s Scroll - Why this selfsure Ashkhan was not Nerevarine
Incarnate Ranso’s Scroll - Why this powerful warrior was not the Nerevarine
Into the Lion’s Den - Brief history of a High Rock valley named the Lion's Den
Jewels of Yokuda - An introduction to Yokudan jewelrycrafting
Jorunn the Skald-King [In-Game] - King Jorunn's birth and his rise to power during the Second Akaviri Invasion
Jorunn the Skald-King [Tales of Tamriel] - King Jorunn's birth and his rise to power during the Second Akaviri Invasion (website version)
Josef the Intolerant - The brief biography of a very rude gladiator
Kagrenac’s Tools - On the Dwemer, the Heart, the Tools for the Heart (Wraithguard, Keening, and Sunder), and the Battle at Red Mountain Summarized by the Dissident Priests
Keeper of Tomes - A Dremora is summoned to guard an elven archive
Keshu - Multi-volume biography of Keshu the Black Fin, war hero and founder of the movement for an advanced Saxhleel society
Kinlord Rilis and the Mages Guild - Background on the founding of the Mages Guild
Knightsgrave: Legend or Legacy - A brief history of this important Order of the Hour location
Lady Benoch’s Words and Philosophy - An interview with the Wood Elf Imperial Guard Lady Benoch about her life
Last of the Ayleid Kings - Very brief history of King Dynar Lalloriaran
Legacy of the Dragonguard - A short history of the Dragonguard during and shortly after the Reman dynasty
Legend of Arkthzand - History of Arkthzand
Legend of Shalug the Shark - The beginnings of a thug's legacy
Life of Uriel Septim VII - A biography of Uriel Septim VII, from the start of his reign to just prior to his death
Map of Clans - Description of a long-lost map from the first era
Memory Stone of Makela Leki - The biography and final thoughts of a Redguard hero
Messages from Hews Bane, Part 2 - An analysis of Prince Hubalajad and his maligned place in Hew's Bane history
Mixed Unit Tactics - This is a book about the Khajiiti strategies during the Five Years War
Monument Island History Plaques - A series of plaques on Monument Island describing the history of the All Flags Navy
Mysticism: The Unfathomable Voyage - Tells about the origins of the magic school of Mysticism, which lies in the Psijic teachings
Mysticism: The Unfathomable Voyage - Tells about the origins of the magic school of Mysticism, which lies in the Psijic teachings
Naril’s Notes: Origins - A brief journal on attempts to cultivate food in the Clockwork City
Nchunak’s Fire and Faith - Tells of Nchunak's journey's amongst the Dwemer and his attempts to understand the teachings of Kagrenac
Nedes of the Deathlands - A research paper surrounding the possible presence of Nedic civilizations in Hammerfell
Nerevar at Red Mountain - A top secret document about the events at Red Mountain from the Ashlander point of view
Nerevar Moon and Star - Imperial note about Ashlander legends
Night of Tears - Exploration of the Elves' attack on Saarthal
Northpoint, An Assessment - Report on the city of Northpoint and persons of interest
Notes For Redguard History - Summary of Destri Melarg's magnum opus about Redguard Sword-Singers
Notes on the Five Loyal Retainers - The five trusted advisors of Laloriaran Dynar, last King of the Ayleids
Nuzava’s Anvil - Tells of a special, potentially cursed, Orcish anvil
Of Crossed Daggers - A history of Riften, explaining its derelict state
Olaf and the Dragon - Explores the various legends of the story of King Olaf and his capture of the dragon Numinex
On Morrowind, the Imperial Province - This is a brief history of the Imperial conquest of Morrowind
On the Chamber of Legates - Describes the chamber of legates
On the Fulcrum Obscura - when the Great Eye answered the prayers of the mortal, Prior Durdryn, and granted him the runes needed to craft a relic of Apocrypha, the Fulcrum Obscura. The Lord of Secrets imbued the runes with the power to locate and uncover secrets, no matter where they may hide, and the prior inscribed them on an […]
On the Great Collapse - The history of the Great Collapse and its aftermath, through the eyes of the Collge of Winterhold
On the Infinite Panopticon - a place that exists inside a pocket realm of Apocrypha, the Infinite Panopticon serves as one of Hermaeus Mora’s most secure repositories of secret knowledge. In addition to being hidden in a shifted dimension, the entrance to the Panopticon constantly moves. It never appears in the same location twice. Other defenses are rumored to protect […]
On the Ivory Brigade - A book that describes the Ivory Brigade
On the lineage of the Aswala Thoroughbred - Handbill advertising Aswala stables
On the War of Righteousness - What started the war that ended the Alessian Order
On Wild Elves - A treatise on the remainders of the Ayleid civilization
Once - Once, we were great. Once, our battlereeves were masters of warfare, and our sapiarchs were wise and learned. Once, we ruled all High Rock from the Eltheric Ocean to the mountains of Wrothgar, and the Nedes were our thralls and concubines. Once, Direnni Cygnus, the Swan of Tyrigel, discovered Balfiera and its Tower and claimed […]
Orcs of Skyrim - A bias history of Orcish civilization in Skyrim
Orcs of Tamriel, Volume 3 - Scholarly research on the Iron Orcs, a special variant from Craglorn
Orcs? Could Be Worse - One muted Covenant opinion of Orcs
Order of the Hour - The history of this knightly order
Origin of the Scaled Court - A Report Prepared for the Star-Gazers
Origins of the Khajiiti Martial Tradition - History of Elsweyr in the Merethic era, as it relates to the rise of its monastic martial arts
Orsinium and the Orcs - A story about how Gortwog won the land between Menevia and Wayrest
Our Dunmer Heritage - A Summary by Oathman-Applicant Mornsu Baram, in service of House Redoran, 330th year of the Second Era. Thank you, representatives of House Redoran, for the opportunity to research and explain the inherent superiority of the Dunmer people, known to other mer and men as the Dark Elves. The Dunmer are the direct descendants of the […]
Our Story - The life of a woman who fell in love with Shalidor
Pirate Queen of the Gold Coast - Outlines Fortunata ap Dugal's rise to power
Purifier’s Journal - A history of the Order of the Silver Dawn and their new enemy, Magnar Child-Eater
Redguards, History and Heroes - This version tells mainly of Frandar Hunding
Redguards, Their Heroes and History - An excerpt about Hunding containing a picture of Leki, taken from a history book of the Redguards
Remanada - A myth of the birth of Reman, and the story of the knight Renauld
Remnants of Cyrod - An accounting of hidden Ayleid knowledge
Report on the Despot of Markarth - A history of Ald Caddach
Report: Disaster at Ionith - The story of Uriel V's failed invasion of Akavir
Rise of the Red Sails - A history of Fortunata ap Dugal and her pirate crew
Rising Threat - Summary of the late 3rd and early 4th eras in Summurset and Cyrodiil, with specific focus on the rise of the Thalmor
Rislav the Righteous - A heroic history book about Rislav Larich, an ancient king of Skingrad
Saint Jiub’s Opus - Juib's cheesy account of his accomplishments
Saint Nerevar - A short Temple pamphlet about Nerevar for Western readers
Scandals of Solitude’s Royalty - The stories of two ancient Nordic kings, told through rumor and scandal
Schemes of the Reachmage - Schemes of a deadly mage
Secret History of the Longhouse Emperors - History of the Longhouse Emperors
Secrets of Amenos - By Miramel Charascel, Chairperson of the Gonfalon Bay Historical and Social Society Amenos stands as a somber reflection of High Isle, sitting across the straits to the northeast of the primary island in the Systres Archipelago. The place has a long, dark history that only serves to enhance the already dismal reputation the island currently […]
Secrets of Moricar the Inheritor - A short history of the Longhouse Emperor's bargains with Mehrunes Dagon
Sentinel, Jewel of the Alik’r - An account of the founding of Sentinel
Sewer Strategy - A pep talk and history lesson from a Legion Zero general
Shornhelm, Crown City of the North - A pamphlet extoling the virtues of House Montclair and promoting Wylon as King
Siege of Vastyr - From the journal of Rilos Moret. Dated 2E 365. Describing one of the last nights on the Gathering Storm’s siege of Vastyr. * * * Fire rained down on the ramparts while gale winds did their best to spread the flames from the battlements and onto our rooves last night. We worked through the long […]
Skorm Snow-Strider’s Journal - An early 1st era journal detailing a company's search for Falmer and discovery of Dragon cultists
Skyrim In the New Era - History of changes to locations in Skyrim over the years
Sorrows of the Wind - By Bastibien Marolles, Historian There are several stories about the source of power in Tor Draioch. Some feature the usual culprits, such as an evil witch or a vengeful chieftain who turned to dark magic to slay his enemies. The histories vary, but one thing remains certain: Whatever occurred at this tower in the distant […]
Stormhold, City of Shadowfen - A history of Stormhold
Systres History - A collection of books about the history of the Systres archipelago
Tal Marog Ker’s Researches - A summary of the events of Battlespire
Tears of Anurraame - Legend of the power of a scorned woman (with help from Mephala)
The Aetherium Wars - Attributes the Dwemer weakness in Skyrim to infighting over a particularly rare ore
The Alik’r - Impressions of a poetic nature who seems to have fallen in love with the Alik'r Desert of Hammerfell
The All-Beneficent King Fahara’jad - The young prince receives a vision of Orsi
The Arcturian Heresy - An account of Tiber Septim's rise to power that contradicts the accepted Imperial narrative
The Ashes of Red Mountain - Journal of a Dunmer who went to Red Mountain to try to solve the change in their people's appearance
The Barrows of Westmark Moor - A summary of graveyards with unfortunate history
The Battle of Karthspire Lea - History of a battle at Karthspire Lea
The Battle of Meadow Fort - From “The History of House Dufort” by Kaera Metrick, House Historian and Chronicler The final battle took place at what was then known as the Meadow Fort, a smaller holding built by Harabant (later the first Baron Dufort) in the Oldstone Wood. The battle started at dawn and went without surcease until sunset. Harabant’s famed […]
The Battle of Orsinium - The final hours of the Siege of Orsinium, and the tunnels that supposedly let the Orcs escape
The Battle of Red Mountain - Vivec's take on the battle that took place at Red Mountain He fails to mention the death of Nerevar, though
The Battle of Sancre Tor - A history book about the Battle of Sancre Tor, during which General Talos (Tiber Septim) defeated the army of the allied Nords and Bretons through cunning
The Bear of Markarth - A recent history of the Reach
The Beast of Galen - “Khimera, Khimera, Khimera! How many heads do you have today?” —Traditional Breton Yard-Game It was on a trip to Wayrest a few years ago when I first observed a group of children playing the khimera game. It’s one of a number of lineup-style distractions common in cultures across Tamriel. I stood in the doorway to […]
The Black Fin Comes Home - The great Argonian hero requests one last favor from the leaders of the Ebonheart Pact
The Black Fin Goes to War - The Argonian hero forms a band to fight House Dres slavers, and then helps establish the Ebonheart Pact
The Black Fin: Foreign Adventures - How Keshu the Black Fin helps to start the Ebonheart Pact
The Black Quill - Legend of an enchanted quill
The Black Year - A great Ayleid library is ruined, and its archivist punished
The Blackwater War - A history of the invasion of Black Marsh in the late 1st era
The Bretons: Mongrels or Paragons? - A scholarly examination of Bretonic origins
The Broken Oath - An account by Sir Nathain of the Order of Death’s Valor. Knighthood, the great and heavy burden. When I took my shield, it was with a naive understanding that my role in life would be to follow the codes and creeds that have guided those before me to live just lives. I suspected that the […]
The Brothers of Strife - A tale of legendary Daedric beasts controlled by the Chimer
The Brothers’ War - Twin Nord brothers battle for supremacy
The Butcher of Bravil - A captain of the Imperial Legion commits a great crime trying to save her soldiers
The Challenge at Bloody Knoll - How the Orcish clans Shar and Tuul came together under the guidance of Malacath
The Chim-el Adabal - A dark plan using a sacred relic
The Chim-el Adabal - A dark plan using a sacred relic
The Chorrol Crier - Town newspaper documents the progression of the Soulburst
The Chronicles of King Kurog - By Zephrine Frey, Chronicler of Wayrest The Chronicles of King Kurog, Book I I first met Kurog gro-Bagrakh in the wilds of Elsweyr. I was there pretending to be a scholar from Wayrest, but my true purpose was to watch, listen, and report back to King Emeric of Wayrest about events in the Khajiiti homeland. […]
The Colossus of Gonfalon Bay - By Miramel Charascel, Chairperson of the Gonfalon Bay Historical and Social Society The pride of High Isle—indeed, of the entire archipelago—rises from the harbor of Gonfalon Bay and soars some three-hundred feet into the sky. The Colossus of Gonfalon Bay, a grand statue displaying the power and prestige of our island’s people and history, But […]
The Conquests of Hubalajad - How Abah's Landing got its name
The Crown of Freydis - Important history on the Moot and succession of Skyrim's monarchy
The Crowned Dragon - A biased history of Emperor Durcorach's rise to power
The Devouring of Gil-Var-Dale - A study of the town mentioned in 2920
The Dragon War - An account of the relationship between dragons and men in the Merethic era
The Emperor of the Villa - Biography of Emperor Brazollus Dor
The Exploits of Miss Claudina Ildene - Exploits of this hunter of the supernatural
The Fall and Rise of Reman’s Bluff - An aggregate of information on a failed Imperial fort
The Fall of Carac Dena - Quick text about an Ayleid stronghold in Valenwood
The Fall of Saarthal - A rather ineffectual report on the state of Saarthal's ruins
The Fall of the Usurper - Discusses how the defeat of the Camoran Usurper was arranged by the joint forces of High Rock
The Falmer: A study - A history of the Falmer after the fall of the Snow Prince, explaining their state today
The False Revanchism of the Maormer - A very negative view of the Maormer and their conflict with Summerset
The Firsthold Revolt - The continuing story of Morgiah, scheming princess of Wayrest, who you do a quest for in Daggerfall After making her deal with the King of Worms, Morgiah moved to Summerset Isle The rest is contained in this book
The Flight of Gryphons - How the Altmer tamed the gryphon
The Flourishing of Elinhir - An account of the famous city of mages
The Fort Sphinxmoth Ruins - A History of this 2nd Empire fort
The Founding of Southpoint - A propaganda history of Southpoint and its founder, Governor Zantonius
The Founding of Zuuk - Brief history of the town founded by this famous historical figure
The Frostfall Coup - A brief history of how Euraxia came to rule northern Elsweyr, as well as an overview of the current political situation
The Fury of King Ranser - The start, and end, of King Ranser's rebellion against King Emeric
The Gray Host: A History - A history of the Gray Host
The Great War - A description of the events between 4E 22 to 4E 180, including the resurgence of the Aldmeri Dominion and the decline of the Cyrodiil Empire
The Horse-Folk of Silverhoof - A long-lost tribe of Yokudans discovered in High Rock!
The Last Battle of Phalevon Vero - History of a man who hunted minotaurs
The Last King of the Ayleids - The Ayleids, or Heartland High Elves, ruled Cyrodiil in the long ages of Myth before the beginning of recorded history. One of the earliest recorded dates, in fact, is the Fall of White Gold Tower in 1E 243, which is commonly assumed to mark the end of the Ayleids. Although Ayleid rule over all of […]
The Legend of Dame Marcelle - Mighty deeds of a worthy knight
The Legend of Thukhozod - The truth behind a necromancer's legend
The Legend of Vastarie - Biography of a legendary Necromancer
The Legendary Sancre Tor - A history book about the legendary, but abandoned, and now haunted city of Sancre Tor
The Legendary Sancre Tor, 1st Ed. - A history of the city, revised for the second era
The Liturgy of Affliction - Memoirs of Vexis Velruan, the man who explore the destruction fanatically by sacrificing anything, including his own body A typical man who had been touched by Sheogorath aspect of Mania
The Living Gods - A theological examination of the Dunmer Tribunal
The Madness of Pelagius - A story about Emperor Pelagius III Septim Read in conjunction with other historical accounts
The Madness of Pelagius - A story about Emperor Pelagius III Septim Read in conjunction with other historical accounts
The Martyrdom of Saint Pelin - Legend of a saintly man's sacrifice
The Massacre at Cormount - Altmeri betrayal and the murder of Valenwood's true king
The Memory Stone - Personal diary of Leki, one of the Redguard warrior-saints Connects tightly to Destri Melarg's cycle about Sword-Singers Leki (or, rather, her image) played a major role in TES: Redguard
The Mysteries of Moravagarlis - An Ayleid ruin that gives its inhabitants bad dreams
The Na-Totambu of Yokuda - How the Yokudan government gave rise to the modern political system in Hammerfell
The Oblivion Crisis - A historical look at the main quest of TESIV:Oblivion
The Onus of the Oghma - A brief history of writing things down
The Origin of Cyrus! - A comic that tells the origin of Cyrus and Iszara, and why they've got bad blood
The Origins of Conjuration - Imperial mages have arguably advanced the study of conjuration magic far more than most, but it first fell to Elven wizards to crack open the door to Oblivion without its screaming horrors spilling uncontrollably into Mundus. Corvus and Calani Direnni and their clan first lit the torch and peered into this unholy darkness, lighting the […]
The Poet-Champion of Vastyr - By Chanter Milius, Priest of Dibella In 2E 400, the Potentate Savirien-Chorak held months of celebrations to commemorate four centuries of potentate rule. Among the Imperial City’s many games and revels was a poetry competition. Lauded poets, many quite famous, came from all over Tamriel to compose for the potentate’s court. From Vastyr came a […]
The Price of Praxis - Autobiography of an outcast (apraxic) Altmer, and his quest to return to society
The Primate: Before the Light - The early days of Anvil's Primate Artorius
The Primate: Finding Faith - The young Artorius Ancrus begins his religious training
The Primate: Rise to Glory - The future Primate performs a miracle
The Prior’s Fulcrum - Many tales are told of Prior Durdryn, founder of the Necrom Necropolis and the order of the Keepers of the Dead. He knew all the herbs and fungi of Morrowind, and could recite the alchemical properties of each one simply by smelling them. He studied soil, ash, and stone, discerning a hundred distinct varieties in […]
The Real Barenziah - A scandalous biography of the queen-mother of Morrowind
The Real Barenziah [Daggerfall] - A scandalous biography of the queen-mother of Morrowind
The Real Investigator Vale? - Biography of and interview with Arabelle Davaux, a former spy, warrior, and detective, and perhaps the author of the Investigator Vale novels
The Real Nerevar - Another book about Nerevar, this time the Telvanni version
The Red Kitchen Reader - A chef reminisces about memorable meals
The Red Year - A collection of personal accounts of the Red Year in Morrowind
The Remnant of Light - Tells of the death of Anumaril, the "Remnant of Light"
The Restless - History and rumors of Cyrus after his adventure in Stros M'kai
The Restoration of Fort Grief - Background and plans for renovations on Fort Grief
The Rise and Fall of the Blades - A history of the Blades
The Rise of Cormount - The conflict between tradition and foreign influence in a Valenwood town
The Royal House of King Eamond - Glowing praise for House Guimard of Evermore
The Royal Lineage of Sentinel - A summary of the noble lineage of a king
The Salas En Expedition - History of the Elven ruins of Salas En in Hammerfell
The Sea Elf Threat - By Hercian Stalo, Steward to House Dufort Acting on behalf of Her Grace, Duchess Elea, I have compiled an assessment of the threat posed by the Sea Elves to the people and commerce of the Duchy of Systres. I ordered guards to interview mariners familiar with our waters, retained scholars to investigate historical records of […]
The Second Akaviri Invasion - Background and outline of events of the Kamal invasion
The Secret Origins of Tribute - By Brunile Dufont, Games Scholar Few deny that we live in an age of perils. As Molag Bal’s chains fall from the sky, it can be difficult to find relief in simple pleasures. But simple pleasures are exactly what we need. Enter Tales of Tribute!nnI thought little of the game when it first made the […]
The Shields of Senchal - How the Empire came to protect Senchal following the Knahaten Flu
The Ship of Ice - Oral history of the landing of the last ship out of Atmora
The Siege of Ald Marak - Describes a battle the forces of the Reman dynasty won against Morrowind
The Silver Rose Blooms over Borderwatch - History of a campaign by knights against daedra
The Slave Rebellion – Man’s Triumph - Imperial Chancellor writes Abnur Tharn about the Alessian uprising and his family's place in it
The Song of Pelinal - These seven books describe various aspects of the legendary hero, Pelinal Whitestrake
The Sport of Clans - History of the Orcish version of dodgeball
The Stormcrag Family Crypt - Story of a haunted and cursed Nordic tomb
The Stormfist Clan - History of a disgraced Nordic clan
The Swallowed City - A city pulled into Oblivion for abandoning their Prince
The Taking of Abamath - A shameful loss for the Wood Orcs
The Tale of Dro’Zira - A Khajiiti account of the battle of Red Moutain Interesting parallels with the Songs of King Wulfharth
The Third Era Timeline - Overview of the events of the 3rd era
The Tonenaka Shrine - History of this Akaviri shrine in the middle of Rimmen
The True Fate of King Ranser - How King Ranser turned his armies into undead after his failed rebellion
The True Nature of Magnar - Legends of Magnar Child-Eater, a werewolf local to Orsinium
The Unearthing of Kardala - Information about the Star-Gazers and the many mysteries of Craglorn and the constalations
The War of Betony [Pro-Daggerfall] - A ridiculously pro-Daggerfall account of the war.
The War of Betony [Pro-Sentinel] - A ridiculously pro-Sentinel account of the war
The Warp in the West - A book that clarifies the outcome of the events that took place at the end of The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall
The Whithering of Delodiil - A history of competing Ayleid city-states
The Winds of Change - Ancient Ayleid on social discontent
The Wolf and the Dragon - Brief history of how Kvatch fared under Count Carolus Aquilarios
The Wolf and the Pirate Queen - The rulers of Anvil and Kvatch battle over the independence of the Gold Coast
The Wolf of Solitude - Biography of King Svargrim of Western Skyrim
The Wolf Queen - The dramatized biography of Potema, Wolf Queen of Solitude
The Worthy Ar-Azal, His Deeds - The great king receives a vision
Thibaut’s Cairn and its History - Description of a famous Colovian rider and his cohorts
Thirsk, a History - A history book of Thirsk, the mead hall
Thirsk, a History – Revised - A history book of Thirsk, the mead hall -- now with the player's actions
Thirsk, A Revised History - History and customs of Thirsk, a mead hall in Solstheim
Thulgeg’s March - The history of how Thulgeg and the Orcs of the Hollow Wastes escaped the Ra Gada and Bretons to found Orsinium
Topal Legionary Academy: A Khajiit’s Summary - The rise and fall of this military school, now known as the Forsaken Citadel
Touching the Sky - Recounts the journey of many Falmer to the sanctum of Auri-El
Triumphs of a Monarch - A self-congratulatory autobiography of Emeric, the King of Wayrest
Twilight Temple Scrolls #1 - An introduction to shadows, found in the library of Twilight Temple
Twilight Temple Scrolls #2 - A little bit of History about Azra Found in the library of Twilight Temple
Urenenya’s Lament - A myth about an Ayleid princess, lost to time
Uzdabikh’s Helm - A hero and her enchanted help at the Battle of Fharun Pass
Varen’s Wall - The history and present utility of the great wall of the Gold Coast
Veloth the Pilgrim - A short history of Saint Veloth
Vitharn: the Fall - A short story about Vitharn, the ancient kingdom in the south of Shivering Isles
Votary Llaren’s Addition to the Scholarium - Autobiography of a Knight of the Lamp
Wailimo’s Personal Account - A first person account of the Sea Sload's terror in Cloudrest
War of the First Council - An Imperial overview of the war Very biased and sometimes innacurate
War of Two Houses - Describes an epic battle between Houses Dres and Hlaalu
Wayrest Sewers: A Short History - Overview of this engeneering marvel
Wayrest, Jewel of the Bay [ESO] - A glorifying story about the past and present of Wayrest, with of-so-subtle bashing of Daggerfall
We Sail for the Horizon - Personal journal of a survivor of Yokuda's fall
Wet Wilds of Black Marsh - During the Second Empire, the vast swamplands encompassing Black Marsh were claimed as Imperial territory. Naturally, the obtuse Elves (and other admirers of this seeping pustule on the buttocks of Tamriel) favor the name Argonia, an ancient battleground where their forebears were put to death. Perhaps because of this, it was deemed appropriate to give […]
What is Volendrung? - Musings about the (in)famous warhammer
Why We Fled - Why the Orcs left Orsinium behind
Worm Saga - A poem promoting Necromancy and denouncing Galerion
Wyrd and Druid - History of the relationship between the Bretons and the Druids

Manuals & Instructions

101 Uses for Troll Fat - An angry merchant's letter listing the many virtues of troll fat
A Clothier’s Primer - A beginner's guidebook to crafting reliable footwear
A Grifter’s Apology - How to avoid being swindled at the market place
A Guide to Fishing Tamriel - A description of Tamrielic fish and how to hook them
A Guide to Gathering Frogs - How, and where, to catch certain frog species
A Perfect Drink - A book about drinks
A Recipe of Surpassing Danger - An unusual recipe requiring rare ingredients
A Reminder from the Judge - Procedure for Daedric court
A Sailor’s Guide to Sea Elves - A guide on fighting the infamous sea elves
A Summoner’s Guide to Nymics - How to utilize a Daedra's true name against them
A Treatise on Proper Calcinator Use - A handbook of Alchemy explaining the proper way to use a calcinator
A Treatise on the Knot - A brief guide on the reliable knot
A Werewolf Hunter’s Advice - Cautionary advice on hunting werewolves
A World of Corpses - The Worm King's advice on finding corpses
ABCs for Barbarians - A book for babies... or barbarians
Academy Supplies - List of supplies for students of the Shad Astula
Achieving Harmony with Death - How to find and obtain harmonic transcendence
Advances in Lockpicking - Information on lockpicking and lock design
All About Echatere - Raising Echaterre without your children hating you
Altars of Bone - Fragmentary instructions for a dark offering
An Orc’s Guide to Tamriel - Tamriel's legal system and metallurgical advancement, as viewed by an Orc
Anchorite’s Note - Instructions to create black soul gems Found in the Mages Guild quest "Necromancer's Moon"
Ancient Tome - Overview on an instructional tome concerning Dark Anchors
Anequina Animal Identification and Tasting - All that's good to eat in Elsweyr, and how to hunt it
Anvil Taxes - New governor, new tax code
Appointments for the Thane - Being a Thane is time consuming
Arcana Restored - A guide to restoring arcane items in a mana fountain Faux-archaic in style
Armorer Practicum - A chiding note to and homework for an inept apprentice craftsman
Ascendancy: Pathway to Lichdom - Instructions on becoming a Lich
Atronach Forge Manual - Explains how to use a forge that creates atronaches, located in the Midden of the College of Winterhold
Atronach Forge Recipe - A recipe for the atronach forge
Atronach Forge Recipe - A recipe for the atronach forge
Aunt Anela’s Cookbook - Fine Bosmer cuisine
Baandari Mutton Stew - Instructions for making mutton stew
Basic Provisioning Guide - As one would imagine, this is a basic guide on provisioning
Beginning Bladecraft: 7 Precepts - Basic rules of swordsmanship
Beverages for the Bereaved - Alcoholic refreshments from Necrom
Blacksmithing Basics - A beginner's guide to blacksmithing
Boethiah’s Pillow Book - This is supposed to be a "dirty" book.
Bonemold Formula - The process of making stronger bonemold
Book of Excellent Teachings - Instructions to open the gate in a mysterious lake
Book of Rest and Endings - An excerpt describing the ritual needed to put a Wrathman to rest
Book of The Wheels of Heaven - A description of a code and diagram needed to progress within the game.
Bowyer and Fletcher - Lessons on bow making from an expert
Care and Feeding of Swamp Jellies - How to care for your jelly, or how to butcher it
Care of Kwama - Kwama care guide from an Altmeri perspective
Catalogue of Armor Enchantments - Overview of possible apparel enchantments
Catalogue of Weapon Enchantments - Overview of possible weapon enchantments
Chaurus Pie: A Recipe - A humerous recipe book
Churasu’s Alchemy Journal - Instructions on brewing the Fury Concoction
Civility and Etiquette - An Altmer's guide on dealing with various peoples and creatures
Clothier: Light Armor Basics - Description of High Rock light armor manufacturing
Contract with House Diel - A plot to expand Daggerfall's influence
Contractor’s Note - Instructions for using a secret passage
Cooking Mastery, The Easy Way - One simple trick to becoming an expert chef
Countess Caro’s Birthday - On the Countess' Birthday planning
Crafting Motifs - Information on crafting weapons and armor in the styles of various cultures and societies
Crafting with Netch Leather - A guide to crafting with Netch Leather
Crow’s Spell of Binding - A spell invoking dark powers to bind a victim
Crush, Slash, Bash, and Stab - A guide to picking your weapon(s)
Daynila’s Corpse-Kebob - A cannibal's recipe
Dealing with Werewolves - One less than heroic strategy for dealing with Lycanthropes
Decorating Guide for the Reach - Decorating tips for Reachmen
Directions to Caius Cosades - Information on reaching the spymaster, for a prisoner straight off the ship
Directions to Cure - How to cure the sickness in Dark Moon Grotto
Discomforts of War - A handy guide for avoiding irritating and painful afflictions during war
Dispel Potion Formula - Short and sweet- directions for making a dispel potion
Donolon Bakes - Instructions for baking the Jubilee Cake
Draconis Gift List - A gift list used by the player to track down the Draconis family in the Dark Brotherhood quest "Next Of Kin"
Drunken Aphorisms - Smart words to live by
Duties and Routine - Instructions for all new handmaiden of Her Magnificence, Duchess Elea, on how to structure and order her day. Early Morn – Wake Duchess Elea to a meal of fresh fruits, baked confectioneries, and clear spring water in her bedchambers. – Bring Duchess Elea the latest missives and messages that amassed overnight. Prioritize anything from the […]
Egg Mines and You! - An expert wrangler introduces us to kwama and their social structure
Eiman’s Fishy Secrets - Eiman's personal tips for preparing fine aquatic dishes
Enchanter Practicum - Yet another chiding diatrabe against Bardus
Enchanter’s Primer - An introduction to the principles of enchanting
Enchanting Made Easy - A beginner's guidebook to enchanting with runestones
Exarch’s Orders - Production of Nirncrux
Eyes of the Falmer Map - A map showing the location of the Eyes of the Falmer
Five New Spells to Avoid (The Fourth One Will Shock You!) - A guide for warriors when facing a wizard
Forge, Hammer, and Anvil - The materials needed to make various armors, plus some humerous comments
From Seyda Neen to Balmora by Road - Directions to Balmora from Seyda Neen
Fundaments of Alchemy - Basic information about alchemy
Gaius Maro’s Schedule - The weekly schedule of Gaius Maro, a Penitus Occulatus agent
Gate Procedures - Helpful hints for keeping giants out
Gilraedal’s Book of Obscure and Ancient Spirits - Epic libations and their recipes
Guide to Altmeri Culture (On Dueling) - How to have an honorable duel in the Altmeri fashion
Guide to Better Thieving - Overview of pickpocketing and lockpicking from a master thief
Guide to Taming Dire Wolves - Best ways to make Dire Wolves not eat you
Guide: Advancing in a Craft - A basic guide to craftsman work in general
Guide: Gathering Materials - A researcher's guide to gathering useful crafting reagents
Guide: Researching and Learning - A guide on learning to construct valuable objects in the world
Hanin’s Wake - Something like a poison recipe
Harvesting Frostbite Spider Venom - Notes on Frostbite spiders
Healing Herbs of Northwest Tamriel - Common herbs for potions and poultrices
Heavy Armor Forging - Describes the materials and techniques needed to forge heavy armor
Heavy Armor Repair - Heavy Armor: A Forge-Wife's Advice - Garshag gra-Sharkub
Heavy Armor: A Forge-Wife’s Advice - Advice on smithing from an Orc forge-wife
Herbalist’s guide to Skyrim - Descriptions of common Skyrim plants and their alchemical properties
Home Decorating Guides - Summaries of the decorations available for your various homes
Horker Attacks - Guide to surviving a fight with horkers
House Redoran Orders - Instructions for dealing with Ashlanders on Redoran lands
How to Behave Around Durzogs - Helpful tips for handling Durzogs
How to Prepare Slaughterfish - Helpful guide to preparing Slaughterfish for consumption
How to Pronounce Dwemer Names - An informative guide to the Dwemer language
How to Scribe - A short guide on Scribing spells
How to Train Your Guar - A step by step guide to training the guar
How to Use the Tonal Inverter - How to disrupt Sotha Sil's energy stealing device
How to Win a Fight - A rather interesting guide about fighting with heavy weapons
Hurricane Assistance and Salvage - How to deal with the aftermath of the hurricane in Kenarthi's Roost
Iirdel’s Journal - Blacksap sympathizers and their safewords
Imperfect Operations Manual - Instructions on refilling the Imperfect's battery
Instructions for After the Hunt - A note with further instructions, given to the champion after completing the Hunt
Introduction to Stagecraft - A guide for the aspiring entertainer
Ironstalk Mushroom Preservation and Sterilization - What to do with mushrooms if one us drunk
Julianos Firebelly - A recipe for strong wine
Khunzar-ri Sayings - Khajiiti aphorisms
Killing – Before You’re Killed - I’ve seen many a man rush headlong into battle only to have their life cut short in an instant. I’ve been a trainer of the warrior arts for many spans – cut from the cloth of a great lineage of knights, Blades and even a distant sellsword or two. It’s with this knowledge that I’ll […]
Knights of the Gleaming Blade - Ancient Ayleid order of Meridia
Kwama Egg Omelet - Colorful instructions on this old recipe
Kwama Egg Quiche - Recipe for a Morrowind favorite
Kwama Mining for Fun and Profit - The ins and outs of Kwama mining
Legal Basics - A brief codex of Iliac Bay law Quite relevant to gameplay
Lessuns Lerned Garding Caravans - Five things every aspiring caravan guard must know
Letter to Faral - Plans for weaponizing the local fauna
Light Armor Forging - Describes the materials and techniques needed to make light armor
Light Armor Repair - There are two classes of light armor, metallic and non-metallic. Chainmail, Elven, Mithril and Glass are all examples of metallic light armor. You may be surprised to think that Glass can be thought of as metallic, but appearances are deceiving. What we call Glass is nothing like the windows panes you see in houses. The […]
Line and Lure - A book about fishing
List of Instructions - Instructions and guidance on Hist sap extraction
Living with Lycanthropy - Instructions on suppressing the bloodlust of the beast
Lizards - How to tame (or eat) desert lizards
Locations of the Stones - A map of the magical stones (wind, water, earth, tree, beast and sun) of Skaal
Louna’s Grimoire: Corpse Cough - How to manufacture Corpse Cough
Mace Etiquette - Guide to proper use of maces
Manual Of Armor - This is a guide about armor for all Imperial officers in the field
Manual Of Arms - This is a guide about weapons for all Imperial officers in the field
Manual Of Spellcraft - An introductory guide to spellcasting
Manual of Xedilian - Explains how to activate and use Xedilian, a dungeon meant to keep adventurers out of the Shivering Isles
Materials for Novice Necromancers - Overview of different types of Undead
Mazubar-do’s Advice - A guide to dancing and to fighting
Medium Armor: Tannins and Leather - A somewhat humorous instructional manual from a leather crafter to his apprentice
Merien Sellan’s Spellbook - How to complete a ritual
Message of Welcome - The Archdruid explains how to commune with the local spirits
Mine Safety Regulations - What NOT to do in a mine
Moon-Sugar for Glossy Fur? Yes! - Tired of those split ends and that scraggly coat? Good news!
Mystic Tarim’s Notes - Locations of the hidden sockets for lesser welkynd stones
Necessities for Successful Negotiations - Basic tips to ensure successful meetings
Nix-Hounds: A Manual for New Owners - A guide on how to train and care for nix-hounds
No Fuss, No Rush - Larceny tips from an old thief
Nobility in Theft - A Treatise on Conscientious Larceny
Non-Standard Techniques - One rather unorthodox method of warfare
Nord Armorers and Armsmen - A treatise on Nord smithing
Oblivion Gateway Instructions - Follow these instructions to the letter. Any deviation will result in unforeseen and most likely calamitous events. Blightcrown’s concoction has been worked into the stone, as has the dream essences given to us by Vaermina. Torvesard provided the coordinates, and I have devised the spell to make it all work together. When the keystone is […]
Octants of the Scrivener - What the Scivener's believe in
Old Snagara Breeding Guide - Instructions on caring for an especially feisty Echatere
On Nature Spirits - Druid's guide to working with nature spirits
On Necromancy - Advice to novice Necromancers about which bodies to use
On Pircalmo’s Emergency Reversal - A teacher bids farewell to a favorite student
On Proper Whip Procedures - Instructions on how to whip
On Soul Shriven - Introduction to the formation of the Soulshriven and the soulgems that bind them to Molag Bal
On Stepping Lightly - Lists various traps, puzzles, and enemies found in Nordic ruins Mostly a gameplay guide
On Summoning Skeletons - Instructions for reanimating walking bones
On the Brewing of Dark Meat Beer - Instruction for brewing fermented meat beer
On the Interrogation of Witches - A guide to torturing and interrogating witches
On the Preparation of the Corpse - Necromancer's manual
On the Tel Var Stones - How to work with Tel Var stones in an alchemical setting
On the Utility of Shock Magic - Galerion speaks of his fondness for electrical magic
One Staff, Many Staves - Simple beginner instructions on staff making
Order of Battle (partial) - An Aldmeri military order
Pickle’s Treats - How to make Pickle the dog's favorite chow
Plan for the Big Heist - An instruction paper for a certain Thieves Guild member to steal one of The Elder Scrolls
Potion Recipes [TES4] - Recipes for various potions made from ingredients found in the Imperial Province
Potion Recipes [TES5] - Recipes for various potions made from ingredients found in Skyrim
Practical Necromancy - How to summon and bind a spirit
Preparing Necrom Kwama, Fifth Draft - To be a kwama farmer in Necrom is to be among the exalted few trusted with preparing kwama properly for funerary rites and accoutrements. I’d say that my mother left me with this responsibility, but to be fair, I think I took it from her. Oh, she was fine with that. She’s off visiting other […]
Principles of Conjuration - Introduction to summoning
Proper Lock Design - A guide to picking locks
Proper Lock Design and Construction - Some notes about the design of locks
Proper Torture Techniques - Two books on how to torture psychologically as well as physically
Protocols of Propriety, Order Seven - How to behave as a Dominion soldier in occupied territory
Protocols of the Court of Contempt - Legal proceedings of Coldharbour
Proven Moon Sugar Fertilization Techniques - A recipe for potent drug fertilizer
Prudence in Practice - Safety tips for spellcasting
Pyre Watch Precepts - Guide for the Pyre Watch
Quotes from the Greats - Advice on two-handed combat from veterans of the Arena
Reality and Other Falsehoods - A treatise on the nature of Alteration magic
Recipe for Horker Pie - Horker Meat Red Wheat Flour Yeast Salt Carrots Potato Create a pie crust using the wheat, yeast and a little Salt. reserve about a quarter of the dough for the pie’s top. Roughly chop the meat and vegetables together and season with salt and a little water. Pour the mixture into the pie crust and […]
Recommended Methods of Moon Sugar Cultivation - Growing moon sugar with the help of mudcrabs and lava
Redoran Cooking Secrets [ESO] - A Redoran cookbook
Redoran Cooking Secrets [TES3] - Just like it says- a Redoran cookbook
Rite of Propagation - Stagnation stands against the Green. Y’ffre teaches us that growth must be allowed, lest a forest choke itself on its very roots. If that is so the case, enact the Rite of Propagation and unburden then a village of that which holds it back. To enact the rite: Find a symbol of you to the […]
Ritual of Resonance - An instructional guide on creating a portal to Coldharbour
Ritual of Unbinding - A guide to the Ritual of Unbinding
Ritual Scroll - Do not waken the dead lightly, for you will join their ranks eventually
Rules of Nikolvara’s Kennel - Rules for dealing with Durzogs
Rules of the Game - How to participate in the Whalefall Games against your will
Safeguards of the Gryphon - Where to find the Safeguards
Saving Your Hide - Advice for practicing with a dagger
Sayings of the Wise - Words to live by for the wise Orc
Sea Lore for Arcane Crafting - Chapter: On the Shores and Sands As has been discussed in prior chapters, the constant movement of the seas of Nirn, their interconnectedness, and their inviolate solitary depths and mysteries can provide many different opportunities for the crafty arcanist. These mysteries can be used to craft spellwork, cast enchantments, and of course create serious alchemical […]
Seafood Supper - Recipes for seafood
Secrets of Dwemer Animunculi - This book teaches the reader how to create Sphere Centurions
Senche-rahts: Not Just Mounts - A Senche-raht writes about his furstock and how to treat them
Sep’s Kiss - Instructions to prepare a most potent poison
Septima Tharn’s Leadership Maxims - The Magus-General's philosophy on how to command
Shad Astula Curriculum - The curriculum of the Shad Astula academy
Silver Asp Antidote Recipe - The ingredients must be mixed in the proper order! First, grind 2 lumps of dried netch organ. Next, sprinkle 3 pinches of fuzzy red moss. Stir. Finally, add a single vial of kwama spittle. Shake the mixture to ensure it is well mixed.
Simple Illusion Magic - Excerpt from a textbook
Small Meals, Fast Meals - On the taste and preparation of common animals
Smithing: A Worthy Endeavor - Introductory guide to weaponsmithing
Soul of the Sword - A frustrated student's annotations on their teacher's lessons
Soul Trapping I: An Introduction - Ruminations on the ethics of trapping souls
Special Flora of Tamriel [TES3] - Hints for alchemists making potions
Special Volume Instructions - How to light the candles at the Obscured Forum
Spirits of Lost Nature - On the care, quarantine, and rehabilitation of resident troubled nature spirits
Stepping through Shadows - An explanation of teleportation magic
Stonemelt Potion Recipe - Ingredients: 2 parts snow bear bile, boiled 1 part dried shalk resin, finely ground 1 part ashpit powder To ensure a proper reaction in the stone’s composition, ingredients must be mixed in the proper order and in the ratio specified. First create a base of snow bear bile, then slowly stir in the shalk resin […]
Strakes and Futtocks - Instructions for building an Alik'r Caravel
Sugarbelly - Instructions on the proper handling of Senche
Surviving the Shambles - How to survive in the Shambles of Fargrave
Sword-Wisdom of Saikhalar - Aphorisms from a Redguard sword-master
Taking Care of Your Bear - How to make sure your pet bear is happy and healthy
Teas and Tisanes for Aches and Pains - Alchemical recipes for healing the inside and outside of your body
Teeba-Hatsei - Primer on an Argonian sport
The 26th of First Seed is Upon Us! - Advertisement for a tavern's special on the Festival of Blades
The Alchemist’s Formulary - A set of recipes which would be useful to either the Healer, the Traveler, or the Adventurer Approximately eleven recipes
The Apprentice’s Assistant - Tips for spellcasters
The Apprentice’s Assistant - Tips for spellcasters
The Art and the Madness v.1 - Excerpt of a text for novice necromancers
The Art of Kwama Egg Cooking - How to properly use this tricky ingredient
The Art of War Magic - A collection of phrases and thoughts, intended to help the reader become a better tactician and user of War Magic
The Beginner’s Guide to Homesteading - A guide to building your new house
The Binding Stone - The Keeper's Primer Volume II: The Binding Stone
The Black Forge - Inventory Report by Kyngald Nazkrixor
The Buying Game - A guide to bartering
The Care and Feeding of Briar Hearts - A letter explaining how Briar Hearts are made
The Care and Feeding of Trolls - Chief Braadoth has very specific instructions for the care of his trolls
The Doom of the Hushed - Apocrypha holds many dangers for the mortal visitor. Some places within this plane are guarded by terrible Daedric creatures. Other regions appear as dolorous mazes of seemingly infinite scope. And in still other places, a traveler can become lost in fates that never came to pass, strange realities that can imprison the unwary in worlds […]
The Dose Makes the Poison - A simple lesson about poisons
The Eight Steps of Mummification - Instructions on mummification
The Excavation of Ouze - Instructions of excavating a haunted location
The Good Bits - How to collect various dragon fluids
The Gorge - Describes an Oblivion realm sandwiched between Boethiah and Clavicus Vile
The Great Mooring - Instructions on handling Daedric invasion machinery
The Gryphons of the Welkynars - Explains the responsibilities of gryphon training and ownership
The Holy Wamasu: Care and Feeding - How to best take care of a Wamasu
The Insatiable - Daedra are creatures of purpose. They embody a need to be fulfilled. Why? Only the Princes know for certain, but to those who would wield these beings’ power as their own, understanding their purpose is paramount. One does not conjure a clannfear to aid in ritual matters or a scamp to slay a giant. It […]
The Joys of Jewelry Crafting - Instructions for crafting jewelry, with a game mechanics bemd
The Perfect Host - A guide to hosting a memorable party
The Philosophy of Stealth - Advice on hiding by blending in
The Plan to Defeat Dagoth Ur - Another top secret document, prepared exclusively for Nerevarine by Lord Vivec
The Shivering Apothecary - A short note about the alchemical ingredients that can be found in the Shivering Isles
The Slave Pits of Coldharbour - A guide for the proper use and storage of soul-shriven
The Source of the Bone - The behaviour of arrows made from different types of bones
The Thirsty Dead - A primer on blood sacrifice and necromancy
The Treasure of Clickyville - Instructions for finding treasure in a location meant for game testers
The Vagaries Of Magicka - An excerpt from what appears to be an instruction booklet of some kind Found most often in Telvanni districts Interesting mentions of things like "Restorals" and "Congeries"
The Wood Elf Gourmet, Ch. 1 - Every Wood Elf knows that the more inward the part, the better it tastes. While other races cook their meat until it is dry and bloodless, and waste entrails and brains, the Wood Elf knows that these parts are the juiciest and therefore the most flavorful. The following delicacy is a highlight from the Greenshade […]
Things My Great-Gran Said - Portents from a Nordic grandmother
Thwarting the Daedra - Instructions on how a regular citizen can identify and eliminate a Daedric cult
Thwarting the Daedra: Dagon’s Cult - How to identify and deal with a cult in your neighborhood
Tindoria’s List of Needed Supplies - A list of ingredients needed to create various colors
Tips for a Khajiit in Summerset - Advice for winning over the High Elves, including a history lesson on the Thrassian Plauge
Touch of the Worm’s Tongue - A journal descriving necromantic research
Trans-Niben Delicacies - On the food of the trans-niben
Transmutation Potion Recipe - Further research on this potion
Trebuchet Ritual - [[beneath several large, important-looking charts and diagrams]] Behold the ritual of making for the Grand and Thaumaturgical and Most Puissant Trebuchet of Overarching Peril. He that touches this parchment to the workings of the Trebuchet of Granvellusa and releases its spirits therein shall apprehend before him an full and ready Engine of Mighty Destruction for […]
Tribute Beginner’s Guide - By Master Razhamad, Game-Baron of Gonfalon Bay Welcome to the exciting game of Tales of Tribute! This friendly pocket guide will lead you through the basics of the game, as well as supply tips for players starting their journey to become a Tribute Master! First, the basics. Tales of Tribute is a card game for […]
Twin Secrets - Describes the nature and limits of enchanting
Uncommon Taste - A book of Breton recipes by the famous cheff
Uncommon Taste – Signed - Personalized version of the famous cookbook
Undeniable Truths of Attire - An impassioned and biased tract against mages wearing anything other than robes
Vampires and their Hunters - To destroy a monster you must become monstrous
Vine-Tongues - How to take care of these critters
Voljar’s Meadery Recipes - Directions for the distillation and aging of some of Skyrim's favorite meads
Vorgrosh Rot-Tusk’s Guide to Dirty Fighting - How to fight well, if not honorably
Vosh and Rakh: A History - How two baby welwas were saved from death and trained into killing machines
Warden’s Orders for the Day - Instructions for the current day
Way of the Exposed Palm - A method of unarmed combat is described within
Wayshrines Map - If you wish to repent of your sins and rededicate your life to the Gods, pray at the Wayshrines of the Nine. May the Nine hear your prayers and look upon you with tender loving kindness.
Weapon and Armor Care Notes - How to make sure it doesn't get damaged
Weaponsmith Practicum - Practice problems for an aspiring weaponsmith
Welcome to the Ice Caves - Orientation for new miners
What a Pig Needs - The care and feeding of our porcine friends
Where Magical Paths Meet - An enthusiastic promotion of the Conjuration school
Wilderness Survival Tips - Tips to survive in the Reach
Wine Ingredient List - A list of ingredients needed by Battlehorn Castle vintner
Wisdom of the Flying Gods - Draconian aphorisms
Woodworking For Simpletons - A woodworker's rough lecture to his students
Words of the Masters - Words of wisdom for Redguard warriors
Wrothgar Instructions - Miners disguise themselves as bandits to smuggle out illegal silver ore
Wulfmare’s Guide to Better Thieving - Lockpicking and Pickpocketing tips for newbies

People & Places

A Change in the Chimer - The Dunmer's gray skin and red eyes are nothing to be afraid of
A Culinary Adventure - A human connoisseur of exotic foods bites off more than he can chew in Black Marsh
A Feast Among the Dead - A personal experience of Necrom, told through food
A Gentleman’s Guide to Whiterun - A guide to Whiterun and its ladies
A Guide to the Deadlands - A guide to the realm of Mehrunes Dagon
A Merchant’s Guide to Valenwood - Advice for merchants operating in Valenwood
A Pocket Guide to Mournhold - A brief overview of Mournhold's attractions
A Reach Travel Guide - Travel guide to the Reach
A Trader’s Eye For Fashion - Clothier's primer for the savvy traveler
A Travel Guide to Tamriel Castles - It is with great pleasure I present to you an aperitif to travel, an invitation to explore, a casual incitement to get out of your normal routine and see the world. Here, my dear reader, is a look at ten of the most unique, terrible, bloody, glamorous, and notable castles in all of Tamriel. Perhaps […]
A Traveler’s Guide to New Sheoth and the Shivering Isles - Guide to New Sheoth and the surrounding area
Adventurer’s Almanac, 1st Edition - The basics of Elder Scrolls Online's gameplay, told from an in-universe perspective
Adventurer’s Almanac, 2nd Edition - Welcome back, scabs! Bet you thought I’d never have enough material to write a second one of these. You’d be wrong, of course, because here we go again. Far be it from me to overlook a chance to educate the next generation of meat puppets lining up to make a few drakes. Vvardenfell This dusty […]
Amethyst Mining in the Alik’r - Where and how to find amethysts in Hammerfell
An Almanac of Betony - Celebrating the island's cliffs
An Argument For Common Sense - All beast folk are fake
An Explorer’s Guide to Skyrim - Lists the locations of several Stones of Fate (the ones marked with the constalations)
An Imperial in Markarth - An Imperials view on Markarth
Arboreal Architecture - Bosmeri building techniques
Ashlander Tribes and Customs - Facts and opinions about the Ashlanders of Vvardenfell
Auridon Explored - A guide to the people, locales and natural landscape of Auridon
Ayleid Cities of Valenwood - A quick survey of Ayleid immigration after the Alessian Rebellion, and their subsequent fall to the Maormer
Birds of Gloommire - A book on wings beasts of Gloommire
Bolga’s Guide to Galen Beasts - By Bolga gra-Bur, Huntswoman of Mistral Editor’s Note: Bolga, an Orc hunter, finds herself on beautiful Galen, visiting friends. So she puts quill to ink. Ink to paper. And here Bolga will tell you about the island beasts of Galen, in her own particular and colorful way. From weak to strong, how to best them. […]
Bolga’s Guide to Island Beasts - By Bolga gra-Bur, Huntswoman of Mistral Beasts from all over Tamriel come here on trade ships. Those that find killing easy call this island home. From weak to strong, Bolga tells you where to find them. How to best them. Whether they are good for eating. — Skeevers Big rats from up north. Pack roamers. […]
Cat Food - The Nord cultural ambassador falls in love with Khajiiti cuisine
Cheeses of Skyrim - Four volumes describing the various cheeses traditional to Skyrim's holds
Cheeses of Tamriel - Overview of the cheeses found in different provinces
Children of the All-Maker - A look at Skaal culture and its evolution
Children of the Sky - A book about Nords and their Thu'um
Clans of Eastmarch: The Direfrost - A brief history of the influential Nordic clan
Clans of the Reach: A Guide - An overview of three tribes in the Reach
Cohort Briefing: Arenthia - A briefing for troops in unfamiliar territory
Common Arms of Valenwood - Weapon styles of the Wood Elves
Cradle of Shadows - Describes a ruin where Mephala's realm has penetrated Mundus
Critter Dangers: Telvanni Peninsula - The towers, tomes, and endless processionals toward Necrom all point to one thing. You’re in Telvanni territory, n’wah, and you’d best watch where you tread. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the coast, in the Ashlands, or walking the back alleys of the city of the dead. Here, everything wants to kill you. My advice? […]
Denizens of Apocrypha - Apocrypha is, of course, a plane of Oblivion. Few natural creatures reside in such places. We mortal ciphers are but visitors in a world of Daedric beings. Some are minor spirits that take forms not dissimilar from the creatures of Nirn, while others resemble the thinking races, and some take on bizarre forms not found […]
Diplomacy during the Handfasting - Interesting information on the Bosmer ritual called the Handfasting
Drinks of the Reach - Drinking customs of Reachmen
Druid Food of Vastyr - By Castus Marius, Travel Writer In an effort to escape the holiday-going fare of High Isle, I found myself in the port of Vastyr on Galen, my stomach rumbling. I wandered the rocky tunnels of the city’s Vine District and found several humble stalls of just-picked druid offerings. Though in name this produce is no […]
Embracing the Natural Order - A city girl goes to live among the Druids of Galen
Enduring Nord Society - A rather biased view of Nord society by a Dunmer ally
Engine of Expression - An introduction to the gear-based phrases of Sotha Sil's disciples
Fang of the Sea Vipers - Modern relations with the Maormer
Fargrave: A City of Myth - Introduction fo Fargrave, interplanar crossroads
Flora and Fauna of the Burn - A guide to plants and animals within the Burn
Flora and Fauna of the Sever - About the life that lives in the Sever
Food of the Deadlands - Food items from the Deadlands
Gangs of the Shambles - Description of gangs of the Shambles of Fargrave
Ghosts of Glenumbra - A summary of the hauntings of Glenumbra
Glenumbra’s People - A description of the different cultures within Glenumbra
Glenumbra’s Towns and Cities - A guide to the various settlements of Glenumbra
Glimmertarn: A Stonelore Community - An outsider's view of a Druid community
Gold Coast Guide - A guide to western Cyrodiil, aimed at tourists, set in the tI'm of Emperor Leovic
Gold Coast Notables - Dark Brotherhood dossier on important figures in Gold Coast politics
Good Luck on the Gold Road - Brief pamphlet on luck rituals on the Gold Road
Green Pact Bosmer: Observations - A brief overview of the Green Pact
Guide to Ald’ruhn - A pamphlet guide to city of Ald'ruhn
Guide To Anvil - A guide to the city of Anvil by a religious noble Clearly bias
Guide to Balmora - A pamphlet guide to city of Balmora
Guide To Bravil - A guide to Bravil by a religious noble Clearly bias
Guide To Bruma - Guide to Bruma by a religious noble Clearly bias
Guide To Cheydinhal - A guide to Cheydinhal by a religious noble Clearly bias
Guide To Chorrol - A guide to Chorrol by a religious noble Strongly bias
Guide To Leyawiin - Guide to Leyawiin by a wealthy noblewoman Clearly bias and racist
Guide to Northern Elsweyr - A tourist's guide to Anequina
Guide to Sadrith Mora - A pamphlet guide to city of Sadrith Mora
Guide To Skingrad - Guide to Skingrad, written by a rich noblewoman Clearly bias
Guide To The Imperial City - A guide to the Imperial City written by a wealthy noble Clearly bias
Guide to Vivec - A pamphlet guide to city of Vivec
Guide to Vvardenfell - A pamphlet guide to Vvardenfell
Guide to Western Skyrim: Haafingar - Information on Haafringar hold and its places of interest
Guide to Western Skyrim: Hjaalmarch - Information on Hjaalmarch hold and its places of interest
Guide to Western Skyrim: Karthald - Information on Karthald hold and its places of interest
Hanging Gardens of Wasten Coridale - Excerpts of a Dwemer book translated into Aldmeri
Holidays of the Iliac Bay - Very gameplay-related list of Breton and Redguard holidays, with a brief explanation behind each
Hydrik Deep-Delve’s Wit and Wisdom - An old adventurer's guide to western Skyrim's dungeons
Ice Elves: Fact or Fiction? - A personal account of a Falmer encounter
Interview with the Merchant of Vastyr - A merchant captain's view of various islands
Inveigling the Clockwork Apostles - Advice for getting in the Clockwork Apostles' good graces
Khajiiti Arms and Armor - A description of common Khajiit fighting equipment
Khajiiti Honorifics - Lady Radurra-dra of Torval
Ku-Vastei: The Needed Change - An exploration on the argonian outlook on this force
Ladies of Green - The nature of the Bosmeri leader known as the Green Lady
Legacy of the Bretons - A series of musings by Stefan Mornard As a Breton, as a noble schooled in the arts and sciences, and as a man who has studied with the druids of Galen, I often find myself contemplating the very nature of my identity. Basically, I constantly strive to understand what it means to be a Breton, […]
Living on the Karth River - Life of a Reachman living on the Karth River
Mysterious Akavir - This book describes the inhabitants of the continent called Akavir
Nord Cuisine: Savory Edition - A guide to the meats and stews of traditional Nordic cuisine
Nord Cuisine: Sweets Edition - A guide to the deserts of Skyrim
Old Orc Sayings: Shields - Common sense advice about shields and their uses
On Akaviri Burial Rites - Introduction to Akaviri mummification, as preserved by their Imperial descendants
On Cipher’s Midden - Settlements and safe locations throughout Apocrypha are as rare as snowballs in the Deadlands. Still, when Hermaeus Mora began inviting mortals from Nirn to become Ciphers of the Eye, a need for accommodations and the basic necessities of life became an imperative. It wasn’t long before those initial ciphers gathered in one place and set […]
On Rotmeth - A warning against this traditional Bosmeri brew
On the Clans of the Reach - Descriptions of the different reachmen clans
On the Clockwork City - An apprentice's views on Sotha Sil's mysterious city
On the Nature of Reachmen - A former captive of the Reachmen provides a very negative view of their society
Orc Clans and Symbology - Information on the ancient clans of Wrothgar
Orc Clans and Symbology - Information on the ancient clans of Wrothgar
Our Blessed Isles: A Guide - A tourist's guide to the Summerset Isles
Outsider Observation Report - A stranded mage's report on the Clockwork City
Pirates of Topal Bay - A book about the pirates of the topal bay
Politics of the Reach - Political climate of the Reach
Provinces of Tamriel - A description of the nine provinces of Tamriel Includes a map
Realms of the Clockwork City: The Radius - A guide to the mechanical "wilderness" of the Clockwork City
Reverence for the Dead - Tu'whacca and Burial Rites in Contemporary Redguard Culture
Rivers of Profit in Riften - A thief's guide to Riften
Skyrim’s Rule - An overview of Skyrim's political arrangement, including moots, Jarls, and the High King
Spinning a Story - A case study on a curious Bosmer sect
Spirits of Skyrim - Description of the spirits of Haunted Wood
Summerset Isles: A Visitor’s Guide - An welcome to Summerset for new arrivals to Vulkhel Guard
Tales of the Spinners - A description of the Spinners of Valenwood
Tamriel’s Finest Wines - Curated by Samuel Gourone Bloodroot Rosé, Glenumbra This wine is distilled by the Bloodthorn cultists currently making their home in Glenumbra. I’ve heard tell they use strange grapes that grow from their monstrous vines, giving this wine a rather earthy taste preferred by Daedroth. Last I checked, they kept bottles tucked away in a ruined […]
Tanglehaven’s Fletchers - A tiny Bosmeri village is home to fine arrow makers
Temples of the Dragon Cult - Ancient ruins speak of a long lost civilization
The Argonian Maid – An Oral Tradition - Explains the origins of the Lusty Argonian Maid
The Bearers of Fargrave - Myths and truths about the daedric city of Fargrave
The City of Stone - A guide to Markarth, from the perspective of a mercenary
The Code of Malacath - A guide to Orcish strongholds and society
The Code of Mauloch - The rules of living in an Orcish stronghold
The Colorful Khajiit - The role of visual arts in Khajiiti culture
The Crystal of the Tower - Explores the mythical powers and origin of the Crystal Tower
The Delicacies of High Isle - The most expensive and beloved meals on High Isle, as complied by culinary scholar Bellona Calatorius. ROASTED SPARKLING ANGLERMOUTH ON A BED OF KELP Seasoned and sauteed to perfection, this flaky and flavorful fish is served with a latticework of decadent blanched kelp to provide texture and add a hint of brightness to the dish. […]
The Feast of Saint Coellicia - About the feast of Saint Coellicia
The Flora and Fauna of Galen - From the Journal of Elise Aglilmir, Traveling Naturalist The Isle of Galen provides a fascinating case study in the duality of nature. On one hand we have a verdant paradise, overflowing with fields of sunflowers that spill into rich, deciduous forests. It is a destination that any traveler would be blessed to visit. On the […]
The Grave of Skar - A Nord attends an Ashlander ritual at the site of Skar, an ancient, giant mudcrab corpse
The Green Ladies’ Abode - Tourist's guide to the town of Deepwoods and its two Green Ladies
The Holds of Skyrim - Descriptions of the Holds, their capitals, and their strategic values in the war
The Knightly Orders of High Rock - A description of knightly orders of the Bretons
The Mabrigash Trial - A chance encounter with a failed Mabigrash
The Maormer of Pyandonea - Overview and origin of the Maormer and Pyandonea
The March Explored - Fragmented guide to Reaper's March
The Mysterious Mermaid of Anvil - WhO built this statue, and wwhat does it represent?
The Reach Food Letters - Letter about Reachmen food
The Seasons of Argonia - The Argonian months and their astrological meanings
The Shield of Julianos - History of and praise for the Chapel of Julianos in Skingrad
The Stricture and the Grasp - A guide to Fargrave
The Tower of the Wolf - An excited architect gushes about the new construction in Solitude's castle
The True Nature of Orcs - A short book about Malacath and the Orcs
The True Nature of Orcs (Banned Ed.) - A short book about Malacath and the Orcs
The Ubiquitous Sinking Isle - Explores the histories and myths of Tamriel's many sunken landmasses
The Way of the Baandari - Instructions on Baandari customs
The Wedding Feast: A Memoir - An amusing tale of a Khajiit caterer in Valenwood
The Wild Elves - Describes a rare type of Elf that did not appear in Daggerfall, but became important in later games
The Wood Elves of Valenwood - A brief, and not particularly positive, description of the Bosmer as a people
Thenephan’s Mysteries of Mead - One Breton's study of Nord drinking culture
Traveler’s Guide to Gideon - A guide to Gideon
Traveler’s Guide to Leyawiin - A guide to Leyawiin
Traveler’s Guide to West Weald - What to see and do in Old Colovia
Travels Around the Western Holds - An Argonian's view of western Skyrim
Treatise on Ayleidic Cities - A damaged historical book of Varsa Baalim and the Nefarivigum
Tribes of Blackwood - A guide to the various Argonian tribes in Blackwood
Tribes of Murkmire - An ethnographer's overview of some of the tribes of Argonia's interior
Valenwood Hounds - Legends of Valenwood's lycanthropes
Valenwood: A Study - An overview of Bosmer and their politics
Visitor’s Guide to Fargrave - Prepared by Osata for the Fargrave Mortal Inclusion and Visitation Program. Auspicious day to you, traveler! Your fortune has changed for the better now that you reached the glorious city of Fargrave. Whether you entered our prosperous city through a portal of your own devising or via one of our permanent gateways, good fortune is […]
Visitor’s Guide to Galen - Lovely as the sunset, the isle of Galen is a hidden gem in the Systres Archipelago. Many visitors from the mainland venture no farther than High Isle. If you’re willing to sail just a little longer, however, you will be rewarded with a truly unforgettable experience. The beauty of Galen’s wild coasts and sylvan glens […]
Visitor’s Guide to High Isle - High Isle, jewel of the Eltheric Ocean! Famous for sunny shores, green hills, and friendly people! Even in these troubled times, many of Tamriel’s well-to-do seek rest and relaxation amid the warm days and salubrious breezes of the Systres Archipelago. Most visitors to High Isle arrive at Gonfalon Bay, the largest city in the Systres […]
Visitor’s Guide to the Shambles - A guide to the Shambles
Visitor’s Guide to Y’ffre’s Cauldron - Vitharn: the Fall - Anonymous
Visitor’s Guide: Telvanni Peninsula - Author’s Note: So, someone you know has chosen to be interred in the Necropolis of Necrom! At my advanced age, I have put to rest many kin, companions, and even beloved pets in Necrom, giving me plenty of opportunity to explore life beyond the City of the Dead. If your grieving heart yearns for the […]
Vvardenfell Flora and Fauna - Introduction to the weird creatures and mushrooms of Vvardenfell
Walking the World, vol. XI - Description of the city of Solitude in the 4th era
War Customs of the Tribal Bosmer - Warfare between Bosmeri tribes
Watcher of Stones - A man's attempts unsuccessful to draw blessings from the star-sign stones of Skyrim
Wind and Sand - A short guide to the desert and its magicks
Wines of Blackwood - Describes the wines of blackwood region
Wines of the Systres - Wispheart Totem Clue - Anonymous
Wines of West Weald - What's worth drinking in this famous wine-producing region
Wood Elf Etiquette: An Imperial Perspective - A how-to of interacting with Bosmer
Wood Elf Nicknames and Bynames - The how's and why's of Bosmeri appellations
Woodhearth: A Pocket Guide - A history of the Valenwood city of Woodhearth
Working in the Infinite Panopticon - The Infinite Panopticon appears as an endless labyrinth of rooms and passages inside a limitless pocket dimension. The entrance, according to legend, never manifests in the same location twice, making it almost impossible to find. Nothing within this extradimensional space conforms to reality as we know it, and the interior changes and alters seemingly at […]
Y’ffelon, the Forbidden Island - By renowned scholar and student of all cultures, Ignatius Galenus. From the records of my journeys across the druidic isles of the Systres Archipelago. I knew since landing on this isle that my presence would be unwelcome. It was a necessary risk, taken to record and preserve the knowledge of these druids who refuse to […]
Zainsubani’s Notes - Notes on the Ashlanders and the Nerevarine cult prepared for the Nerevarine by Hassour Zainsubani

Politics & Propaganda

A Betrayal of Our Heritage - A denouncement of a Crown-Forebear marriage
A Call for Common Hair - An ancient pamphlet decrying Prince Hubalajad's fancy hairdressing
A Case for Open Borders - A kinlord explains how he came to support Ayrenn's decree to open Summerset, and urged others to do the same
A Dance Along the Webs - A priestess of the Daedra warns about the growing influence of the nascent Tribunal
A Free Argonian’s Manifesto - A personal outcry against slavery
A Hero’s Weapon - A rather biased, glowing description of Greatsword usage
A Petition for the Mighty Nix-Ox - Farming is hard work for these gentle creatures, and they deserve a happy end
A Rejection of Open Borders - A kinlady explains how Altmeri racial superiority calls for isolation
A Royal Embarrassment - A pro-Imperial pamphlet bashing the Covenant leadership
Against False Gods - The Maulborn plan a spiritual mutiny
Ahzirr Trajijazaeri - The philosophy of the Renrijra Krin, a group of Khajiiti revolutionaries
All Fear Agrakh - Proclamation from the Wood Orcs to the Bosmer
Altmer: Heirs of a Noble Lineage - A decree accompanying several artifacts in Rulanyil's Fall
An End to Isolation - An official decree opening the borders of Alinor to foreigners
An Interview with Countess Caro - An interview with the countess of leywaiin
An Unusual Alliance - A decree advising unity among the Dominion members
Argonians Among Us - A somewhat bigoted pamphlet which nonetheless slants in favor of Argonians
Argonians of Black Marsh - A highly racist summary about Argonians
Bangkorai, Shield of High Rock - King Eamond's Final Address to His Troops
Benevolent Necromancy, it Exists - In defense of necromancy as a legitimate school of magic
Bjoulsae Boys Charter - Robbing the rich and giving to the poor
Breaking the Cycle of Tyranny - A pamphlet against the Daggerfall Covenant
By the Master’s Mace - By the Master's Mace we march on the hated city of Delodiil
Call to the Faithful [pamphlet] - A pamphlet urging faith in the Divines
Chestplate of Desiccation - Description of a torture device for Argonians
Corruption of the Blood - A racist screed against all elves that aren't Altmer
Crimes of the Daggerfall Covenant - Propoganda against the Covenant
Daggerfall Covenant – The True Heirs - Rejoice, peoples of northwest Tamriel! Though the rest of Nirn is afflicted by war, madness, and Daedric horror, the glory and honor of the Reman Empire lives on in the Daggerfall Covenant. We remain true to the primacy of trade, the principles of freedom, and worship of the Divines. In the face of a world […]
Dark Elves, Dark Hearts - An argument for the evil of Dunmer, as illustrated by nix ox taming techniques
Dark Magic: Three Pretexts - A defense of Dark Magic by a scholar and practicioner
Dealing with Quitters - Quitters are bad for morale One bandit boss has a plan to cut down on turnover rate
Destruction or Distraction - A pamphlet lambasting armchair mages
Dominion Troops General Order 719a - A very important order for Dominion troops concerning the Hist
Eagle Hunter: Against the Dominion - A Covenant pamphlet against the Aldmeri Dominion
Elven Eyes, Elven Spies - Anti-Thalmor pamphlet warning of the Eyes of the Queen
Etiquette With Rulers - A brief explanation of how nobility of High Rock is organized
Folly in Fixation - A pamphlet extoling the Battlemage tradition
Folly of the Northmen - A pamphlet advising Bretons to war their Nord cousins against their allies
Forebear’s Note - A note on Crowns and Forebears
Free Our Goblin Brothers! - A cry for Goblin emancipation from slavery
Glories of the Pirate Queen - Some very generous descriptions of Captain Fortunata, the provincial governor of Anvil
Guide to the Ebonheart Pact - A pamphlet explaining and promoting the Ebonheart Pact
Hlaalu Letter of Complaint - A plea to tolerate outlanders and their "repugnant" cultures
Hunt With Me - A Bosmer is dissatisfied with the Dominion and seeks a Hunt to end things
Imperial Incursions: Why a Swamp? - Reasons for why the Empire should conquer Black Marsh
Investigating Our Allies - Two outraged pamphlets about Khajiit and Bosmer integrating into Summerset society
King Ranser’s Tirade - King Ranser is defiant
Kurog’s Betrayal - A pamphlet urging Orcs to reject the Covenant
Leovic’s Great Spirits Proclamation - Leovic's decree regarding Daedric worship
Moon-Sugar: A Report - An agent of the Imperial Trade Service fervently advocates banning Moon-Sugar
Morgaulle Dechery’s Journal - A journal mentioning King Jolie and diplomacy with Redguards
No Praise for False Gods - An anti-Tribunal pamphlet
Noble Ranks and Titles - A foreigner's guide to Breton social structure
Nords Arise! - A pro-stormcloak pamphlet
Nords of Skyrim - Exults the Nord race and all its accomplishments
Notice to Authorities - A notice to anyone laying claim on Reaper's March
On Our Enemies - A negative pamphlet about the non-Covenant races
On Plunder Skulls - A thinly-veiled explanation of the Witches Festival loot drops
One Bosmer’s Response to the Dominion - A plea for unification against the Dominion
Orcs: Monsters or Misunderstood? - A positive outlook on Orcs
Orcs: The Vermin Among Us - A negative description of Orcs
Our Ironclad Oath - Pledge of the Oathbound
Our Puny Allies - Jorunn the Skald King said, “Rigurt, write about our puny allies, the Dark Elves. Tell everyone what you learned about them during your diplomatic missions to Morrowind.” So Rigurt replied, “Yes, your majesty, if you insist.” Because that is always what you have to say to Jorunn the Skald King. Now, Rigurt is a lot […]
Outdated Dominion Broadsheet - A somewhat dated broadsheet announcing the Dominion at Khenarti's Roost
Pact Pamphlet: Congratulations! - A pamphlet detailing the state of Morrowind's slavery under the Ebonheart Pact
Proclamation of Neutrality - Skingrad declares neutrality in the Three Banners War
Progress Of Truth - A book that questioning the doctrine of the Tribunal temple and even the Tribunal godhood
Reach Loyalist’s Letter - A reachman begs his fellows not to join with the Icereach Coven
Regarding the Ebonheart Pact - An inflammatory anti Pact document
Response To Citizen Inquiries - A response from an Aldmeri Dominion official to various questions and concerns
Return to Orsinium - A plea for Orcs to return to their homeland
Reward for Information: Silvenar - A notice to the citizens of Silvenar to locate supporters of Indaenir
Rilaso’s Guide to Tamriel, Ch. 21 - Chapter 21: Surviving the Rift The key to surviving the Rift is to never go there. The Rift is no place for anyone but Nords. If you’re not a Nord and you end up in the Rift, you will die in a horrible fashion. If you don’t freeze to death or get lost and fall […]
Sacrilege and Mayhem in the Alik’r - Necromancy in the court of Sentinel
Save Skingrad! - The people of Skingrad say NO to the new forest
Savior of the Altmer - Journal of an Altmer mage who attempts to end the Alliance War
Stuck in the Slag - A plea for understanding from the Clockwork City's poorer citizenry
Thalmor Diplomatic Corps Notice - Poster advising Thalmor agents on interaction with Khajiit and Bosmer
Thalmor Handbill - A Dominion text on dealing with their new Bosmer and Khajiiti alies
The “Madmen” of the Reach - A history of the Foresworn, defending their right to the Reach
The All Knowing Hist - Short, motivational note
The Ascendant Proclamation - The knights of the Systres oppose the Three Banners War
The Awful Truth About the Green Pact - The Green Pact is eating people
The Chosen People of Aldmeris - The Maormeri's origin, according to themselves
The Common Tongue - This letter is highly illegal in Mournhold We risk our neck here to publish it
The Dominion’s Duty: Marbruk - Answers several common myths about the Dominion's newest city in Valenwood
The Dunmer of Skyrim - A bitter Dunmer's view on the Nord/Dunmer relations in Windhelm
The Eagle and the Cat - Pro Aldmeri Dominion tract found in Khajiit lands
The Eastern Provinces Impartially Considered - A case against Imperial presence in the eastern provinces, Morrowind and Black Marsh
The Green Pact and the Dominion - A pamphlet advising unity in the Dominion and defending the Bosmers' allies
The Manifesto of Make Way - Correcting perceived weakness through anger
The Maulborn Manifesto - Mission and goals of a charitable society
The Pig Children - A vigorous anti-Orcish pamphlete
The Pig Children - A vigorous anti-Orcish pamphlete
The Rise of Queen Ayrenn - A very pro-Ayrenn biography
The Steel Shrikes Proclamation - A Redguard call to conquest
The Story of Princess Eselde - Thinly veiled propaganda of a typical Breton sort
The Strangeness of Dryskins - A naga's view of man and mer
The Talos Mistake - An apologist piece for the banning of Talos worship
The Time of the Ebonheart Pact - A document promoting the virtues of the Ebonheart Pact
Threat of the Baandari Pedlars - A warning of Khajiit pedlars
To A Concerned Citizen - A missive from the Society of Mercantile Freedom in Riften
Treaty of Khenarthi’s Roost - A treaty between Khenarthi's Roost and King Ogrum of the Maormer
Tribunal – Living Lies - A conspiracy theory about the Almsivi
Unexpected Allies - An optimistic view of the Ebonheart Pact
Varen’s Call to Arms - Duke Varen Aquilarios of Chorrol beseeches all able-bodied fighters of the Colovian Estates to join his fight against Emperor Leovic
Vindication for the Dragon Break - The motives behind the Dragon Break of the Marukhati Selectives
Wayrest Guard Orders - Wayrest Guard General Order 2247 Equal Treatment for All Covenant Citizens It has come to my attention that members of the Guard have failed to show proper respect for citizens of the Orcish persuasion such as are seen more and more often these days within our walls. There have been reports of sneering, of spitting, […]
Wayrest, Jewel of the Bay - A glorifying story about the past and present of Wayrest, with of-so-subtle bashing of Daggerfall
We Reject the Pact - A rejection of the Ebonheart Pact by House Telvanni
Welcome to New Aldmeri Irregulars - The Altmer must fix things again
Welcome, Initiates! - Welcome, Ascendant Initiates! There are many who believe we were defeated after the events at All-Flags Islet. But the flame of our vision is not so easily snuffed out. You have followed rumors and whispers to find us. Soon others will join you in a growing swell of opposition to the royal warmongers that rule […]
Who Is REALLY In Charge? - Molag Bal is really a mage conspiracy
Why Don the Veil? - An anti-Ayrenn pamphlet
Words of the Grand Sermonizer - A rousing speech to protect Kvatch from various evils

Religion & Legends

16 Accords of Madness - Stories of Sheogorath's interactions with mortals
36 Lessons of Vivec - A fictionalized history of Vivec and Nerevar, and a secret manual to achieving godhood
A Dance in Moonlight - A Khajiiti myth about stealing moonlight
A Dream of Sovngarde - A Nord's premature visit to Sovngarde
A Grand Transformation - Explains an Argonian ceremony for changing one's gender
A Prayer to the Serpent - Invocation of Satakal
A Simple Prayer - Unfinished Redguard prayer
A Sky of Dusk - A worshiper of Nocturnal visits her realm
A Star-Gazer’s Ramblings - Musings on an ancient warrior
A Tale Forever Told - A tale of the legendary marriage of the Silvenar and Green Lady
A Tale of Baar Dau - How, and why, Vivec stopped the moonlet
A Trespasser in Ivyhame - By Zamshiq af-Halazh, Associate Folklorist at the University of Gwylim The ancient Druids of Galen have always fascinated this humble scholar. Throughout my career I have visited the Systres Archipelago many times, searching out ruins left behind by the first druids of the isles and interviewing their living descendants. For years I have heard rumors […]
A Vision of the Twin Citadels - A vision of the Deadlands
Aedra and Daedra - A brief overview of the differences between the two
Aevar Stone-Singer - A Skaal legend of a boy who returns the gifts of the All-Maker from the Greedy Man
Alduin is Real - One Nord's view of the Alduin/Akatosh dichotomy
An Excerpt from Deities of the Orsimier - An Incomplete text on the position of Trinimac and Malacath in Orcish belief
An Overview of Gods and Worship - Introduction to the relationship between worship and divinity
An Overview Of Gods and Worship In Tamriel - Introduction into theology, and gameplay hints for Temple interactions
Ancestors and the Dunmer - Dunmer funerary rights and ancestor worship
Ancestors and the Dunmer (Abridged) - Dunmer funerary rights and ancestor worship
Ancestral Tombs of Vvardenfell - The how's and why's of Dunmeri family tombs
Annotated Anuad (A Children’s Anuad) - A version of the creation myth, featuring two brother's love for the same woman
Apocrypha, Apocrypha - Praise of Hermaeus Mora
Argument Between Priest and Druid Number 12 - Arguments between a priest of the divines and a druid
Ark’ay the God - Folktale of how a shopkeeper called Ark'ay became a god
Arkay The Enemy - Treatise from the King of Worms on the relationship between necromancers and Arkay, the god of life and death
Aspects of Lord Hircine - A list of Hircine's five Aspects among the Reachmen
Aura of the Righteous - The special abilities of Stendarr's light
Aurbic Enigma 4: The Elden Tree - A description of the Towers, specifically White-Gold and Green-Sap, and mortal actions concerning them
Azurah’s Crossing - A heretical myth of Azura and the afterlife
Behold Khunzar-ri’s Ambition - How the great Khajiiti hero put aside his vanity for a bit
Behold Khunzar-ri’s Betrayal - The downfall of the Khajiiti hero Khunzar-ri
Behold Khunzar-ri’s Guile - How the hero tricked an impoverished monastery into accepting all his wealth
Bible of the Deep Ones - A tome found in Hackdirt, the village that worships the Deep Ones
Black Books - The mysterious "Black Books" that transport you to Hermaeus Mora's Apocrypha
Blasphemous Revenants - Dunmer's point of view about summoning the dead
Blessed Almalexia’s Fables for Afternoon - The Crow and the Netch One day a curious crow decided to fly farther than he ever flew before. He flew and flew and finally came upon a creature that he found very strange. “Friend!” he called as he flew by the creature. “Friend, what is it that you are? I have never seen a […]
Blessed Almalexia’s Fables for Evening - Sotha Sil and the Stars Young Sotha Sil lay upon a patch of moss and gazed up at the stars. Driven by his great love of maths, his mind turned to counting. “I shall count every star and give each a name!” he resolved. For hours he counted and named until, at length, his eyes […]
Blessed Almalexia’s Fables for Morning - The Tallest Shroom Beetle A shroom beetle, lamenting its small stature, crawled to the top of a great mushroom. It gazed out over the Ashlands and cried, “Ha! There is no shroom beetle taller than I! There is nothing I cannot see!” Just then, a cliff racer swooped down and plucked the beetle from its […]
Blessed, Blessed Satakalaam - Prayers of the old Yokudan gods
Boethiah and Her Avatars - Description of various aspects of a Daedric Prince
Bones of the Forest - Brief instructions for invoking Y'ffre
By Gentle Winds - Cryptic stanzas about the Chosen Warrior's path
Caecilius’s Journal - A foreboding journal surrounding strange astronomical phenomena
Children of the Root - An Argonian myth about the start of all things
Chronicles of Juha-ri - How the soul must be transformed to dance the Dance of Shadows
Coils of the Father - Invocation of Anu
Correct Ways of Slaying Ra-Netu - The proper and holy way to dispose of these undead
Cub Tales - Beginnings of an age old tale
Daedra Worship: The Ayleids - An overall negative view of Daedra Worship among the Ayleids
Daedra Worship: The Chimer - A very bias account of the world's creation and the start of Daedra worship
Daedric Worship and the Dark Elves - Information on the role of the Daedra in Dunmeri religion
Defaced Nedic Prayer Book - A collection of Nedic prayers surrounding the Guardian constellations
Dibella’s Mysteries and Revelations - Lady Augustine Viliane, Sibyl of the House of Dibella The skies over Wayrest are stormy and changeable, more often gray than blue, but some mornings in Second Seed the sun rises into heavens blue and clear, and a mild, warm breeze blows in from the Iliac Bay. It was on just such a morning, under […]
Dire Legends of the Doomcrag - A small collection of folk tales concerning the Doomcrag
Divines and the Nords - A text on how ancient Nordic totemic religion transformed into modern worship of the Eight Divines
Divining the Elder Scrolls - An excerpt from a longer book which contains information about the Elder Scrolls.
Doombringer Celdina’s Testament - Story of how Celdina came to worship Dagon
Draugr and the Dragon Cult - A modern dragon cultist discusses the draugr entombed in ancient ruins
Dream of a Thousand Dreamers - Vaermina! Dream of a thousand dreamers! Revelations of endless elation! Beacon for lost souls. Bliss for strong souls. Madness for weak souls. Vaermina!
Dreams of the Forgotten - for a thing forgotten is not a thing that has never been. It becomes a secret possessed by one alone, the Inevitable Knower, the Lord of Secrets. Those who once knew that thing may dimly sense its absence in uneasy dreams. Know that a place exists in his endless realm where the Lord of Secrets […]
Dremora Stories About Mortals - Stories about morals from a Dremora viewpoint
Druid Funerals: A Piece of Y’ffre - An outsider attends a Druid funeral on Galen
Elder’s Account - An Argonian elder explains the calendar
End of the Journey - Veloth and his people arrive in the Promised Land
Epics of Mehrunes Dagon - By High Chronicler Valentine Liore of the Order of the Waking Flame
Epistle on the Spirits of Amun-dro - A priest's refutation of an ancient, heretical text
Evergrowth Restoration Ritual - We call upon Y’ffre to strengthen the bond between the Evergrowth and our sacred grove. We call upon the God of Song and Forest to remove the bindings that tie our spirit to this hallowed land. We offer this sacrifice, O Y’ffre, so that all may walk the True Way.
Exegesis of Merid-Nunda - A text on the origin of Meridia and the Magna-Ge
Exodus from Summerset - A romantesized version of Veloth's story
Eyes of Nothing - Creepy observations on crows from a follower of Nocturnal
Faith in the Shadow of Red Mountain - A sermon to calm troubled hearts
Falsehoods and Fallacies of the Eight - A diatrabe against the Divines
Fellowship of the Temple - An essential book that need to be read before joining the Tribunal Temple
Fragmentae Abyssum Hermaeus Morus - A series of dreams featuring Ysgramor and Hermaeus Mora
From “Private Proceedings of the Imperial Commission” - Recommendation to seal the Battlespire gates in light of other matters
From Exile to Exodus - An alternative view of what happened between Boethiah and Malacath and how the Orcs came to be
From Old Life To New - A fable about the Old Life festival and the wolf who would eat the sky
From private correspondence of Julianos Cennan, Chamberlain to Uriel Septim - Questions about Mehrune's Dagon's return following the conclusion of Battlespire
Ghosts of the Old Tower - A haunting story of ghosts - from the future!
Ghraewaj and the Harpies - The legend about the origin of harpies, which connects them to the worshippers of Daedric Prince Nocturnal
Gifts of the Nereids - Priesthood of these magical beings
Glenbridge’s Argonian Shrine to Sithis - A record by Ghalzir of the House of Wayfarers in Rimmen. By first impressions, there is nothing that stands out about the shrine to Sithis that resides next to the main road through Glenbridge. This isn’t to say that the shrine is not noteworthy, only that first impressions are often misleading. The building is tall, […]
Glorious Upheavel - A religious tract about Boethiah
Goddess of Storm, Mother of Nords - Description of the warrior goddess Kyne
Great Spirits of the Reach - Several volumes on Reachmen theology
Gyub, Lord of the Pit - How to pray and sacrifice to Gyub
Hags, Harpies, and Hagravens - An angry rebuttal to a misogynist priest
Hassour’s Red Wisdom - This is how I would write the story of Red Wisdom, to the best of my memory, in a more Imperial style. When the three hands that cursed their bearers Lose their grip, and skies are cleared of terrors Gather food, gather weapons For the fate that star-fall threatens Child who was buried under the […]
Heretical Thoughts - The doctrine of the Heretics, one of the rebellious factions in Shivering Isles
Herma-Mora: The Woodland Man? - The Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora has many appellations reflecting his dominion over fate and secret knowledge; for example, the Lord of Secrets, the Inevitable Knower, or the One Who Knows. Yet one title in particular seems out of place among the others: the Woodland Man. This name was given to him by the ancient people […]
How Rajhin Stole the Book that Knows - It happened that Rajhin, the Cat Who Walks, became curious about the treasures hoarded by Hermorah in his library beneath the sea. For Rajhin, to become curious about something was to kindle a desire for it, and to kindle a desire for something was to take it for his own. So he went to the […]
How the Yokudans Chased the Stars - A fable about the effects of the Warrior constellation
How We Came to Fly - A brief Khajiiti myth on the afterlife
In Accord With Those Sun-Blessed - Translated by Solis Aduro We are the People of the Root. It is as true in this world as any other. Though our roots grow deep into shadow and drink from the tide of memory, our branches rise high into the sky to bathe in the light of the sun. We must unite now and […]
In Dreams We Awaken - A call to Vaermina devotees
Inexplicable Patron: Mephala - Thoughts on Mephala from the famous Telvanni master wizard Divayth Fyr
Introduction to Aedric Studies - A syllabus for lectures on the nature of the Aedra
Invocation of Azura - How and why a cultist chose to worship Azura
Invocation of Azura [Daggerfall] - How and why a cultist chose to worship Azura
Invocation of Hircine - Prayer to the Daedric Prince of the Hunt
Jhunal the Rune God - It is impossible to discount the wisdom and power of Jhunal. We in Skyrim are often seen by the rest of Tamriel as drunken oafs, or barbarians with little thought in their minds other than an eagerness for battle. Most forget that their favored Julianos was first a Nord god, one that valued wisdom, intelligence, […]
Jode’s Blessing - A small aphorism
Jone’s Blessing - A small aphorism
Keepers of the Grove - Description of the holy ground at Kynesgrove
Khajiiti Champions - Fragmentary tome about Khajiit
Khunzar-ri and — — Moons - A fragment of a tale
Khunzar-ri and the Demons - The legend of how a Khajiiti hero, and his multicultural companions, drove the dragons from Elsweyr.
Khunzar-ri and the Lost Alfiq - How the hero's philosophy on travel earned him a companion
Khunzar-ri: Origin - Three myths of the great hero's origin
Khunzar-ri: Tales - How the Khajiiti hero defeated twelve ogres, and saved his friend from the Maormer
Knowing Satakal - Important Redguard maxims
Last of the Old Bones - A Bosmeri legend about an ancient beast made all of bones, and the origin of the Barrowbough.
Legend of Haman Forgefire - A Nord legend of a master smith
Legend of Red Eagle - A Reachmen legend about a rebelious ruler named Red Eagle.
Legend of Thane Icehammer - A Nord legend of a mighty warrior who had incurred the wrath of Hircine
Legend of the Ghost Snake - Observations on the "Ghost Snake" of the Deshaan Magribash
Legend of Veyond - Observations on the Mabrigash from the journals of Bonorion the Wanderer, 2E 568 In Deshaan, I encountered a strange tribe of Dark Elf Ashlanders. They call themselves Mabrigash. Unlike their Vvardenfell brethren, this tribe is not nomadic and appears to have settled in an isolated region of Deshaan, a location they call the Vale of […]
Lens of the Golden Eye - Praise to Hermaeus Mora, the Golden Eye
Litanies of the Dominator - At the feet of the Master, the servant begs for the power to overcome his foes and bend them to his will. Mortal flesh yields to pain and to suffering — power is the ability to destroy and convert. A thing must be broken before it can be made to serve you properly. In the […]
Litanies of the Worm - It behooves a servant of the Order of the Black Worm to master not only the spells within this grimoire, but also to gird their mind against the inevitable assault from the spectres and haunts that will intrude upon your mind. Within this book lies more than the power to contact that which lies beyond […]
Litany of Blood Fulfilled - Prey to thee, Dread Father, those born to Anu. Pray from we, Night Mother, those born from you. I offer they whom anathema sought to hide. You will know them by their eye. Hail, for in blood they weep.
Litter-Mates of Darkness - Damned Khajiit souls become frightening apparitions
Liturgy of the Duelists - A poem from the Shivering Isles
Lives of the Saints - Some brief description about the Tribunal saints
Lost Legends of Skyrim - Speaks of the 'Forbidden Legend' of Archmage Gauldur
Malacath and the Reach - A disillusioned Reachman's view on Malacath as a deity of his people
Malacath and Trinimac - An Orc's observations on Malacath and Trinimac in the politics of Kurog's Orsinium
Mantra of Expulsion - Khajiiti moon prayer
Mantra of Redemption - Khajiiti prayer to Azurah
Mara’s Tear - Child's fairy tale
Mauloch, Orc-Father - Code of conduct for devotees of the god Mauloch
Mend the Threads - More about the destiny of the Chosen Warrior
Meridia’s Radiance - Praise of Meridia and instructions for getting her favor
Minorne - The scripture of Minore
Monsters of Northern Folklore - Three accounts of the mysterious "snow ghosts" who plauge Nords
Moon Worship among the Cat-Men - Outsider's description of the Lunar Lattice
Mourning Springs Burial Rites - Instructions on proper burial
Mythic Dawn Commentaries - Messages to the Mythic Dawn from their leader, Mankar Camoran
Myths of Sheogorath - Stories of Sheogorath's wacky antics, including the invention of music and the murder of a king
Namira’s Dance - Observations about Reachmen ritual
Necromancer’s Moon - This is a message to the necromancers of Nirn
Nerulean’s Guide to Phantoms Vol. II - (frantic and angry scribbles cover the page) The Bargain Man Merchants are, by and large, the most superstitious members of Tamrielic society. Almost every peddler and moneylender I’ve spoken to has at least one or two ghost stories to tell. Most of them are common nonsense, but a few bear further study. One entity that […]
Nine Commands of the Eight Divines - Expectations of the gods for their mortal followers
Oathbreakers of Ouze - An ancient graveyard full of forsaken people
Oathbreakers’ Rest - A summary of Bosmer who rejected the Green Pact
Of Jephre - A legend about Jephre, the Wood Elven god
Of the Dragonfires (Fragment) - Yet another variation of Trials of Saint Alessia
Oghma Infinium - Supposedly contains the knowledge of Hermaeus Mora
On Orcs and the Afterlife - Essay on the Ashen Forge, the promised afterlife of the Orsimer
On the Pact Primordial - Brief excerpt of information on the pact that prevents Daedra from interfering in Nirn
On Those Who Know Baan Dar - An explanation of the Khajiiti view of Baan Dar and his spheres
On Those Who Know Baan Dar - Examination of Baan Dar as a philosophy as well as a god
Opusculus Lamae Bal ta Mezzamortie - Vampire lore - their creation, and the origin of the Lamae Bal, the Blood Matron
Oracle’s Vision - Omens of Daedric invasion
Pantheons of Tamriel - An earlier version of the book that would become Varieties of Faith in the Empire
Parables of Saint Vorys - A story of how the saint found himself in Elsweyr
Path of the Faithful - Instructions for a pilgrimage to Malacath's shrine
Path of the Pilgrim - Priest's view on Argonia
Persistence of Daedric Veneration - If you believed what that old goat Phrastus of Elinhir writes in what he’s pleased to call his “Histories,” you’d think that modern society’s bias against reverence for the Daedric Princes was rooted in some kind of instinctive revulsion against the Lords of Oblivion, an abhorrence based on events of unspeakable cruelty that took place […]
Peryite’s Salvation - Why someone might worship Peryite
Plea for Open Eyes - Rebukes the Daggerfall Covenant and cosmopolitanism in general
Posting of the Hunt [ESO] - Describes the rituals and rules of Hircine's Wild Hunt
Posting of The Hunt Excerpts - Excerpts of a book of rituals for Hircine's Hunts
Praise to Mafala! - A Khajiiti prayer to Mephala
Prayer for a Shadowscale - A prayer for a shadowscale
Prayer of Fourfold Wrath - A prayer to Mehrunes Dagon
Prayer of the Resolute - Invocation of Stendarr
Prayer to Hircine - veneration of the Daedric Prince of the Hunt
Precepts of Stendarr - Code of the order of Stendarr
Pridehome: A Place Outside Time? - The "history" of this temple to Alkosh and the dragon-fighting champions that live there
Rajhin and the Stone Maiden - The Khajiiti hero tricks a greedy father
Red Eagle’s Right - An invocation of Red Eagle, a legendary king of the Reach
Red Mountain’s Might - A somewhat prophetic foreigner's look at the mystical mountain
Reflections on Cult Worship in the Empire - Comparisons between the Imperial Cult and the Tribunal Temple
Relics of Saint Veloth - Relics of the famous prophet
Rites of the Hunt - Describes why a being hunts for dagon
Ritual of Appeasement - Do not tempt the Daedra Lords with restlessness. Give to them freely as our ancestors did so that their dire gazes do not fall upon our tribe. It is best to offer the Princes their rightful due when the seasons show us their brief favor, lest they call upon us in the lean times. You […]
Ritual of Daedric Fortitude - An invocation for a Daedric ritual
Ritual of Life’s Commencement - All life exists because life existed before it. We celebrate the joyful creation of all living things and encourage the full indulgence thereof. At the proper time, the ritual shall commence with the joining of the guiding pair. Their example shall propagate, like seeds on the wind. Passion shared is life’s reward. For the next […]
Rituals of the Harmonious Masters - Pamphlet explaining this particular cult of Stendarr
Ruminations on the Elder Scroll [Online] - A series of puzzling metaphors attempting to describe the elder scrolls
Ruminations on the Lunar Vaults - Khajiit must learn to be patient
Rumors of the Spiral Skein - A detailed description of Mephala's realm of Oblivion
Sacred Places - An Argonian returns to her homeland looking for her people's past
Sacred Rites of the Stonechewers - Study of a Goblin tribe and their beliefs
Saint Stental - Plaque with information about a painting
Saryoni’s Manuscript - The original document that Saryoni's Sermons was based on
Saryoni’s Sermons - A Tribunal Temple book of prayers and sermons
Scaly Steeds of Black Marsh - Why do the Argonians ride mounts that look like lizard versions of regular animals? This book will sort of tell you
Scroll of Eight - Truths on the Mabigrash entity called the Ghost Snake
Sealing the Great Serpent - A myth about the binding of a great and terrible sea monster
Secrets of the Riddle’Thar - Life lessons fromthe first Mane
Secrets of Treehenge - Ruminations on a very sacred place to Bosmer
Sermon Zero of the Thirty-and-Six-and-Nine Sermons of Vivec - An additional Sermon, for Vivec but not by him, and full of riddles
Shadows and Whispers - A cultist of Nocturnal hides in the Clockwork City
Shezarr and the Divines - The origin and place of Shezarr in the Cyrodiilic pantheon
Sithis - This tells of the connection between Sithis and Lorkhan
Songs of the Return - This incomplete cycle tells of Ysgramor and his 500 Companion's conquest and settlement of Skyrim
Sotha Sil and the Scribe - A fascinating story of Sotha Sil, Seht, a Scribe, and their love
Sovngarde: A Reexamination - Some speculation about how to reach the Sovngarde, Nord's afterlife
Spirit of Nirn - Brief examination on the role of Lorkhan in various pantheons
Spirit of the Daedra - A Dremora sheds light into the nature of the Daedra, including a glimpse into their motivations, desires, and fears
Staff of Towers - From the writings of Holnevn – blessed apostle of St Alessia Transcribed by Relicmaster Glenadir Cursed be the hands of Elf-Wizard Anumaril! Cursed be the pride of Anui-El’s get! Lo, did their lithe and wicked fingers weave the world’s undoing. While Umaril and his kin suffer a Whitestrake’s death, this staff – this sin in […]
Steady Hands - An apostle of Sotha Sil turns himself into a robot to escape his ailing body
Stendarr’s Divine Spear - Religious poem about Stendarr's mighty powers
Strange Rituals of the Orsimer - Funerary rituals of the Orcs
Sumiril’s Book - A story of a boy and the land
Sunk into Ouze - Fragmentary account of wayward Bosmer
Tales of Abba Arl: The Fat Mother - Ancient children's tale of the Fat Mother constellation
Tales of Abba Arl: The Ox’s Tale - A children's story about the Ox constellation
Tamrielic Twins of Myth - Promises to explore famous twins of Tamrielic folklore (but doesn't)
Terran’s Notes - Observations on metaphysics by a Moth priestess
The 36 Lessons: Sermon 37 - A last, supposedly stolen, Sermon speaking of both the theoretical past and the potential future
The Adabal-a - One of the earliest written accounts to come down to us from the early First Era, said to be the memoirs of Morihaus
The Adversarial Spirits - The evil Daedric spirits of an ancient Khajiiti pantheon
The Alduin/Akatosh Dichotomy - Another view on the relationship between Alduin and Akatosh, this time from an Imperial perspective
The Amulet of Kings - Describes the covenant between Akatosh and Alessia
The Anticipations [Dragonborn] - About the Anticipations of the Tribunal: the Daedra Princes Boethia, Azura, and Mephala
The Anticipations [Morrowind] - About the Anticipations of the Tribunal: the Daedra Princes Boethia, Azura, and Mephala
The Anuad Paraphrased [ESO] - A version of the creation myth, featuring two brother's love for the same woman
The Apprentice’s God - Invocation of Syrabane
The Atmoran Cult Writings - Legends of more obscure forms of Atmoran totem worship
The Bladesongs of Boethra - Early Khajiiti theological text
The Bladesongs of Boethra, Volume V - And then although Boethra did not wish to leave the battle upon the sands where her chosen at last clashed with Orkha’s own, she saw the blue star in the sky and the look in Khenarthi’s eyes and took her sibling’s hand. Then it was she found herself atop the tower. There were magicians there […]
The Blessings of Hircine - A brief note on the relationship between the Bosmer and Lord Hircine
The Blessings of Sheogorath - Describes the thirteen blessings of Sheogorath
The Book of Circles - Various sayings about battle
The Book of Daedra - Lists the Daedric princes and their spheres of influence
The Book of Dawn and Dusk - A collection of sayings attributed to Tribunal Temple saints
The Book of Reason - Creed of a village of werewolves who have chosen to isolate themselves from society
The Book of the Great Tree - Alchemeical lessons intermingled with proverbs of the Great Tree
The Catechism of Alessia - Very brief summary of Alessia’s legend
The Children of the Stars - Four virtues valued by the children of the Warrior
The Coiled Path - Religious beliefs of the Mabigrash tribe
The Consecrations of Arkay - The blessings granted by a priest of the Wheel of Life
The Consolations of Prayer - Discussing about the blessing a person received after doing a prayer in a particular shrine
The Curse of Beela-Kaar - The legend of a sorcerer driven mad by grief
The Dark Husband - An Argonian Shadowscale text on Sithis
The Dark Spirits - An ancient religious text on a few of the Khajiit's testing gods
The Direfrost Flame - The legend and function of the Torch of Heirs
The Distributed Soul - Moth Priest beliefs about Souls and Ancestor Moths
The Doors of the Spirit - Dunmeri religious text on how to worship and care for your ancestors
The Ebon Arm - A story about Reymon Ebonarm, the God of War
The Eldest: A Pilgrim’s Tale - An account of the great old tree, the Eldest
The Everscriven Tome - A prayer to The One Who Watches
The Exclusionary Mandates - The basic beliefs of the Alessian Order
The Eye of Baan Dar - A Bandari myth of how they saved themselves from death
The Fall of Trinimac - A description of Trinimac's fall from grace
The Favored Daughter of Fadomai - Khajiiti myth about Azura and the death of Lorkhan
The First Scroll of Baan Dar - A story about mysterious Baan Dar, the Bandit God
The First Scroll of Baan Dar (Exerpt) - Exerpt from the exploits of the legendary bandit god
The Five Points of the Star - The tenents of faith in Azura
The Footsteps of Shezarr - Myths of Shezzar as an inspiration for Liberty among aboriginal Nedic tribes
The Four Abominations - Descriptions of the beasts abhored by Stendarr
The Fourth Book of Dust - A brief excerpt
The Friend of All Mortals - Short text about Stendarr and his prevalence across Tamriel
The Ghost of the Green - Legend of a bosmeri hero-god
The Gifts of Magnus - Prayer to Magnus
The Glory of the Hunt - Perspective of a Hircine worshiper
The Gray Passage - A commandment to undertake a series of quests for the Star's favor
The Green Lady’s Primer for Children - A Green Lady tells her young charges about Bosmeri traditions
The Green Singing - The story of a Bosmeri Spinner's ritual
The Guardian and the Traitor - Miraak's origin story
The Heart of Love - Invocation of Mara
The Homilies of Blessed Almalexia - Some stories by Almalexia
The House of Troubles - A book about the Daedra who decided not to submit to the Tribunal
The Hunger of Sep - A fable about the origin story of the Assassin Beetles
The Hungry Cat’s Curse - The first werewolf seeks revenge on her crearor
The Huntsman Prince - Overview of Hircine, his realm, and the Great Hunt
The Illusion of Death - A partial biography of Marukh
The Judgment of Saint Veloth - Description of the mighty artifact
The Law of Gears - Mechanical maxims about work and inspiration
The Legend of Deadlight - A legend about the realm of Deadlight
The Legend of Fallen Grotto - A dark tale of devotion to a feral god
The Legend of Fathoms Drift - A sailor's take on Hermaeus Mora as the Spirit of Tides
The Legend of Grudge-Rock Falls - How Grudge-Rock Falls was made
The Light and The Dark - An early theological work framed as a story told to children
The Lost Communion - An Argonian rekindles his connection to the Hist
The Lost Fort Faleria - The tale of a Cyrodiilic noble whose love of an elven woman drives him to madness
The Lunar Lorkhan - An explanation of how Tamriel's moons are the decaying body of Lorkhan
The Marriage of Moon and Tide - A quick religious book about how Nirni makes the tides
The Master’s Truth - Invocation of Mehrunes Dagon
The Monomyth - A theology book that contains some of the most common creation myths
The Moon Cats and their Dance - Another accounting of the Lunar Lattice
The Nine Coruscations - Names and descriptions of the Star Orphans
The Nycotic Cult - Overview of a misguided Daedric cult
The Omen of Deception - To know a Daedra's true name
The Ooze: A Fable - One common telling of how the Bosmer came to be
The Pilgrim’s Path - A book describing each of the shrines that need to be visited, before the person accepted as a member of the Temple
The Pledge of Courage - Take these pledges, as the Stars command
The Pledge of Obedience - Take these pledges, as the Stars command
The Pledge of Perfection - Take these pledges, as the Stars command
The Pledge of Piety - Take these pledges, as the Stars command
The Pledge of Simplicity - Take these pledges, as the Stars command
The Pledge of Vigilance - Take these pledges, as the Stars command
The Posting of the Hunt - An instruction note of the Ritual of the Innocent Quarry, also called the Wild Hunt (not to be confused with the Bosmer ritual)
The Pride of Alkosh - The Forgotten Manes and Pridehome
The Prophet Arden-Sul - Story about the prophet Arden-Sul, in mania and dementia points of view
The Raneviad, Volume II - Ranev gains the six celestial blessings
The Reclamations - Summary of the transition from Almsivi worship to the New Temple
The Requisite Book of Daedra - Lists the Daedric princes and their spheres of influence
The Road to Sovngarde - One summary and hypothesis on Shor's realm
The Seven Shadows of Rajhin, pt. 1 - The Greymanes say the light of both sun and moons shines down upon all the peoples of Nirn equally, but what happens after may not be so clear. Take the legend of the Seven Shadows of Rajhin. As every cub knows, Rajhin the Purring Liar, the Trickster God, and the Cat Who Walks cares little […]
The Sky Spirits - An ancient text on a few of the oldest and most important spirits in a pre-modern Khajiiti pantheon
The Soft Doctrines of Magnus Invisible (Expanded) - An expanded version of The Soft Doctrines text dealing with the esoteric concept of the Tower and Creation
The Song of Pelinal, Volume 10 - Describes Pelinal's Midyear Massacre, which is celebrated in Elder Scrolls Online as a PVP event
The Sounding Horn - Another invocation of Stendarr
The Spawn of Molag Bal - Vampires and their relationship to their sire
The Spinners of Y’ffre - A description of these holy storytellers of Valenwood
The Spires of the 34th Sermon - Note: These scrawled and unattributed recollections were found in a water-soaked and torn journal in the back streets of Necrom. It’s unclear when this account was written, but the language used marks it as old. An associate in the city bought it from a Dead Keeper for a few coins, and I include it here […]
The Tale of Three Moons - In a time before our people’s first memory, but long after Azurah’s pyre claimed the flesh of the proud lion, Lorkhaj, our great mother wept and sighedÐhaunted by the fate of her brother’s dark heart. As she prowled the hills and valleys of her wide domain, she could not escape the poundingÐthe faint, but constant […]
The Tempest and the Sunflower - Based on True Events Lady Mara smiled upon the jousting lanes of Castle Navire. Never had there been so fine a day when two knights, two rivals, two hearts so alike, would clash and tangle inextricably. Sir Sunflower, the golden son of shipbuilders, faced the brooding Lady Tempest, eldest daughter of Galen. Each had been […]
The Ten Commands Of The Nine Divines - Instructions from the Imperial Cult about how to live a good life
The Ternion Monks - Information on a monastic order dedicated to ancient gods
The Thief God’s Treasures - A description of Rajhin's apotheosis and legendary exploits
The Totems of Hircine - Describes artifacts granted to men by Hircine to focus Lycanthropy
The Trials of Hissmir - What the Hist challenges test
The Truth About the Green Pact - An outsider's overview of the philosophy and practices of the Green Pact
The Truth in Sequence - The divine lessons of Sotha Sil, concerning the world and our place in it
The Tsaesci Creation Myth: And We Ate It To Become It - Enigmatic genesis story from the perspective of the Tsaesci
The Unseen Potential of Clockwork - By Lector Saelorn Tenar, Apostle of Sotha Sil Any man or mer can look upon an acorn and see it for what it is. It’s so easy to simply note its shape, its size, its color. Unassuming, discarded among the leaves and dirt. Any child could tell you those facts. And, admittedly, a child could […]
The Values of Haj Uxith - The guiding principles of this scholarly group
The Vile Truth of Barbas - An examination of the relationship between Clavicus Vile and his hound
The Viridian Sentinel - A tale of a stalwart and ancient guardian
The Voice of the People - A new Silvenar assumes his mantle
The Waiting Door - A child's account of their family's ancestral shrine
The Wandering Spirits - A heretical text on et'ada and Daedra and their adversarial relationships in ancient Khajiiti theology
The Warrior’s Blade - Invocation of Trinimac
The Way of Shadow - A text reminding the shadowscales to honor Sithis in all things
The Way of the Blade - Description of the first trial
The Wilderking Legend - Oral legend of the Bosmer deity
The Will of the Master - By serving the Master, we will survive the glorious cataclysm to come. Through his eyes and as his hands, we are made mighty and will transcend the boundaries of mortal flesh. Many lack the strength to overcome the shackles of feeble morality and embrace the voice in the shadow. These many will stand against you, […]
The Woodsmer - Bosmer legend of a woodland spirit
The Worldly Spirits - A heretical text on a few of the Daedra and et'ada as seen by the ancient Khajiit
This Text Property of Leki’s Blade - Legend of four famous warriors after the invasion of Hammerfell
Thoughts on the Sacred Numbers - Half religious doctrine, half personal interpretation
Through Doom and Darkness - The Chosen Warrior must fight on even in the face of certain death
To Dream Beyond Dreams - legend of the first Nightcaller
Trail and Tide - A Moon Bishop's thoughts on his profession
Trials of Saint Alessia - This verse talks about the alleged covenant between Akatosh and Alessia.
Trinimac House Idol - This ancient Trinimac House Idol, from late in the First Era, shows that even during the time of the original Orsinium, some Orcs were intent on worshiping Trinimac—even if they only did so in the privacy of their own homes. Tiny statues such as this one depicted stylized beasts cast from solid gold that were […]
Tu’whacca, Arkay, Xarxes - It’s not uncommon for scholars to note the clear similarities between the gods Xarxes, Arkay, and Tu’whacca. (For a particularly uninspired summary of the obvious, see “Psychopomps of Tamriel” by that old bloviator Phrastus of Elinhir.) Nearly every culture on the continent worships these deities in one form or another—indeed, the Wood Elves of Valenwood […]
Tu’whacca’s Prayer - A prayer for safe passage to the Far Shores
Twilight Rites and Hymns - Author: Anonymous On the S’virash Sahaala The “Chase Away” song is one of the three Dusk-Canticles that fell from the tongue of Azurah in the Dawn Time. Like the Twilight Lady herself, the “Chase Away” song is slippery and unpredictable. It should not be sung unless the need is great. In ancient times it was […]
Understanding the Living Gods - Author: Rigurt the Brash Dear Thane Vigli Storm-Breast, Honored leader of the Nord Cultural Exchange, it is I, Rigurt the Brash, writing to you in Windhelm as you requested. I continue my study and exchange of information with the little Dark Elves of Morrowind, as you ordered. (Why you sent Rigurt away after he only […]
Untold Legends - This book appears as a black book in the Dragonborn expansion to Skyrim, but this version differs slightly. As the great ships of men crawled the waves to their destinies, there were, after long years, a number of tales lost in the mists of morning. Even after the forgetting though, wisps of story find ways […]
Varieties of Faith in the Empire - The compiled listing of Gods of the Empire formerly known as "The Pantheon" Contains lots of interesting information
Vehk’s Teaching - Vivec opines on the Dragon Break, Towers, PSJJJ, and other metaphysical matters
Vivec and Mephala - Describes the relationship between Vivec and his anticipation Mephala
Wabbajack - A child accidentally summons Sheogorath instead of Hermaus Mora, and pays the price
Wardens of the Green - The unique interplay of cosmic forces in Valenwood
Werewolves: Long-Suffering Guardians - Reachman's view on Werewolves
When We Pass - Redguard belief on the afterlife and Tu'whacca
Where were you when the Dragon Broke? - Comments from various knowledgeable people about the Dragon Break
Why We Farm - Bosmer who break the Green Pact aren't always ashamed
World-Eating 101 - Two texts exploring the idea that the end of each Kalpha is the Dawn era of the next one
Worship of the Dragon God - Comandment for the priesthood of Akatosh
Worshiping the Illogical - How the worship of Sotha Sil fits in with the worship of the Tribunal as a whole
Wuunding and Tumult - A tale of a Nord hero and his hammer
Xarxes and Oghma - Xarxes' lesson on marriage
Y’ffre’s Beckoning - Thoughts on being the Green Lady, by the Lady herself
Yngol and the Sea-Ghosts - An account of the death of Yngol Somewhat different than the version in the Songs of Return
Ysmir the Forefather, Volume IV - A tale of where Ysgramor came to be burried
Zealotry of Sheogorath - A note about the Zealots, one of the aggressive factions in Shivering Isles


“Death” of Morphotypical Entities - A study on Daedric death
A Bound Dremora - Once bound, a Dremora’s uses are nearly limitless — with or without its cooperation. The sacrifices stand upon each altar as sentries against the Dremora’s power. Take care not to disturb the blood, or the bonds will weaken precipitously.
A Daedric Proposal - Proposal for Daedric souls to be used to resurrect corpses
A Diet of Eyes - Grisly facts about Hagravens
A Guide to Dwemer Mega-Structures - By Vorinara Kleeve, Dwemer Scholar While we know a great deal about the various forms of Dwemer animunculi, many of the larger Dwemer marvels remain a mystery. Legends of Dwemer orreries and fabrication chambers abound, but direct, first-hand scholarship remains scant. I have spent my life in search of these Dwarven mega-structures. While I’ve met […]
A Hunter’s Journey VI: Fauns - A hunter's defense for hunting fauns
A Loathsome Civilization - Describes the society of the Sload, including their necromancy and Daedric pacts
A New Recipe? - A new use for a very old and unlikely ingredient
A Scholar’s Guide to Nymphs - How a nymph made a scholar abandon his scholarly ways
A Study of Fabricants - An examination of different sorts of Fabricant
Aberrant Welkynd Stones - Frustration with Welkynd Stones
Aetherial Fragments - An overview of Skyshards and other meteoric glass
Alchemist Nilyne’s Notes - Record Of Llodos Plague
All About Giants - Observations on Giants
Amiviridil Arcanium -
Amongst the Draugr - Observations on Draugr behavior and ancient Nordic society
An Accounting of the Elder Scrolls - A Librarian attempts to find information on the number and locations of the Elder Scrolls
An Affair With Death - A Necromancer from the slaver's House recounts the early days
An Archer’s Archive - One marksman's journey to become even better
An Elytra’s Life - An essay about Elytra
An Orc Weaponsmith In Murkmire - An Orsimer smith studies Argonian crafting techniques
Archmagister Mavon’s Ascension - Tale about the use of nymics on daedra
Ardent Flame: Draconic or Endemic? - A brief encounter with a Dragon Knight
Artifact Record: Duplici Gladio - Silver rose's list of artifacts
Artifact Record: Groundsplitters - Silver rose's list of artifacts
Artifact Record: Opal Charm - Silver rose's list of artifacts
Auditorial Notes, Declension 81u5 - Notes on transferring consciousness into another body
Authenticity of the Giovessen Skull - Confirms that the artifact is the skull of Tavia, of 2920 fame
Ayleid Reference Text - Ayleid Inscriptions and their Translations The following inscriptions were painstakingly transcribed and interpreted over many long years, and are preserved here for all time. —Av molag anyammis, av latta magicka. “From fire, life; from light, magic.” —Barra agea ry sou karan. “Wear lore as your armor.” —Agea haelia ne jorane emero laloria. “Wisdom learned by […]
Barilzar’s Journal - Comments on research and life in the Clockwork City, from a famous mage
Bark and Sap - An essay about Gnarl, Amber and the root tunnel system
Birds of Wrothgar - An Altmer watches for birds in Wrothgar
Blackreach: Fictions and Facts - An overly sceptical examination of the place Blackreach holds in Skyrim's imagination
Bone Orchard Research Logs - Excavation of a Bosmeri burial of Ehlnofey bones
Bonesnap Journal - A researcher tries to approach goblins
Book of Bloodfiends - Concerns dealing with bloodfiends
Book of the Dragonborn - A Talos priest's explanation of Dragonborn, their history, and the legends associated with them
Burnt Deciphered Text - A spy has discovered dark magic happening underneath the West Weald
Cadaver Preparation Findings - Research on the best ways to prepare a corpse for reanimation
Caluurion’s Notes - A scholar fails to soultrap a dragon, and must make due with studying its remains
Carina’s Journal - A scholar muses on the utilities of Dwarven constructs
Catacombs of Cath Bedraud - A description of the final resting place of heroes and villains
Catalogue of Afflictions in the City - Mental illnesses within the Clockwork City
Cats of Skyrim - A description of the sabrecat
Ceryolminwe’s Translation - Translated notes from Ayleidoon and translator's thoughts
Chaotic Creatia: The Azure Plasm - As a Doctor of Transliminal Mythomysticism, I have long been interested in the soul/body problem, the reformation of the Daedric body post-banishment, and the formation of the body around the essence commonly known as the “vestige.” Since our enforced relocation to Coldharbour, courtesy of Our Luminous Lady, I have had considerable opportunity to observe these […]
Chimere’s Notes About the Armor of the Savior’s Hide - Tells you where to find the pieces of the Armor of the Saviour's Hide
Chirrhari’s Notes - Notes on the edibility of mushrooms grown in the Clockwork City
Closing The Octal Cage - Searching for an Ayleid tonal device to stop the Planemeld
Confessions of a Vampire Devotee - Desperate for immortality, the author tracks a vampire
Creating Flame from the Powers of Aetherius - A badly burned book about the joys of burning thins
Daedra Dossier: Cold-Flame Atronach - A recounting of the origin of these unique Atronachs
Daedra Dossier: The Titans - An accounting of the origin of Daedric Titans
Daedric Tome of Portals - Description of how portals and sigil stones work
Dagoth Ur’s Plans - A top secret document, prepared exclusively for Nerevarine by Lord Vivec
Dark Ruins - They call me mad and have branded me insane. I accept the title they have given me, and wear it proudly as a badge of honor. For the name I now carry shows that I was willing to enter the dark places, over and over again. To brave the ruins of madness and chaos to […]
Darkest Darkness - Daedra summoning and the Dunmer religion
Development of the Hollow - Documents attempts to create living arginians from dead eggs
Dragon Language: Myth no More - Inscriptions in the Dragon tongue and their Tamrielic translations
Dragons of Southern Elsweyr - A scholar's observations on three dragons in southern Elsweyr
Dreamwalkers - Description of Dreamwalkers
Druid Scapegoats - An examination of druid bias in a popular play
Dwarves, The Lost Race of Tamriel - Summary of Dwemer culture and achievements
Dwemer Dungeons: What I Know - A treasure hunter's overview of Dwemer ruins
Dwemer History and Culture - Discussed the trivialization of the Dwemer in popular culture thanks to the books of Marobar Sul
Dwemer Inquiries [ESO] - A series of texts describing Dwemer history, culture, and architecture, especially away from Vvardenfell
Dwemer Inquiries [TES5] - A series of texts describing Dwemer history, culture, and architecture, especially away from Vvardenfell
Dwemer Maintenance Records - The Dwemer kept meticulous records indeed
Ecology of the Death Hound - A bit of information about the vampire's best friend
Ecology of the Ornaug - Observations of this strage animal
Effects of the Elder Scrolls - Describes the various grades of blindness and understanding granted by the Elder Scrolls to their readers
Enigma of the Runestones - A history of Runestones as used for enchantment
Excerpt from The Hidden Tunnels of Orsinium - After being attacked so many times, finally the Orcs determined that if they were to be sieged ever again, they would use a series of tunnels underneath the city to escape. Though the tunnels had been built hundreds of years ago, an active one still runs beneath the Keep for use by the current clan […]
Excerpts from Book of the Warrior God - Excerpts from thie holy book of the Cult of Trinimac
Excerpts From Fabricated Flora: A Study - A short examination of the Clockwork City's only organic flora
Factotum Classification – Log 233 - Author: Proctor Neimos By Proctor Neimos, Apostle of Sotha Sil Given the unprecedented reveal of the seventh advancement of the factotum model, my attempt to give individualized names to each unit has been deemed “unnecessary and unreliable” by the Congress of Calibration. I have now been tasked to only identify groups of units that perform […]
Fake Research Notes - Fall From Glory - Nithilis Lidari
Fauns’ Thicket Research Notes - Observations of fauns in their natural habitat
Fellrunner Failure? - Attems to imbue a fellrunner with wips essence don't turn out as hoped
Ffoulkes’ Firmament - An excerpt of a book about stars and constellations
Field Guide to River Trolls - Summary of what little we know about trolls, with an emphasis on the River Trolls of Cyrodiil
Field Guide to Spriggans - A short but detailed description of the Spriggans of Tamriel
Findings on the Elemental Volatility of Imps - Results of a failed experiment
Flora and Fauna of the Druadach Mountains - Fauna of the Druadach Mountains
Flora of Hammerfell - A book about common Hammerfell flora Again, this is just an excerpt
Forgotten Seasons, V1 - A mages research into the weather witch of Vardnknd
From Frog to Man - An essay about Grummites
From Nirn to the Aether - One researcher was laughed at - but he will show them all!
Further Notes on the Sload - Information on the Sload, their coral tower, and their famous soap
Games and Pastimes of Tamriel - A collection of observations about games in the different parts of Tamriel
Gavros’s Research Notes - Subjects exposed to a compound to perform "transposition"
Giants: A Discourse - Research about the relationship between Nords and Giants
Glinting Talons - One researcher's quest to regain lost swordsmanship knowledge
Glories and Laments - An archaeologist's observations about Ayleid ruins
Glyphs and Enchantment - A mentally deranged researcher's notes about glyphs
Grand Maestro Forte’s Research - Research on an ancient script found in Ebon Stadmont
Graveyard Research Notes - Notes on an ancient Ayleid site
Guylaine’s Architecture of the Second Empire - Excerpt about Dwemer architecture
Hadolid Researcher’s Journal - Notes on historic encounters with the Hadolids
Haladan’s Research Journal - A sepiarch goes to desperate lengths to cure a sick friend
Halinjirr’s Notes - A Khajiit finds the perfect spot to grow Moon Sugar on Vvardenfell
Harvest’s End, 3E 172 - Excerpts relating to Chimere Graegyn and his dealings with Mehrunes Dagon
Hasphat’s Notes for Cosades - [The following are notes prepared by Hasphat Antabolis for Caius Cosades.] Sixth House House Dagoth is an extinct Great House. In the wake of the ancient Battle of Red Mountain, its leadership was revealed to have plotted treason, and was discredited. Many of House Dagoth died defending the House; those survivors who were faithful to […]
Havocrel: Strangers from Oblivion - Discusses the origins of Havocrel
Herbane’s Bestiary: Automatons - One Adventurer's experience with Dwemer centurions
Herbane’s Bestiary: Hagravens - One Adventurer's experience with Hagravens Also contains a myth about their origin
Herbane’s Bestiary: Ice Wraiths - One Adventurer's experience with Ice Wraiths
High Chancellor’s Papers: The Tagh Droiloch - Abnur Tharns research into Emperor Durocrach's relation with the Tagh Doiloch
History of the Dreamstone - A brief history of an artifact that seems to drive people mad
Horrors of the Strid Basin - A research pamphlet on the Hoarvor
Hourglass of Perceived Time - Observations of test subjects with different perceptions of time
In Pursuit of Mhuvnak - A researcher searches for the Wrathstone, and the famous Dwemeri architect whose life is entangled with it
In the Company of Wood Orcs - A Bosmer's description of an encounter with a Valenwood Orc
Interview with a Spider Cultist - Talking to a cultist about their worship of Mephala
Intoxicants of the Shambles - Recipes of fargrave
Irrigation Research Journal - Logs of experiments with irrigation
Journal of Bravam Lythandas - The Brush of Truepaint makes its debut after a series of experiments
Journal of Melus Marsicus - Musings on the nature and origin of the Arcane Knot
Journeyman Report from Ajira - A funny alchemical report made by Ajira
Kagouti Mating Habits - Notes from the field on the topic
Kasura’s Notes - Notes on Dragonguard tombs and their locks
Keepers of the Razor - History of a group pledged to protecting the pieces of the Mehrune's Razor
Keystones of Loriasel - Research on magical Keystones from Black Marsh
Kwama Breeding Research Notes (Flora) - Effects of various plants on Kwama reproduction
Lady in the Cistern - A collection of theories regarding the statue in the Hew's Bane Thieves Guild
Lamias of Craglorn - A researcher's essay on the mysterious presence of Lamias in Craglorn
Larydeilmo is Sane - Recollections of a man trapped in Apocrypha
Legions of the Dead - A scholarly work about the Undead Significantly less sketchy than most other books on this topic
Lessons on Lucents - Notes about daedric lucents
Letter to Septimius - Research on the Hist, the Saxhleel, Black Marsh, and how they all connect
Letter to Thane Ogvar - Report to the Thane regarding Sea Giants
Liminal Bridges - This document provides "hypothetical" instructions on how to travel between Mundus and Oblivion using sigil stones
Lithnilian’s Research Notes - These are Lithnilian's notes of his expedition into Bramblepoint Cave and his discovery of a Welkynd Stone
Log #321: Unexpected Results - Experiments in strengthening werewolves
Lord Hollowjack’s Dread Realm - Information on the daedric lord of mortal fears
Loriasel Tablet Notes - A researcher deciphers an Ayleid tablet
Loriasel Tablet, Entry 2 - Translation of an Ayleid tablet mentioning an "Irai"
Lost Histories of Tamriel - This is a fascinating (and short) excerpt about the Aedric prophecies, more commonly known as the Elder Scrolls Finding it is the objective of the Thieves Guild quest "Lost Histories"
Lycanthropic Immunity - Details Gray Host experiments on werewolves
Lycanthropic Legends of Skyrim - The search for truth about werebears and werewolves
Magic from the Sky - A valuable treatise on Ayleid magic This is a great reference source on Welkynd Stones and Varla Stones
Mair’s Research Notes - Research notes concerning Dwemer astronomy in Craglorn
Malyn Varen’s Grimoire - Notes on the convertion of Azura's Star into a Black Soulgem
Master of the Tides of Fate - Pondering the relationship of Hermaeus Mora and fate
Masterwork of the Inducer - Translation of an Ayleidoon flesh-sculpting text
Mazzatun - Archeologist's description of this puzzling ruin
Memorandum: Indrik Emergence & Formal Development - Notes on these magical deer-like creatures
Memories Lost - What a disconcerting feeling. One day everything is fine, the next worry and anxiety fill your every waking moment and you’re certain something is missing. Something important. Something vital. I am experiencing that now. I feel as though something I knew intimately and completely yesterday vanished. Not a trace remains except for a vague dream. […]
Mender Roslenn’s Journal - Merethrin's Research Notes - Anonymous
Merethrin’s Research Notes - Research about longevity
Miregaunts of the Marsh - Information about these walking pieces of swampland
Modern Day Bretons: Man or Mer? - By Vastyr Historian Filibert Beauchamp The history of Bretons is quite complicated and has been debated by many scholars over the years. I am sure it will continue to be debated long after this sees publication as well. Such is the nature of mysteries. The age-old argument focuses on a single question—what are Bretons, man […]
Modern Heretics - Modern Heretics: a Study of Daedra Worship in the Empire by Haderus of Gottlesfont Daedra worship is not prohibited by law in Cyrodiil. Primarily this is a result of the Imperial Charter granted the Mages Guild permitting the summoning of Daedra. Nonetheless, chapel and public opinion is so strongly against Daedra worship that those who […]
Moon-Sugar in the March - A fragmentary description of Moon Sugar in Reaper's March
Mora’at’s Theory of Lightning - A Khajiit mage's research on lightning and shock spells
Morrowind Fauna, Part One - Descriptions of some of the creatures of Morrowind
Murky Time - Study of Argonian perception of time
My Kwama Journal [Research] - One Dunmer admires Kwama
Mysteries of the Eltheric Ammonite - By Kaladiran, Arcane Naturalist The Systres Archipelago exports many raw materials and trade goods, but none more intriguing than the eltheric ammonites. While the actual origin of these shells remains unknown, naturalists seem united in their belief that they predate even the oldest Merethic ruins. Some collectors prize them for their beauty, but most mages […]
Mysteries of the Mundus Stones - Lady Cinnabar presents her research on Mundus Stones
Mystery of the Chub Loon - The mystery of Tamriel's penguins
Mystic Visions of the Guardians - Cryptic musings surrounding the constellations of Nirn
Mythical Beast, Real Powers - Notes on Dragon Knight abilities
Myths and Legends of the Hist - Overview of the Hist from an Imperial perspective
Mzulft Researcher’s Journal - Research papers on a Dwemer ruin
N’Gasta! Kvata! Kvakis! - The ramblings of the vile Sload Necromancer
Namlir’s Shivering Bestiary - A bestiary of Shivering Isles
Naril’s Notes - Notes on attempting to create an artificial source of light for agriculture in the Clockwork City
Nerevarine Cult Notes - Notes from Sharn gra-Muzgob to Caius Cosades regarding the Ashlander Cult of the Nerevarine
Netherroot Notes - Notes on this herb, required for harrowstorms
New Cult or Ancient Religion? - Quick overview of the Temple of the New Moon
Nicolard’s Notes on Ruin Origins - Ideas on the nature of an ancient Nedic ruin termed "Bloodroot"
Nicolard’s Notes on the Forge - Ideas about a massive chamber which might be a forge
Nirncrux: A Study - A summary on the sources, production and applications of Nirncrux
Nirnroot Missive - This document discuss the history and possible future of Nirnroot
Noordigloop the Clog - A researcher writes about an extra special blob of sewer slime