Want More than Middens?

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

I see you down there, living amid the refuse that falls from the Elden Tree. You think you’re invisible, or that you’re helpless, or that you just aren’t worth anything to anyone.

That’s where you’re WRONG!

My friends, don’t wallow in filth and obscurity when you can revel in the light of fame! A little ambition, a little toil, and a little blood is all it will take for you to rise up out of the muck and become known, to be someone who is counted!

With our fair city of Elden Root now the capital of the Aldmeri Dominion, we will draw people from all over Tamriel. They will marvel at the Elden Tree and walk in the shadows of Valenwood and bathe in the great river to their hearts’ content—and then they will grow bored.

That, my friends, is where YOU come in!

Make no mistake—the Dominion is at war, and tales of strife and heroism have reached us even here, deep in the Valenood. But those who come to our city will be eager to see valor with their own eyes. That is why Elden Root is going to start its own GLADIATORIAL ARENA! We’ll show our visitors that the heart of the Valenwood is a warrior’s heart!

Do you have a warrior’s heart? Do you want to hear the cheers of the crowds? Do you want to eat the best food, sleep in the best beds, and never have to hide your face in the Middens again? Well, come up into the light and join the Elden Root’s own gladiator team!

See Milgor Sharp-Tongue in the Elden Tree in for more information. But don’t wait—the ranks of the valorous are filling up fast.

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