The Ring of Daggers

Released In:
Author (in-game): Aemilianus Falto, Auctor Veritas of the Legionary's Gazette


Aemilianus Falto, Auctor Veritas of the Legionary’s Gazette “The Ring of Daggers.”

You’ve heard the name whispered about. And you know what it means. Corrupted officials. Unexplained disappearances. Murders in the night.

The Ring of Daggers. Agents, infiltrators, provocateurs. Merchants of death, doing the dirty work for the bloody merchant-king, Emeric the Faithless.

Here, in your town. In your own neighborhood. Probably even among people you trust, and think you know.

But how well do you know, really know your own neighbors? That trip he took to visit his uncle in Satakalaam—is that really where he went? That new hand-knotted rug in her parlor—was it paid for by Covenant gold? That Breton he was drinking with at the tavern—what were they talking about so privately?

Has the Ring of Daggers infiltrated your home district? Only you know your neighborhood well enough to be certain. Trust only what you can see, and believe only what you can explain. Remember, the Daggers are depending on you to just shrug your shoulders and look the other way. Don’t let them get away with their subversion, or you may be their next target!

If you see or hear of something suspicious, it’s up to you to do something about it. Report suspicious behavior to your nearest Imperial occupation authority. We’ll take it from there, citizen.

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