Trapper’s Offer

Author: Trapper Marcien
Released In:

To those brave enough to deal with an angry guzzard:

I’m not a fan of guzzards either, but I was hired to do a job by my friend, Star-Gazer Sariyaah. I set this trap in the hopes of catching one for her. They remind her of Craglorn, so no matter how ornery and awful they are, she wants a whole flock of them as pets.

I baited the trap with mice, so it should’ve worked. If you’re not put off by the sour disposition and leathery skin, Sariyaah will see you generously paid if you deliver it to her outside Stonechip Tavern in Ontus.

She’s really a very lovely person. And I’d appreciate the help. I really can’t stand guzzards.

Trapper Marcien

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