From Seyda Neen to Balmora by Road

Author: Elone
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From Seyda Neen, leave the village by the north bridge, then follow the road east past the silt strider port.

East of Seyda Neen, the road heads northeast through the ridge and intersects a northwest-southeast road. Turn left, northwest, and pass the village of Pelagiad on your right.

The road continues north, then swings northeast until it reaches a four-way intersection. The road to Balmora turns left, northwest, and descends into Foyada Mamaea, a deep volcanic ravine. The road follows the ravine northeast for a short distance, then turns left and climbs out of the ravine to the northwest.

North of the ravine, pass Fort Moonmoth on the right and come to an intersection with a signpost. Head due west towards Balmora.

Two small bridges cross the Odai River. On the west side of the river, go north, passing the silt strider port and entering the walls of Balmora.

Mind the signposts, and be careful. In bad weather or darkness, it is easy to stray from the road.

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