A Report on the Dusksabers

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Primate Renthias
Great Chapel of Arkay, Cheydinhal

Your Excellency:

I write today to report on my investigation of the incident at Harlun’s Watch. As you might recall, a band of Bravilese freebooters were nearly wiped out while camped in the ruins of the town. The sole survivor told a story about blades in the shadows and fiends with blood-dripping fangs.

Clearly this was no work of the local Goblin tribe, so I was sent to hunt down the creatures responsible for the attack.

I interviewed the Bravilese survivor, who gave me a name: the Dusksabers. These vampires work as elite mercenaries, selling their swords (and fangs) to clients who can afford their unique services. In this case, the Dusksabers had been hired by a Telvanni mage to recover the same Ayleid treasure the Bravilese were after.

I set out for Morrowind to eliminate this threat, traveling in disguise since members of our order are not welcome in the lands of the Tribunal Temple. Creatures such as the Dusksabers cannot be allowed to escape Arkay’s holy justice, no matter where they hide.

At a tavern in Vos I found the Dusksabers—or, rather, they found me. I was observing a suspicious Dark Elf, waiting for him to leave so that I could follow him to his lair. But as the evening wore on, he made no move to depart, Finally I gave up, and at that moment he rose and approached me.

“No need to leave now, priest,” he said with a glint of fangs. “There is no one left in here but us and you.”

I realized that the Dark Elves remaining in the establishment were all looking at me, eyes crimson and hungry. Cursing myself for my carelessness, I readied to call upon Arkay’s light and sell my life dearly. But the vampire facing me raised a hand. “That is not why we are here,” he said, and sat down across from me.

“What, then?” I asked. “I have no interest in bandying words with you, monster. Slay me if you can, but the Tribunal’s Ordinators will finish my work soon enough.”

The vampire smiled. “In some parts of Morrowind, that might be the case. But we are in the lands of House Telvanni, my friend. The Tribunal has little power here. We are under the protection of those masters who choose to employ us. You—and any other zealots from your chapel—cannot move against us without provoking their ire.”

“I’m supposed to believe you are warning me for my own good?” I retorted.

“I am warning you for my own convenience. Take this message back to your order: If you strike at a Dusksaber in the Telvanni Peninsula, then you strike at the master who employs us. Ask yourself if you wish to feud with a Telvanni master. If the answer is no, then go do your vampire-slaying somewhere else.”

“Which master employs you?” I demanded.

“They all do, at one time or another,” my adversary said with a cold smile. “We are very good at what we do. Now go.”

Reluctantly, I left. I deemed it better to make sure this message reached the chapel than to start a fight I was unlikely to win.

As you can see, we have few friends here. The Telvanni are perfectly willing to tolerate vampires in their midst so long as they’re useful to one or another of the masters. And it seems the

Dusksabers are very useful indeed.

Your servant,
Chapel Guard Eratio Flenna

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