Y’ffelon, the Forbidden Island

Author: Ignatius Galenus
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By renowned scholar and student of all cultures, Ignatius Galenus.

From the records of my journeys across the druidic isles of the Systres Archipelago.

I knew since landing on this isle that my presence would be unwelcome. It was a necessary risk, taken to record and preserve the knowledge of these druids who refuse to leave their island home. Even if it was to the detriment of my own well-being, I knew I had to persevere. But danger lurked in every corner and the warm reception I received from the Stonelore druids on High Isle and Galen was severely lacked when I arrived on Y'ffelon.

My studies of the islands and the druidic structures led me to seek out the local druids, knowing that they would be able to bring a depth to my account that I could not achieve without their guidance. Context is invaluable for any scholarly document. As I said, the Stonelore were generous and gracious, the Eldertide less so.

When I approached the Firesong, the druids of Y'ffelon, with quill in hand, they looked upon me with confusion that became stoicism before quickly turning to anger. I greeted them and began with benign questions, yet with each they appeared to grimace deeper. I jotted down their reactions to my inquiries and took their silence as a mere device of communication employed with non-druids. Then one stepped forward and pointed at me. In reaction, I raised my hands as a show of non-aggression, yet the ink on my quill had not fully dried. Thus, globs were flung into the pointing druid's eyes—quite by accident, you understand.

I thought it best to extricate myself from a bad situation and began to back away from the druids. With each step I took, they followed. As inconceivable as it may be, I do believe they meant to do me harm! It was with much haste that I made it back to my hired ship and begged the captain to cast off. I regret that I was unable to get much more than this out of the druids who shelter beneath Mount Firesong, but such are the twists and turns of scholarly research.

Until next time my fellow scholars.

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