The Marriage of Moon and Tide

Released In:
Author (in-game): Clan Mother Tsradama

Any true Khajiit knows of the Ja-Kha’jay’s gentle waltz through the sky, but few understand that Nirni too joins in the dance. Though she is rooted to the spot Lorkhaj made for her to bear her children, she still sways along with her siblings as they dance through the night.

“But, Tsradama,” you say, “this one has never seen Nirni swaying with the Moons.”

Likely, you have, but you did not understand what you saw. Just as a flea in your fur cannot tell you are dancing when you shake your tail to a merry tune, we cannot easily spot how Nirni moves. When next you watch for Jone and Jode to rise, keep your eyes on the sea and you will spot Nirni’s eager waves rolling farther and farther up the shore along their path. This is a sign that Nirni sways to the music of the Moons.

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