Weaponsmith Practicum

Author: Defessus Lector
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This book references characters from Agents and Reagents. It appears to be describing an earlier crafting system, and does not appear in Elder Scrolls Online currently.


My hope was that the Alchemy Practicum I gave you would be sufficient to motivate you to study harder. In fact, it seems to have made you even more dependent on step-by-step instruction.

I attribute this to your inherent laziness rather than a lack of ability. I have seen how elaborate and time-consuming are your efforts at bullying young Glabius. Was it necessary to snare him and hang him upside down in front of the White-Gold Tower on market day?

Well, hopefully this Weaponsmith Practicum will divert your energies toward a more constructive use of your time.

Weaponsmith Practicum

To make an Iron Sword of Flame you combine Corroded Quicksilver, Dirty Bone Oil, and what other additive to the molten metal?

To make an Iron Dagger of Shock you combine Corroded Dwarven Scrap, Dirty Bone Dust, and what other additive to the molten metal?

To make an Iron Hammer of Frost you treat the shaft with Dirty Fleshings and what two other additives?

I want to see an example of each type of weapon—with the appropriate enchantment on it!—within a week's time.

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