Corpse Garden Mission

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

We discovered how this wretched hole in the ground got its damned name. Not only is the Corpse Garden a place where the dead have been buried, but like the garden of any palace or country manor, the Corpse Garden grows undead creatures that spread like weeds. The place is crawling with animated skeletons of all kinds.

Some employ blades and charge in to attack with cutting blows. Others use bows with as much accuracy as the best archers in House Redoran. A few deal in magic, and these might be the deadliest of the lot.

And then there is the leader of this necropolis. It seems that the legendary General Celdien has returned from the dead to lead this army of skeletal soldiers. Why they have returned is anyone's guess, but they form a devastating force. Already, we've lost more than half our contingent. I'm beginning to think that the cost of this expedition has gotten too high. Maybe it's time for a strategic retreat. All I need to do is get past that sword-armed skeleton without falling to its deadly attacks.

Yes, that's all I need to do.

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