Slave Testimony from Arano Plantation

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Testimony of Biene Diel, Breton laborer

Claims she was falsely arrested for murdering a beggar soon after arriving in Suran. Insists she murdered no one. Also claims the guards at Arano plantation beat a Redguard slave to death when he grew too weak to work.

* * *
Testimony of Ghamosh, Orc trader

Claims he was falsely arrested for robbing, and possibly murdering, a Dark Elf farmer outside Suran. Claims he was arrested because he had no local connections or family who could vouch for him, and also because he was an Orc. Sold to Arano Plantation by Marshal Hlaren.

* * *
Testimony of Friga Bearfist, Nord drifter

Admitted to assaulting the master of Arano Plantation after he inappropriately propositioned her. Claims Marshal Hlaren told her that if she worked on the plantation, her jail sentence would be reduced. This was a lie. The master of Arano Plantation had no plans to ever free her.

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