Sewer Strategy

Released In:
Author (in-game): General Davarius

To: All Legion Zero Soldiers

Re: Imperial City Sewers

Our time has come. We have labored in secret for many months to prepare for this. It is our duty to shepherd our city through this transition. The Imperial Sewers are not a pleasant place, and no one would relish the duty of being deployed there. Nonetheless, history tells us that the sewers are perhaps the most critical part of the city in terms of establishing military control. Whoever holds the sewers, holds the city. This is not a theory. It’s a fact.

When the Longhouse Emperors conquered the Empire forty years ago, they attacked the walls, but they also infiltrated the sewers. By taking the sewers, they secured for themselves an elaborate network of tunnels that enabled them to launch guerilla assaults against the Imperial City’s defenders. The sewers were the key to their victory. When Varen recaptured Imperial City from the Reachmen, his assault began in the sewers as well. So when your superior officer orders your squad into the sewers, take pride. You are being assigned a sacred task. Tuck your leggings into your boots, hold your nose and do your duty. We have established a new chain-of-command, but we have not abandoned Imperial discipline. Dereliction of duty will be dealt with quickly and with extreme prejudice. With our new allies also participating in this initiative, Imperial discipline may be lenient compared to the alternative. Even under the domination of Coldharbour, we will survive. We will endure, but everyone must do their part. Your commanding officers will ensure you do.

General Davarius, Zero Legion Commander

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