Order of Battle (partial)

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

—frigates, four brigandines, and twelve sloops.

In addition, the fleet will be comprised of sixteen vessels of the Queen’s Own Navy: privateers and merchant marine serving primarily as naval support. These ships are under the command of Commodore Elpion, officer in charge of logistics, with the following exceptions:

—Phynaster’s Promise is designated as a courier vessel under direct control of the Admiral of the Fleet. Its primary duty is to relay dispatches between the other ships until our initial landing. At need, she can also be used as a fast transport for the ambassadorial contingent. She is not to be separated from the fleet needlessly, as the Promise is an emergency contact vessel with the continent should other communication methods prove ineffective.

—The privateer sloop the Prowler is to be considered a vessel of independent command. While it is carrying cargo for Khenarthi’s Roost, its primary purpose is to serve as an independent scout vessel. The Prowler’s crew does not know of this arrangement, considering themselves to be signed on in service to the Queen’s Own like any other vessel. However, Captain Jimila has separate orders which she will reveal should the need—

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