Working in the Infinite Panopticon

Released In:
Author (in-game): Cataloger Volgunn

The Infinite Panopticon appears as an endless labyrinth of rooms and passages inside a limitless pocket dimension. The entrance, according to legend, never manifests in the same location twice, making it almost impossible to find. Nothing within this extradimensional space conforms to reality as we know it, and the interior changes and alters seemingly at random.

Why would Hermaeus Mora, the Great Eye, create such a place? For one reason and one reason alone: to protect his most precious secrets.

I worked as a cataloger within the Panopticon for a long time. Of course, time has almost no meaning inside the place, so how long I served I cannot accurately say. Spending too much time within can cause even the strongest mortal mind to shatter, but as far as I can tell, my faculties are still in fine order. I worked alongside the Hushed, who wandered the halls as guardians of sorts. There were other guardians on hand as well, including Lurkers, Seekers, Watchers, and other Daedric beings that defy descriptions. My job was not to tend to the Black Books or tomes stored within, or even to the endless number of glyphics stacked high.

No, I was charged with maintaining the many Eyes of Mora that were lined up like books on a shelf. What, you may ask, is an Eye of Mora. Just as it sounds. These are floating eyes taken from the orbs without end that make up the glory of Hermaeus Mora. Each eye is larger than a Nord, containing a memory witnessed personally by Hermaeus Mora and set aside as a recollection of import. To review one of the contained memories, you must actually enter the eye. However, entry is not given freely and often requires a key, a pass phrase, or some other means to gain access.

My job was to tend to the eyes, keep them safe, and catalog the contents for ease of identification. But I only had access to the most benign memories. The greatest and most terrible secrets were locked inside the eyes that even I had no business tending to. Perhaps that’s why my sanity is still intact—unlike others employed in the Infinite Panopticon.

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