Chest of Condemnation

Released In:
Author (in-game): Auctioneer Portia, Relicmaster Glenadir (Transcriber)

Quote from Auctioneer Portia

Transcribed by Relicmaster Glenadir

Now, before we start the bidding on this lovely chest, a word of warning. This is not a purchase for the faint of heart! There’s all types of tales on the origins of such a piece, but little is known. What we are sure of? This is a heavily cursed item!

Listen close, ladies and gents, listen close. You hear that? A soft moaning, muffled. That’s no parlor trick! I haven’t stuffed an assistant in there, if that’s what you think. No, the Chest of Condemnation always cries out, though no one knows why. What lies inside? Another mystery, I’m afraid. Though perhaps you’ll be the deft hand to break its seal. Wouldn’t recommend it though, if I were you.

But that’s not it’s true curse, oh no. A bit of groaning and moaning, well, what’s the harm in that? But after awhile, well, it tends to drive folks a bit nutty. They say all the previous owners of this chest turned plum mad after awhile. We here tend to keep it under lock and key, far away from any ears. You’ll most likely want to do the same.

Now, let’s start the bidding at, shall we say, 50,000 gold pieces?

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