How to Pronounce Dwemer Names

Author: Amadri Drevin
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By Amadri Drevin, student.

There are many different thoughts on the pronunciation of Dwemer names. I just sat through a discussion with my master and several other scholars. As always, “learned” scholars disagree on one thing or another. They also love the sound of their own voices droning on about Dwemer nomenclature.

After sifting through what names we do know, and sitting through that long-winded scholarly review, I have distilled the knowledge to provide a guide on Dwemer pronunciation for my fellow aspiring scholars:

– First, inhale deeply

– Second, drink a full glass of mead or Cyrodillic brandy, whichever you prefer.

– Inhale deeply again

– Put four to seven smooth rounded pebbles in your mouth

– Attempt to say your name, or any word, but try to add an “S” sound to the end of it every other time

– Emphasize either the third or fourth syllable in an exaggerated manner (unless it is a two-syllable name)

Congratulations, you have pronounced a Dwemer name

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