List of Instructions

Released In:
Author (in-game): Alchemist Ruutivar


Devices for the extraction of Hist sap were developed—at great expense—by the alchemical wing of the Crystal Tower. Remuneration for missing or damaged extractors will be garnished from the responsible unit’s wages.

Be forewarned. In its natural form, Hist sap has many undesirable properties. Avoid contact with skin or breathing of fumes. Under no circumstances should you imbibe Hist sap.

Some have experienced the strange effects of untreated Hist sap. Unauthorized use of the substance will be punished by flogging the entire squad thus shown incapable of restraining its weakest members.

Specific violators will then reconsider their poor judgment while immersed in one of the marsh’s many festering pools for a period of no less than six (6) hours.


Once the devices extract a suitable quantity of Hist sap, refer to the instructions below:

Pulp three (3) handfuls of Giant Wasp larvae.

Liberally coat linen strips with paste.

Wrap resulting poultice around desired portion of the Hist.

Apply one (1) phial of Hist sap.

Effects should be immediate.

— Alchemist Ruuvitar

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