The Serpent’s Song

Released In:
Author (in-game): Balarius

As Vizier of Slithering Visions, I watch for omens and signs directly or indirectly associated with the Celestial Serpent. It is my duty and privilege to interpret the messages of our master for the Scaled Court—no matter how he deems to send them to us.

Within the depths of the Serpent’s Nest, I encountered an amazing sight. The lamia sisters (at least, I assume the creatures are related) known as Aurieae, Laurieae, and Taurieae broke into religious song and have been singing almost non-stop since our arrival here. I have yet to interpret their distinctive language, but I am certain that the song praises and honors the Celestial Serpent.

Are they praying to the Serpent? Asking for something specific? Perhaps they are simply basking in the glory of the Serpent’s presence in our world. Whatever the case, these lamias can use their song to call upon powers that can only be gifts from the Serpent. They can summon snakes to fight for them. They can call down lightning from the sky. And I’ve seen them turn the water around them into poison in order to defend their territory.

I need to continue to study these creatures to learn more about their connection to the Serpent.

—Balarius, Vizier of Slithering Visions

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