My Kwama Journal [Research]

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

My Kwama Journal, Page 1

Although my father mocked my desire to study the kwama, I know that I have chosen well. I can’t believe he called these fascinating creatures mere insects.

The Great Houses might be scandalized to be compared to thriving kwama colonies, but these elegant creatures certainly remind me of the best of the Houses. They work in harmony. They share common goals.

They have ranks and status, much as House operatives do. All their efforts reflect upon their queen, as House retainers and kinsmen reflect on their Grandmaster.

I hope to catch a glimpse of a kwama queen before too long.

My Kwama Journal, Page 2

I acclimated, as kwama miners do, and these wonderful creatures have accepted me into the hive. I observe their behavior and even try to move like a kwama.

Yesterday I sat quietly and a scrib sat next to me, letting me stroke it. The moment was interrupted by Harvyn, who scooped up the scrib and hurried off. He gave me a nasty glare.

I know the miners find my habits strange, but I feel it is important to try to be a kwama so that I can fully understand them. My hope is to be so accepted by them so I can safely visit the queen.

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