Healing Herbs of Northwest Tamriel

Author: Ulnil Tildarin
Released In:

There are many wonderful herbs growing throughout the northwest region of Tamriel. Here are some of the best for use in healing poultices and medicinal broths.

Herbal tonics, tinctures, infusions, and decoctions, utilized to relieve fevers, sore throats, stomach ailments, headaches, body aches, and other illnesses can be created using the following herbs:

— Moth nettles
— Clickweed
— Red coldberry leaves
— Yellow clover
— Brandelion

Herbal poultices and other necessary components for any healer's kit (including remedies for bug bites and sun burn, healing salves, and wound cleansers) can be created using the following herbs:

— Stendarr's wort
— Comfrey
— Valendula
— Blue yarrow
— Gemweed
— Healer's purse

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