Doombringer Celdina’s Testament

Author: Doombringer Celdina
Released In:

The Order of the Waking Flame welcomes all who seek to remake their lives. We come to Mehrunes Dagon’s service from many lands and different walks of life, and yet in the eyes of the Mighty Prince, all that we once were is of no importance. Brokenness, failure, disappointment, grief—it matters not. What Lord Dagon teaches us is how to use the things we are given.

Allow me to tell you my own story, my novices. This is my testament.

When I was young—and it does seem so very long ago—I was abandoned by unworthy parents. I found shelter at the Priory of the Golden Staff. Followers of Magnus, God of the Sun and Great Architect, they cared for me and educated me.

For a time I was happy there. The acolytes of the priory taught me of Magnus’s grand design for the Mundus, and his disappointment at the flaws introduced into his creation. One old monk even showed me forbidden texts that revealed a darker design. Some of the Magna Ge once sought a tool to unmake what had been made wrong, in order that it could be remade in accordance with the Architect’s plan.

This confused me. The world was sweet and young in my eyes, and I did not see how it would be any kind of mercy to undo it. Then, in my sixteenth year, the Reach horde of the Black Drake came, bringing his war against High Rock.

The Reachfolk burned my priory. They slaughtered my brothers and ravished my sisters, before slaughtering them too. By mere chance, I survived, only to be dragged away as captive to the Reachfolk. For months they kept me, a helpless drudge in their camp. And I learned the truth of the world’s flaw. Suffering is all that awaits us.

When the horde finally broke up, my Reach captors simply discarded me. They destroyed my home, my family. Unmade it. So I ran. But I held onto my anger, my thirst for vengeance, and I recalled the story of the Magna Ge and the tool that could unmake this flawed world: Mehrunes Dagon, Prince of Destruction. I sought out his followers in the Order of the Waking Flame and found truth in their teachings that had been hidden from me. And in that truth, I began to see a way to enact my vengeance on this imperfect world.

And so I worship our lord and master, and work diligently every day to see his will done. For now I know that only through Mehrunes Dagon will the perfected work of the Great Architect and the hope of the Magne Ge be brought into being.

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