The Royal Lineage of Sentinel

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Author (in-game): Anonymous

Know, O Beloved Reader, that the lineage of our All-Beneficent King is most royal, descending as he does from High King Ar-Azal, through King Ja-Fr, thence Grandee Makala, who did marry the Grandeya Fanesh of Antiphyllos, thus endowing the line with the Phyllocid blood of the Meritorious Zizzeen.

His Royal Majesty King Fahara’jad was the only issue of the Ever-Virtuous Makala and Fanesh. In good time Fahara’jad, while yet a young prince, did take to wife Za-Rifah the Flower of Taneth, and she bore him three fine children. Alas, the Flower of Taneth lost her life in giving birth to the third child, and was mourned by all the Redguards of Hammerfell.

Nonetheless, his Royal Majesty’s ever-glorious descendancy is assured in the persons of his eldest daughter Maraya, the Jewel of Satakalaam, his second-daughter Lakana, the Star of the Almandine, and the young Crown Prince Azah, the Lion of Antiphyllos.

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