The Conquests of Hubalajad

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And so did Prince Hubalajad set sail from Herne with fifty-six ships to claim a realm for his own in the desert land of Hegathe. Finding the coast barren and unforgiving, he turned and sailed south and east until he came to the fertile peninsula of Khefrem’s Boot.

Here the prince found an excellent harbor in an empty land. As was fitting, Prince Hubalajad determined he should be first to set foot in his new home and commanded his guards to row him ashore.

Alas, the prince’s approach was espied by scouts of a fierce Nedic tribe, who crept close to watch from the hillside above the strand. Seeing Prince Hubalajad in all his finery standing at the bow of the boat, a disrespectful Nede loosed an arrow that struck the prince’s headdress and lodged there. The prince was obliged to cast himself into the waves to escape the hail of arrows that followed.

Outraged by this insult to the prince, the mighty warrior Ra Abah sprang to the shore and charged the jeering foes. Though he was gray with years, Ra Abah slew seven Nedes before any of Prince Hubalajad’s other guards could join him. They drove away the barbarians with great slaughter as the prince finally waded ashore.

Those standing near thought Prince Hubalajad would rebuke Ra Abah for taking the honor of being first to land. But instead, the prince embraced the old hero and thanked him for avenging his dignity. “I meant to call this place Hubalajad’s Landing, but fate and valor deemed otherwise,” he said. “Let it be known as Abah’s Landing from this hour hence!”

And as the prince commanded, so it was done.

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