Non-Standard Techniques

Released In:
Author (in-game): Gabrielle Benele

General Serien,

I know you’re going to face real challenges in Stonefalls. The Dark Elves are a proud people, and they won’t give up without a fight.

That’s why I’ve sent along copies of this treatise I wrote on non-standard magical military techniques! Hope you find it useful!

— Gabrielle Benele

Covenant Mages are trained in numerous magical and meta-magical techniques ideally suited for the battlefield. But not every battlefield features opposing troops arrayed in lines, keep walls to knock down, or cavalry to deflect. Some battlefields require a little creativity.

Every Covenant cohort is accompanied by an elite mage or two. When the circumstances call for it, why not let them make use of a few non-standard techniques?

Here’s one recipe sure to throw a defending force for a loop:

— Seek out any local beast races or unwelcome nonsentients in the area.
— Have your mage infiltrate the lair of these lower life forms.
— Overrun the lair through any means necessary and drive out the unwelcome beasts.
— Maintain control of these lairs throughout the invasion, ensuring that the beast races do not return.

If the past is any judge, the beast races will move from their lairs towards local villages and towns, creating their own localized invasion upon enemy encampments.

My next missive will discuss uses for local alchemy goods in creating unique—and explosive—concotions.

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