Kasura’s Notes

Released In:
Author (in-game): Kasura

Legends of the Dragonguard can be found throughout Tamriel. They reportedly developed Dragon hunting weaponry and techniques, and it was by their blades that Dragons became almost extinct in our lands. Unfortunately, the great Dragonguard order of old has long since been disbanded. If I am to gain their wisdom, it must be from the histories, documents, and artifacts they left behind.

I believe I have discovered two Dragonguard tombs, fairly close together. It was common for soldiers to be buried with their personal possessions, which I hope will provide the information we seek. Each journal I find, each relic I uncover, provides another tool to aid us against the Dragons invading Elsweyr.

Both tombs seem to be protected by a powerful magic which hides the entrances from sight. Luckily, my former student was able to find a journal describing Dragonguard burial practices. It outlines the custom of placing three glyphs near a tomb’s entrance, which will activate in the presence of a Dragonguard seal.These three glyphs should provide the key to the entrance to the tomb.

However, both tombs are located in perilous locations. I worry that visiting both will take up far too much time, and my abbey and students await me back in Hammerfell. For this task, I require the aid of another. This helper must locate the northern, southern, and eastern glyph, then use what they find to open the tomb.

I also came across a most curious phrase. I’m certain it’s integral to entering the tomb, though I’m unsure how. It is my hope that once the entrance is revealed, the phrase’s meaning will also become clear.

“With our Blades, Honor is sealed. With Bravery, the Way is revealed.”

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