The Secret of Ragnvald

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Two hero-hearts
Two hidden keys
One fallen Priest
Who lies beneath

Hail Sarek, Hail Torsten
Raise them in your songs
Who tricked mad-king Otar
and rescued Ragnvald for all

Otar! once our chieftain
Glorious in battle
Fair in judgment
Those days ended in pain

Dark voices whispered
into Otar’s mind
nobility shouted down
Once good now craven Priest

Fair folk of Ragnvald
Good Nords and True
Broken by his will
our city eaten alive

Send Sarek!
Send Torsten!
Sure spirits
swords that don’t fail

Otar was bent back
but never destroyed
Bound instead, contained
Two Heroes, Two Keys

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