Malacath and the Reach

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Orcs often say they are Malacath’s children. My tribe would argue. Reachmen are taught that Orcs, ogres, and trolls are merely used by Malacath to test his true chosen race – the people of the Reach.

If you ask me, both are wrong. The Lord of Ash and Bone doesn’t care for any of us. This worship of him is folly and will be the ruin of us all.

Take this token, for example, this Vengeful Eye my tribe searches so fervently for in dank tombs. The blood that has spilled needlessly for this meaningless trinket is beyond measure. The feud between the Orcs and my tribe has gone on for centuries. Our shamans claim Malacath demands one of us carry the Eye in his name, but the Orcs claim it belongs to them.

Both sides are blind to the strings that make them dance.

That is all we are to the Daedra. Playthings for their amusement. Their gifts are poisoned. To think otherwise is foolish. Yet we live in a world of fools, each thinking they are somehow different. Somehow special. We kill and we die for this belief while the Daedra smile on.

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