Stone Husk Dissection Log

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Subject—Icereach Coven construct (inert)

Appears to be made from molded concrete rather than carved rock.

Geode structure?

Removed adornment. Armor plating is functional. Prevents fractures from applied force.

Removed wicker orb. Sphere formed from collection of native Reach branches. Hollow, smeared in primitive mixture, alchemical, unfamiliar, fragrant. Cavity in construct is unremarkable.

Torso analysis—subject’s body is harder than predicted. Mechanical intervention required. Husk is misnomer, solid concrete throughout. Hypothesis: ritual metamorphosis occurs during gestation.

Anatomical summation—body and appendages entirely concrete. Small votive fetishes found embedded within structure. No discernible purpose.

Specimen unremarkable. Material analysis of concrete and unknown alchemical substance pending, reveal more significant findings than a lump of rock?

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