Necromancy: The Great Debate

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

How dare they? Hypocrites! Pretenders! What gives the Mages Guild the right to call my particular practice of magic the Black Arts? And to forbid our use of these precious and ancient arts on pain of death? Ludicrous! Don't they understand? We control death! It is ours to command and we do not fear its cold embrace! No. We welcome it.

Only the foolish and the fearful refuse to grasp power due to its source. They call us evil, but we are merely prudent. They call us irresponsible, but we understand the concept of risk and reward. They claim we bring terror and misery to the world … well, at least on this matter we are in agreement. The world should fear us! For we have embraced the power of the dead and made it our own. Let the fools in the Mages Guild play at their conjurations and alterations. We are necromancers, and our magicka cannot be stifled or restrained.

I have heard it said that a great debate rages in the halls of arcane academia. These so-called scholars argue the relative merits and risks of necromancy, but they do so from ignorance and fear. There is no need to debate the issue. Necromancy is the one, true path to power. It is our path. And we will not be denied!

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