Secret Dwemer Origins

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Author (in-game): Anonymous

This book was datamined, never made it into the final version of ESO. It was intended to be four separate notes, but since it’s cut content we’ve preserved them all here.

Secret Dwemer Origins, Pt 1

Gods, I have seen the visions you have given me. I have embraced it wholly. I have followed it here to the cave of Revelations! I have given it the name Zthgnthaz. It is the Dwemeris acronym for time-wizard!

They LAUGHED at me WELL NO MORE. Now I have PROOF.

Secret Dwemer Origins, Pt 2

It all makes perfect sense. Everything in here is brass. Brass is the color of time. It is the same way forwards and backwards. When you transpose it into Aldmeris it’s spelled zathaganathaz. ZTHGNTHAZ.


Secret Dwemer Origins, Pt 3

Zthgnthaz. Brass Time Wizard. I can hear the music right now. The notes spell out the mystery. The three alliance leaders are just puppets. Molag Bal was a distraction designed to divert our attention from the TRUTH.

I just need to find some crystals!

Secret Dwemer Origins, Pt 4

It’s all here. All the proof I need. The Dwemer were time-visitors from the future. These ruins are impenetrable because they have not been built yet. They disappeared because something happened that caused them not to be born.

But I have discovered it, and I will set time on the right course again. I will bring them back!

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