On The Ghost People

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Our new Argonian guide, Olik-Jaa, is just as frustrating as the last one who led us hither and yon through this dank swamp. Everyday it’s some new haunted cave, or sacred mud-flat, or hallowed grove of trees. It’s a wonder we can go anywhere in this Eight-forsaken place.

The most recent forbidden region we were told about and not allowed to visit is the “Veeskhleel-Tzel.” I think I’ve spelled that correctly. Black Marsh is chock-full of unpronounceable locations.

According to Olik-Jaa, it’s a haunted bog peopled entirely by his ugly frog-faced cousins, the “Ghost People.” Apparently, they eat poison toad-hearts so that they can raise the dead or some such nonsense. Oh, and they can also turn invisible and talk to tree roots. I honestly wish I was a storyteller sometimes. The things these lizards come up with really are beyond belief.

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