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Catalog of Tomes and Manuscripts


The catalog categories begin on the east wall and continue south to west.

1. Orcish Delights: Culinary expressions of the Orsimer people.

2. Fiction: Tall tales by or about the people of Wrothgar.

3. Religion. Discourses on Orcish thoughts on worship and deities.

4. Elves: Essays on the puny Elves of Tamriel.

5. Building Orsinium: Documents concerning the reconstruction project.

6. Bretons. Histories of the Breton people.

7. Tamriel: Maps and descriptions of the world.

8. Clans of Wrothgar: History and symbols of the Orc clans.

9. Creatures: Animals and monsters of Wrothgar.

10. Crafting: Dissertations on smithing, tailoring, and other common crafts.

11. Restricted: Dealing with topics of a bawdy or carnal nature.

12. Games: Detailing the many popular Orc pastimes, including Vosh Ball and Cut-It-Til-It-Screams.

13. Who Knows? Books that don't easily fall into a recognized category.