The Reality of Spirits

Author: Felari-ko
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By Felari-ko, Scholar of Intriguing Mysteries of Unusual Origins

Our world is strange. But it’s also fascinating.

Some people conjure fire from their fingertips. Others lift large objects using just the power of their minds. Is it so far-fetched to think that people infused with magicka in life could not find a way to step through the barriers of death? That they could sustain their essences and remain capable of communicating with those of us still possessed of life’s sweet kiss?

Yet my studies indicate that as life fades from our bodies upon death, so too should the magicka depart with our last breath. But we know spirits exist. I have personally encountered more than one haunting stare through the course of my research. I have seen desperate, ghostly eyes full of fear and longing for help. It’s almost as if some memory of life still lingered in the spirit form.

What if we could communicate with these spirits? What if we could call them to us to ask them why they still haunt a house or a gravesite or a battlefield? I believe I might have found a way. A way to speak to those who have passed on. Perhaps we can finally learn if the dead are truly dead.

I intend to learn these secrets. I intend to speak to a spirit and discover what that spirit truly is.

Watch for my next book on this subject:

“Life After Death: Incredible Secrets Revealed!”

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