Black Horse Courier Handbill

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Greetings great and glorious participant! The piece of paper you hold in your hand this moment represents an incredible opportunity! Among all the riders of Tamriel, none are equal to the famed Black Horse Couriers, whose daring riders have coursed into battle, bearing the orders of generals and kings far and wide. None are faster, none are tougher!

And now you, dear participant, are invited to test your skill at riding for a chance to join our glorious number and to win a legendary Midnight Destrier, the envy of all horsemen!

The rules for the challenge are as follows:

Clever Talaya has set out enchanted course markers, using a glyph of her own making. You must follow the course markers, passing close by each one, in the order they have been set out. If you miss a marker, you must ride back to it, or risk failing the challenge! No cheating!

Take care, as you ride, however. Enemies and wild beasts will try to knock you off your mount. You will need a mount with great endurance to master the most challenging courses.

To help you, Talaya has given some course markers a special enchantment. If you see two course markers side by side, choose wisely!

Good luck rider!

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