Oblivion Gateway Instructions

Released In:
Author (in-game): Master Shelreni

Follow these instructions to the letter. Any deviation will result in unforeseen and most likely calamitous events.

Blightcrown’s concoction has been worked into the stone, as has the dream essences given to us by Vaermina. Torvesard provided the coordinates, and I have devised the spell to make it all work together.

When the keystone is set in place, the gateway will be ready. Do not activate it until Torvesard issues the command. Every time the gateway is opened, the more likely Hermaeus Mora will notice the intrusion.

The invocation to reach Apocrypha is as follows:

By Seventh Umbra and the Dismal Name,

I bid thee open, Cephaliarch’s fane.

Master Shelreni

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