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1. The Thrassian Plague

A terrible illness ravaged the continent of Tamriel starting in the year 1E 2200. This deadly sickness, which came to be known as the Thrassian Plague, claimed more than half the population before it ran its course.

For a good portion of the early part of the century, the origin of the plague remained a mystery and the subject of much speculation. It first appeared along the southwestern shores of the continent, spreading outward from Daggerfall, Hegathe, Anvil, and Falinesti. Not even the islands of the High Elves were safe, and the city of Corgrad on Summerset was devastated by the disease.

The plague took a terrible toll that was measured in more than just lives lost. The political ramifications of the disease changed the direction of Tamriel. Valenwood was weakened, the population of Illiac Bay was drastically reduced, and the tribes of Elsweyr decreased from sixteen to a mere two.

When it became evident that the Sload were responsible for this unprovoked attack, steps were taken to deal with the threat once and for all.

2. Baron-Admiral Bendu Olo

Bendu Olo, the Colovian King of Anvil, devised a bold plan for ending the threat posed by the Sload of Thras once and for all. He proposed the creation of a vast fleet made up of ships from every nation. He further proposed that he would step away from his royal duties to personally assemble and command the fleet, which he planned to use to take the battle directly to the Sload.

While the exact evidence that convinced Bendu Olo and other leaders that the Sload were responsible for the plague was never made public, it was clear by 2230 or so that most of the continent believed in the Sload's guilt, and the disease had become known as the Thrassian Plague.

In 2241, the Alessian Emperor finally agreed to fund the effort and commanded Bendu Olo to get started. Olo began by awarding himself the rank of Baron-Admiral, then went about gathering the captains who would help him refine his plans and strategies, as well as the shipwrights needed to build the vast fleet he envisioned for the enterprise.

It wasn't long before an island in the Systres Archipelago was selected as the staging ground for what Olo was now calling his All Flags Navy. In 2243, Olo and his entourage landed on the island of High Isle and began constructing the dry docks and infrastructure needed to build the fleet and launch it when the time was right.

3. The All Flags Navy

The work underway on High Isle was conducted with as much secrecy as possible. In no way did Baron-Admiral Bendu Olo want to tip their hand to the Sload. The first vessels assigned to the fleet came from existing navies and established patrols around High Isle to safeguard the island.

Initially, the Sload ignored the activity around High Isle, but as the shipyards edged ever closer to completion, minor skirmishes began to spring up in the waters between Thras and Systres. The Sload never launched a massive initiative against the island, so it remains unclear as to whether they never recognized the threat or did not have the forces to strike at the island.

The shipyards and docks were completed in 1E 2249. A large fleet of ships from every Tamrielic nation were already on hand to defend the island, and these formed the basis of Olo's newly designated All Flags Navy. Just as they finished construction on the island facilities and infrastructure, the workers immediately turned their attention to building warships specifically to add to the fleet. The word went out far and wide, calling for volunteers to become sailors, marines, and captains to serve aboard the new vessels.

Bendu Olo's dream of a powerful, united fleet to rain justice on the Sload was coming to fruition.

4. Instrument of Vengeance

Between 1E 2249 and 1E 2259, the shipyards worked night and day to turn out the massive number of vessels needed to bolster the All Flags Navy. By 2260, the armada numbered some 130 ships of various sizes flying under the banners of the Argonians, Bretons, Colovians, Elves, Khajiit, Redguards, and even freebooters and mercenaries. These same nations also sent thousands of sailors, marines, adventurers, and support personnel in perhaps the greatest allied action in Tamrielic history. The fleet was ready. It was time to unleash Tamriel's instrument of vengeance on the Sload.

With the powerful Elf mage Syrabane at his side, Baron-Admiral Bendu Olo issued the order and the allied armada sailed out of the High Isle port toward the Coral Kingdoms of Thras. From the Abecean Sea and into the Sea of Pearls the fleet sailed, using enchanted lodestones to navigate and keep the numerous ships in formation and on course. When they reached the Thrassian Archipelago after sailing through a fierce storm, they found the islands surrounded by a dense fog. Bendu appeared on each ship as a magical projection and ordered the fleet to attack the largest tower and lay siege to its coral tower.

Many ships were lost, but the Sload paid the price for unleashing their dastardly plague upon Tamriel. Baron-Admiral Bendu Olo led the surviving ships of the fleet back to High Isle in victory!

5. Construction of Monument Island

The All Flags Navy returned to High Isle and received a hero's welcome, but the joy of victory was tempered by remorse. Nearly half of the armada's contingent was lost in the battle to wreak vengeance upon the Sload.

After the all-out assault on Thras, Baron-Admiral Bendu Olo and the leaders of the various groups who had come together to assemble the largest allied naval force in Tamrielic history decided to establish a monument to honor and remember those who had fought and died to defeat the Thrassian threat.

Under the supervision of Master Builder Tobin Moorcroft, Monument Islet, a very small island at the very center of High Isle, was selected as the site of the memorial. Construction began almost immediately on the key tributes honoring the All Flags Navy. These included:

All Flags Castle, Monument Lighthouse, Memorial Garden, and Monument Inn.

The memorial complex was completed in 1E 2271. Baron-Admiral Olo, the leaders of the allied groups, and many of the surviving captains were on hand when the memorial was dedicated to the memory of the lost vessels and their crews, as well as to the victory over the Sload.

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