4. Instrument of Vengeance

Author: Anonymous

Between 1E 2249 and 1E 2259, the shipyards worked night and day to turn out the massive number of vessels needed to bolster the All Flags Navy. By 2260, the armada numbered some 130 ships of various sizes flying under the banners of the Argonians, Bretons, Colovians, Elves, Khajiit, Redguards, and even freebooters and mercenaries. These same nations also sent thousands of sailors, marines, adventurers, and support personnel in perhaps the greatest allied action in Tamrielic history. The fleet was ready. It was time to unleash Tamriel’s instrument of vengeance on the Sload.

With the powerful Elf mage Syrabane at his side, Baron-Admiral Bendu Olo issued the order and the allied armada sailed out of the High Isle port toward the Coral Kingdoms of Thras. From the Abecean Sea and into the Sea of Pearls the fleet sailed, using enchanted lodestones to navigate and keep the numerous ships in formation and on course. When they reached the Thrassian Archipelago after sailing through a fierce storm, they found the islands surrounded by a dense fog. Bendu appeared on each ship as a magical projection and ordered the fleet to attack the largest tower and lay siege to its coral tower.

Many ships were lost, but the Sload paid the price for unleashing their dastardly plague upon Tamriel. Baron-Admiral Bendu Olo led the surviving ships of the fleet back to High Isle in victory!

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