1. The Thrassian Plague

Author: Anonymous

A terrible illness ravaged the continent of Tamriel starting in the year 1E 2200. This deadly sickness, which came to be known as the Thrassian Plague, claimed more than half the population before it ran its course.

For a good portion of the early part of the century, the origin of the plague remained a mystery and the subject of much speculation. It first appeared along the southwestern shores of the continent, spreading outward from Daggerfall, Hegathe, Anvil, and Falinesti. Not even the islands of the High Elves were safe, and the city of Corgrad on Summerset was devastated by the disease.

The plague took a terrible toll that was measured in more than just lives lost. The political ramifications of the disease changed the direction of Tamriel. Valenwood was weakened, the population of Illiac Bay was drastically reduced, and the tribes of Elsweyr decreased from sixteen to a mere two.

When it became evident that the Sload were responsible for this unprovoked attack, steps were taken to deal with the threat once and for all.

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