3. The All Flags Navy

Author (in-game): Anonymous

The work underway on High Isle was conducted with as much secrecy as possible. In no way did Baron-Admiral Bendu Olo want to tip their hand to the Sload. The first vessels assigned to the fleet came from existing navies and established patrols around High Isle to safeguard the island.

Initially, the Sload ignored the activity around High Isle, but as the shipyards edged ever closer to completion, minor skirmishes began to spring up in the waters between Thras and Systres. The Sload never launched a massive initiative against the island, so it remains unclear as to whether they never recognized the threat or did not have the forces to strike at the island.

The shipyards and docks were completed in 1E 2249. A large fleet of ships from every Tamrielic nation were already on hand to defend the island, and these formed the basis of Olo’s newly designated All Flags Navy. Just as they finished construction on the island facilities and infrastructure, the workers immediately turned their attention to building warships specifically to add to the fleet. The word went out far and wide, calling for volunteers to become sailors, marines, and captains to serve aboard the new vessels.

Bendu Olo’s dream of a powerful, united fleet to rain justice on the Sload was coming to fruition.

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