5. Construction of Monument Island

Author: Anonymous

The All Flags Navy returned to High Isle and received a hero's welcome, but the joy of victory was tempered by remorse. Nearly half of the armada's contingent was lost in the battle to wreak vengeance upon the Sload.

After the all-out assault on Thras, Baron-Admiral Bendu Olo and the leaders of the various groups who had come together to assemble the largest allied naval force in Tamrielic history decided to establish a monument to honor and remember those who had fought and died to defeat the Thrassian threat.

Under the supervision of Master Builder Tobin Moorcroft, Monument Islet, a very small island at the very center of High Isle, was selected as the site of the memorial. Construction began almost immediately on the key tributes honoring the All Flags Navy. These included:

All Flags Castle, Monument Lighthouse, Memorial Garden, and Monument Inn.

The memorial complex was completed in 1E 2271. Baron-Admiral Olo, the leaders of the allied groups, and many of the surviving captains were on hand when the memorial was dedicated to the memory of the lost vessels and their crews, as well as to the victory over the Sload.

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