2. Baron-Admiral Bendu Olo

Author (in-game): Anonymous

Bendu Olo, the Colovian King of Anvil, devised a bold plan for ending the threat posed by the Sload of Thras once and for all. He proposed the creation of a vast fleet made up of ships from every nation. He further proposed that he would step away from his royal duties to personally assemble and command the fleet, which he planned to use to take the battle directly to the Sload.

While the exact evidence that convinced Bendu Olo and other leaders that the Sload were responsible for the plague was never made public, it was clear by 2230 or so that most of the continent believed in the Sload’s guilt, and the disease had become known as the Thrassian Plague.

In 2241, the Alessian Emperor finally agreed to fund the effort and commanded Bendu Olo to get started. Olo began by awarding himself the rank of Baron-Admiral, then went about gathering the captains who would help him refine his plans and strategies, as well as the shipwrights needed to build the vast fleet he envisioned for the enterprise.

It wasn’t long before an island in the Systres Archipelago was selected as the staging ground for what Olo was now calling his All Flags Navy. In 2243, Olo and his entourage landed on the island of High Isle and began constructing the dry docks and infrastructure needed to build the fleet and launch it when the time was right.

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