Silt-Strider Station

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Why brave the dangers of the open road or pay the high costs of an unsettling sea voyage when you can travel overland in safety and comfort aboard a friendly silt-strider? Why ride a caravan of questionable virtue when the Red Mountain Company Express Silt-Strider Service is available at a fraction of the cost?

Visit any of our Silt-Strider Stations, located conveniently in towns throughout Vvardenfell, and connect to destinations far and near. Want to leave the hustle of Vivec City behind? Travel to Balmora and see the canals, or visit the plantations of Suran! Stuck in the outskirts of Gnisis? It’s just a short trip via the Caravaner Tower outside town and you can reach Tel Mora before dinner!

The Red Mountain Company Express Silt-Strider Service, located at Caravaner Towers all across Vvardenfell, can get you where you need to go. Remember, when you climb aboard a silt-strider, your destination is just a hop, skip, and a jump away!

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