Folly of the Northmen

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Men of High Rock and Hammerfell: would you marry a red-eyed devil of the Ashlands or a scaly lizard out of Black Marsh? Of course not! Then how are we to account for our brothers the Nords lying down with the Dark Elves and Argonians?

Only foul magic from Morrowind can explain it. By forming the Ebonheart Pact, the Tribunal of the Dunmer is taking advantage of the chaos in Cyrodiil to attempt an extension of their rule to the rest of Tamriel. These so-called “Living Gods” of the Tribunal are no more than imitation Daedric Princes who have derived their power from dangerous and forbidden sources. The Pact cannot be allowed to conquer Cyrodiil and the Imperial City: at a time when all Nirn is threatened by Daedric corruption, trading one cabal of Daedra-worshipers for another is just a different road to destruction.

Tamriel’s history tells us that the Dark Elves are uncanny and not to be trusted. Their allies the Argonians are alien and unknowable, and we dare not submit to their inhumanoid vagaries. As for our brothers the Nords, perhaps it was their long and bloody civil war that drove their Eastern Kingdom to join such an unnatural alliance. The Northmen are unwise, but they can still depend on the Daggerfall Covenant. It’s our duty as the heirs to the Empires of Men to break apart the Ebonheart Pact and free the Eastern Nords from their Dark Elven masters.

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