Artifact Record: Groundsplitters

Released In:
Author (in-game): Chief Archivist Bartholomew

The Silver Rose’s victory over the Dagonic marauders plaguing the Wrothgar Mountains comes with great spoils. Their warlord, Bargh the Avalanche, now lies beneath the rubble of his own making, but his prized Groundsplitters adorn the order’s vault. How an Orc highwayman came to possess artifacts of such power is anyone’s guess, but perhaps they were bestowed by the Prince of Destruction as reward for the havoc he wreaked across High Rock these last five years.

These imposing boots are not abnormally heavy for a warrior’s trappings, nor do they appear to possess any special properties when simply handled, but once they are fastened to the feet the wearer strides like a giant, their footfalls rumbling across the ground like a low growl. When clad in the Groundsplitters the impact of the wearer’s footfalls is amplified many fold, making the slightest tip toe echo loudly and a forceful stomp crack the ground into great fissures.

In the wrong hands, these boots could cause catastrophic destruction, intentionally or even accidentally. Thankfully, they will remain locked in the bastion’s deepest vault forevermore.

Cataloged by Chief Archivist Bartholomew

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